Raja Beta 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva demands divorce from Vedant

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The Episode starts with Vedant going out and searches Purva. Ramesh comes out and asks Manjula to do bride’s grah pravesh and asks where is she? Dadi is surprised. Vedant sees her sitting out and sleeping. He sees sun rays falling on her and comes infront of her. She wakes up. He asks her to get up for grah pravesh. Purva gets up. Ramesh asks her to come inside and calls her bahu. Manjula asks Sanju to bring Vedant’s garland and does their aarti. She asks Purva to kick the kalash and get inside. Vedant says please Purva. She kicks the kalash. They get inside. Ramesh asks them to take Dadi’s blessings. Dadi blesses them. They touch Ramesh and manjula’s feet. They bless them. Radhika asks for nek. Vedant says she is Sumithi Chachi and Narendra Chachi’s daughter. Gomti Bua introduces herself. Dadi asks Radhika to take Purva to the room, where she stayed after marriage. Ramesh asks for breakfast. Dadi asks how did Ramesh agree? A fb is shown, Ramesh asks Vedant to leave the house. Vedant says this house is my responsibility just like Purvi is. He says you know that this house needs me much. He asks him to tell what he wants. Ramesh says I need hospital and money. He says it will run the way I want. Vedant says hospital will run on Dada ji’s Siddhants. Ramesh is about to go. Vedant gives him blank paper signed by him and says I am giving this house and hospital on your name. Ramesh says I will not write without informing you and asks him to promise that he will not have baby. He says only Sanju’s children will take their family name forward. Vedant asks him to welcome purva as the bahu. Ramesh agrees. Fb ends.

Vedant tells everything to Dadi. Dadi says you would have walked out from here with her rather than promising to Ramesh. Vedant says their love completes him. Dadi says you can’t promise and should have thought about Purva’s wish and happiness. Radhika and Sanju decorate the room. Radhika asks them to go and says she needs to rest. Sanju says she is arrogant. She imagines Rahul lifting her veil. Vedant comes there and says sorry. He tells that he is going to hospital and asks her to rest. She tells him that he is really a nice man, but she has imagined her life with Rahul only, and tells that she don’t want complication in his life. She asks him to do last favour and divorce her. Vedant says whatever I did was to save lives. Purva says you did your duty and saved Nani’s life, but I love Rahul. Vedant says you have become my wife and these rituals have some importance. Purva says what will I tell to Rahul? Vedant says what about my family. Purva says she will handle her Nani and don’t care about people talks. She tells your family doesn’t want your marriage. Vedant asks her to give him some time. Purva says she can wait for just one day and asks him to make divorce papers. Vedant is shocked and walks out. Dadi asks Purva to tell if she needs anything. She sees Purva without her bangles and makes her wear her bangles. Purva refuses to wear it. Dadi makes her wear it and asks Vedant not to go to hospital today. They sit for the post-marriage ritual of ring finding ceremony. Purva thinks of something and runs to room. Ramesh taunts Dadi.

Vedant gets his Dr. Rashmi’s call and goes to hospital. He says we have to do C-section immediately. Dr. Rashmi asks if he is fine and says we never saw you much angry. Vedant says I am fine. Dadi calls her and asks if something happened? Vedant says no. Dadi says she will talk to Purva. Vedant goes to the OT to do the C section of the pregnant woman. He checks her hand and comes out. He tells Dr. Rashmi that there is a little chances of survival. Patient’s husband and son come there. Vedant says girl is born. They thank Vedant. Baby’s brother thanks Vedant and kisses on his hand. Vedant gets emotional and walks to his cabin. Vedant asks lawyer to make his divorce papers ready and gets sad. He sees Dada ji asking him if he accepts defeat so easily. Vedant says purva don’t want to give him time. Dada ji asks him not to lose hope. Dr. Rashmi comes there and tells that baby is fine and breathing well. Vedant gets happy and hopeful.

Purva informs Dadi that she talked to Vedant about divorce. She tells him that she saw all moments of life with Rahul and says she will search him. Vedant says I will help you. Dadi tells him that if purva turns to him while leaving then she will return to him.

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