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the pooja went well and the day passed by somehow for swasan. But confined in a room was not at all going good with swara. She wanted to come out but sanskar tricked her to be in the room all the time.

The next day preparations were on full swing. It was the sangeet and the mehndi day. Swara was becoming frustrated being inside the four walls of her room. Sanskar would always lock the door from outside when he won’t be in the room leaving her with rama and rishi. But now swara wanted to come out of the room. She would hear many noises basically people’s talking voice and today she was hearing some songs being played.

Sanskar when came in room early in the evening he saw swara sitting on the bed all sad plus angry. Her eyes were little moist and rama was there with helpless expressions. Sanskar asked with gesture from rama that what happened. Rama took rishi in her arms and came near sanskar and said that maam is upset about being in this room from such a long time. She wants to go out.

Sanskar- ok you go I will see her.

Rama went with rishi and sanskar came and sat beside swara taking her in side hug.

Sanskar- what happened princess.

Swara- [a tear trickled down her eye] I want to go out. No one is taking me out and I can’t play in garden also and mom and uttara did not come to meet me today and you did not give me chocolate too. please let us go out naa. I don’t want to be here. Let us go to our home or to the garden. Pleaseeeee

Swara like a small child requested him with twinkling eyes as she knows her sanskar always listen to her makes her happy.

Sanskar felt a huge lump struck in his throat. He can’t take her out and he knows how difficult it becomes for someone to sit confined in one room.

Sanskar- accha toh why are you crying for that. We will go out tomorrow pakka. And we will eat your favourite ice cream also.

Swara- aaj nhi [not today???]

Sanskar- today my princess will see new things. princess today we will see party. You will enjoy a lot and you wanted to wear beautiful dress naa. toh today my princess will get ready like a princess. You want to see your new dress haan.

Swara- really new dress. Show me.

Sanskar- I will show you par before that promise you won’t cry. My princess doesn’t look good while crying.

Swara- ok.

Sanskar- hmmm.

He went to cupboard and took out a packet. Opening it he showed it to swara. It was a beautiful lehnga with embroidery done over it.

Swara- it is beautiful. Shall I wear this.

Sanskar- no not now. after some time.

Evening around half past six. Rama came in swasan room and sanskar took rishi from her and gestured her to do her work.

Sanskar- [to swara] chalo now rama ji will help you to wear the new dress. Ok and I don’t want you to trouble her. Did you understand.

Swara frantically nodded her head. sanskar smiled at her and moved out of the room with rishi.

Outside in the corridor sanskar laid rishi on the sofa and sat facing him.

Sanskar- so what do you wanna do haan?  (Said tickling little rishi)

The baby giggled softly making sanskar smile.

Sanskar – laughing laughing haan… Today you will play with me.

Sanskar was playing with rishi, laughing with him and what not. They both were having there own time. A little while later rama came out of the room

rama – sanskar sir woh she is almost ready but now she isn’t letting me groom her further.

Sanskar- ok I will see. Here take rishi.

Sanskar went in the room to look at swara and saw her mesmerized standing there in her lehnga and blouse, hair made in a bun with few curls near her ears. Her eyes looking so beautiful and capturing that he seemed to get lost in them.

Despite all the emotions she was evoking in him she stood there pouting and arms crossed.

Swara – sanskar these clothes are very heavy.

Sanskar came in sense – haan but swara you wanted to wear them naa. And you are looking beautiful in themswara – sacchi I am looking good in this.

Sanskar replied a yes.

Sanskar – yes and you wanted this so here you are and don’ t you want to go to party .( swara nodded in yes that she wants to go) if you want to go then you have to wear this dress for some time more. Ok.

Swara – but sanskar I sent rama ji now how I will get ready.

Sanskar – you are almost ready so let me help you.

Sanskar came forward and put the dupatta on her shoulder and pinned it controlling himself but how much could he. His hand involuntarily moved over her stomach  and waist and he held her close to himself and looked at her intensely. Leaning towards her neck he gave a kiss confusing swara and emerging the deep seated emotions. He moved up and caressed her lips with his thumb.

Swara – sanskar what are you doing.

This brought sanskar out of his reverie. He moved back and looked around feeling guilty for doing such an act.

Sanskar – nothing. I am sorru. ( kissed on her forehead)

Saskar – cime let’s get you redy.

Sanskar put lip gloss over her lips and made her wear accessories.

Wrapping her in his arms he went down the stairs where others have already came and all were seeing them as soon as theycame in view of others.

Episode ends.

Sorry this short update. Hopefully next 3 epi I will disclose lot many.

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