Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya Throws Samar Out Of Her House

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya asks Samar to leave her house now with his bags. Samar says he accepts he made a mistake. Jaya says he did a sin by kidnapping her mother and keeping her in his house, she will not forgive him for that. Samar says he just kept her mother in his house to clear differences between them, but did not kidnap sasusmaa, it is her plan. Jaya shouts enough. Satya smirks and acts again as in coma. Jaya throws Samar’s bag towards him and asks to get out. Samar says he will go from her only with her. Jaya shouts this is her house. Samar says she can kick him out of his house, but not from his locality, he will bear punishment for the mistake he did not do, he will go from here only with her and till then will stay in this locality. He says Satya see you soon and walks out with is bag. Satya sits smirking. He reminisces Satya’s master plan, calls someone and says he needs his help.

Samar waits outside Satya’s house whole night. Naani walks to her and says if he explains Jaya calmly, she will listen. Samar says he did a mistake by taking sasumaa home without informing Jaya, so he will bear punishment. Lightning stars, and Naani says it will rain, so he should come in with her. Samar says he will after clear Jaya’s misunderstanding and sends her in. Jaya serves medicine to Naani. Naani sees heavy rain and tells Jaya that Samar is standing outside and ask him to come in. Jaya says he is not a kid and can go to his house. Naani calls Rama and explains her whole situation. Rama gets worried for Samar and says she will come right now. Samar gets completely drenched in rain and stands reminiscing Jaya kicking him out of her house. Rama comes and requests him to accompany her. He says she knows he does not leave any task incomplete and will not return home without Jaya. Rama emotionally says he grew so big that he is not listening to his mother and leaves. Bolna Mahi bolna…song plays in the background. Rama returns home and prays god to protect her son. Lamp flickers.

Next morning, Naani requests Jaya to bring Samar in for humanity’s sake. Jaya agrees, walks out with Naani and Shikha and sees people surrounding Samar and discussing he is severely ill after drenching whole night in rain, Satya devi’s family is so cruel. Jaya gets worried seeing him having high fever and takes him in. Doctor checks Samar and prescribes medicine. Jaya goes to drop doctor out. Naani takes Richa to kitchen to prepare soup for Samar, leaving Samar and Satya alone. Samar taunts Satya that he came into her house at last and Jaya’s love brought him in. Satya replies that she Jaya brought him in out of pity, she would have done same for even puppy, she hates him. At Surana mansion, Rama sits worried for Samar. Prabha consoles her. Naani calls her and says he is getting fine now and Jaay brought him in, they are all there to take care of Samar.

Preap: Satya’s family takes her to temple, and temple catches fire.
Satya is left between fire. Jaya gets worried for her. Samar thinks now sasumaa has to get up.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Satya Devil is so evil that her Karma is coming. How can someone do the things she does in the name of love for her daughters…don’t she want them to live a happy life with their husbands? Does Samar have any sense, even though he loves Jaya, why would you want to be around so much hatred? You are not used to it so his mom should go and get him.

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