Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha kills marich.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha fighting the demon marich! Kanha says you demon, you must have forgotten but I because of you devi sita was kidnapped in treta yug! I could not take my revenge back then but today I shall not spare you, you will die. Kanha pricks marich as he falls down. Marich says kid even you shall be my food now, I will kill you. marich removes his weapon to hit kanha, kanha punches him and marich falls down. Marich gets up and kanha takes his gadha. Kanha swings it on the head of marich and kills the demon ending him once and for all. Kanha then takes sudhama out of the cave to safety. Sudhama says I knew my govinda would come to save me! Kanha smiles and goes.
Sudhama stands out of the cave and the man and his family see sudhama and are shocked. They say how did you come back alive sudhama? No one has ever come back alive from that cave. Sudhama smiles and says my govinda saved me and he killed that demon, my prabhu came for me. All people come and are shocked, they say who is your prabhu? Sudhama shows them the idol of kanha and says he is my prabhu, my govinda. All people are happy and they say from today your govinda is our prabhu too, the people see the statue and make one in their village and make kanha their god as well. The man says sudhama, I had promised that I would look after your siblings, so let me fulfill it, from now I shall look after you all. Sudhama says no kaka, I want only one favor from you, I need to know the route to kashi! I have to go there. Sudhama says I promised my parents and my siblings that I would never leave them so they will come with me. The man says okay and tells sudhama the route to kasha and gives him food and water in a small bag and 2 pots of water. Sudhama says I thank you for this help! Sudhama goes with his siblings towards kashi!
In vrindavan, bhadraksh comes to pondrik and says I am a disciple of bhagwan kansa but I have heard you can do anything pondrik ji! I want to see if you can. Bhadraksh stands and he ties some people of vrindavan together and throws them in the air and says save them if you can pondrik. Radha and balram see this. Pondrik uses his powers and saves the people, all people are happy and they say bhagwan pondrik ki jai! Radha and balram are worried. Bhadraksh says I am amazed and impressed, from now even you are my bhagwan pondrik! Bhadraksh goes back to kansa.
Bhadraksh says to kansa, bhagwan everything is happening as said. Kansa says good bhadraksh, do as I say and keep checking if pondrik is the bhagwan of all the people of vrindavan, now that nand baba has also fallen into the trap with his wife, no one can stop us. Bhadraksh laughs.
Kanha comes to vrindavan and he sees all gwala sitting idle and talking. Kanha goes to the men and says what are you all doing kaka? Why aren’t you grazing the cows? How will we get milk? The men say kanha, we don’t need to work from now, bhagwan pondrik will give us everything, just look over here. The man takes a pot and says it is empty right now, man says bhagwan pondrik please give me milk! Pondrik there blesses and milk flows into the pot. Kanha is shocked, the men say see, we don’t need to work as we will get everything right in our hands. Kanha says but kaka, it is not the right way, we should attain everything through hard work and karma, this is adharma. The men say don’t teach us kanha, we know what to do. Kanha goes and says what do I do now? Pondrik is doing adharma and the people are following him unknowingly. Kanha goes home and he then starts searching for butter to eat, kanha finds nothing and goes to yashoda and says mother where is all food and butter? I am very hungry. Yashoda smiles and says good that you came, yashoda takes a pot and then says bhagwna pondrik give me butter, the pot fills with butter. Yashoda says take it kanha, eat this. Kanha is shocked and he says mother but I want to eat butter made from your hands. Yashoda says kanha, now we get everything without working then why to make butter? Bhagwan pondrik will give us everything. kanha takes the pot and keeps it aside. He goes out and is angry, kanha says everyone is following pondrik and has forgotten what the right thing is, I have to stop this all. Kanha says pondrik! You have taken away the love of my mother from me, for this you will be punished, I will not leave you.

Precap: pondrik fulfills people’s wishes as they ask for more! Kanha is angry and he confronts pondrik.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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