Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raja devodas realizes his mistake.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya telling the story of mata siddharatri. Ganesh says mata siddharatri is the final and 9th form of devi adishakti. Mata siddharatri was the first form to appear after mata kali and she had the purpose to give all the tridev and gods their responsibilities, even though the tridev are para brahma swaroop, mata adishakti is para brahma swaroop too.
Mata siddharatri appears in kailash and all tridev and tridevi appear. Mata says mahadev, Vishnu dev and brahma dev, you are all para brahma swaroop but as this universe is formed, you shall all have your responsibilities. Mata says brahmadev, you are the writer of this universe as you write the future and the recite of the universe, Vishnu dev you are the creator of the world and you balance the universe, you shall look after the heaven and vaikunth dham. Vishnu smiles. Mahadev sees and mata siddharatriu says mahadev, you are the protector, but also the destroyer, you are the one in whom the universe lives. You control it and balance it by your presence, everything lives in you and you shall have all the ashta siddhi’s, the ones to control, destroy, to have the power to create and to protect, to have the power to give life and take life, and to control all powers of the universe.
Ganesh says this way mata siddharatri gave everyone their purpose. This form of mata adishakti is very important because she controlled everything and was the first form after mata kali. Devi sarla then says we shall do the aarti, everyone does the aarti of mata siddharatri. Raja devodas then meditates and his last kundli khand opens, raja devodas reaches a place of meditation and he stands in the middle of universe. Raja devodas is sad and says what have I done? I made mahadev leave kasha away from mata adishakti, I did not think once, I have done a great mistake. What do I do now?
Raja devodas reaches to his palace. Ganesh and kartikeya then remove their disguise and show their real selves. Devi sarla and devodas are amazed and they do pranam to ganesh and kartikeya and say we are grateful for your darshan prabhu. Mata siddharatri appears and says ganesh and kartikeya, you did exactly as you said and said the stories of my 9 forms to raja devodas and devi sarla, you did the pooja of all my forms and raja devodas meditated and realized his mistake as well. Mata goes.
Raja devodas says, prabhu ganesh ji, I am sorry for the mistake I did. I separated mahadev and adishakti, mahadev belongs to kasha and it will always be his, but what do I do now? Ganesh says mistakes can be made right too. raja devodas says but how do I do that ganesh ji? I cannot leave kasha because I am king here and mahadev cannot come here because I said so, so how will either of us do anything? Lord Vishnu appears. Everyone do pranam. Devi sarla says ganesh ji, so does it mean swami will die tomorrow? Lord Vishnu says whatever ganesh says is never a lie, raja devodas it is indeed true you may die but the truth is, when mahadev comes in kasha you shall attain salvation moksh but your body will not be taken, you can make everything right raja devodas. At the sarovar(lake) you shall pray to mahadev’s shiv ling and call him back to kasha, then I will take you and devi sarla in your bodiky form to vaikunth dham. Sarla and devodas are happy.
They go with lord Vishnu and lord Vishnu creates a lake. Kartikeya and ganesh make a shiv ling. Raja devodas prays and says mahadev, forgive me for what I did! I did a mistake and separated you from devi adishakti, but kashi shall always be yours as it is yours. Please come back to kasha mahadev.
Mahadev hears this and opens his eyes.

Precap: Ganesh prays to the shiv ling. The story of ganesh’s Heramb form is said, mahadev calls ganesh heramb.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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