Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh curses chandra dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying mushak ji we should go now. As ganesh turns back he sees all gods and tridev and sees parvati faintd with kartikeya beside her. Kartikeya says mother get up, see ganesh has woken up and he is fine now. ganesh gets angry and says how did this happen to mother? My mother is fainted because of you Chandra dev, she is not waking up. Ganesh gets angry and he says Chandra dev, because of you all this happened with my mother, I did not mind your insults on me but you made my mother suffer and you shall be punished for that. Chandra dev cries and says prabhu please forgive me! Ganesh ji it was not my intention to hurt anyone, please forgive me. Ganesh becomes huge in size and says Chandra dev, you have done an unpardonable offence! Ganesh uses his trunk and starts sucking Chandra dev inside him. indra dev and all gods are worried and say ganehs ji please forgive Chandra dev!
Kartikeya is worried and he starts waking parvati and says mother please wake up! Mother get up, look ganesh is alright now, wake up mother otherwise the world shall end as ganesh wont stop. Parvati opens her eyes and she sees ganesh and gets up, parvati says stop ganesh! Please stop. Chandra dev says mata please forgive me, please, I am really guilty for what I have done but it was not my intention, please ganehs ji leave me! Parvati says ganesh leave Chandra dev! I forgive him, please my son stop! Ganesh calms down and he becomes normal sized and comes to parvati and says mother are you okay. Parvati is shivering as her hands shake and says my son! Are you fine? I am worried for you my son!
There bhom is meditating deeply and devi prithvi sees this. Devi prithvi says my son is meditating in anger, he is jealous of ganesh ji, he shouldn’t be! What have I done? Bhom meditates and then he says mata, you will see, mahadev’s favorite son is ganesh but I will meditate so deeply and I will make myself much more capable than ganesh! Mahadev wont ignore me again.
There ganesh sees parvati shivering and he gets angry on Chandra dev. Ganesh says Chandra dev this has all happened because of you, you have hurt my mother and she is still shivering! I will not forgive you for what you have done! You are the most beautiful looking god and everyone looks at you every time as they see beauty in you, you did a sin today and for that you shall be punished. I curse you, from now whoever looks at you shall be cursed with bad luck in their life and their life shall become hell! They wont live peacefully ever if they look at you, this way no one will see you. everyone is shocked. Chandra dev cries and says ganesh ji! Forgive me. All gods instantly look away from Chandra dev, they all go. brahma dev and Vishnu dev go. everyone go back in the palace. Yamraj thinks if I had told mata parvati before about everything, all this wouldn’t have happened. Yamraj goes.
Chandra dev is sad and depressed, he hides back in the clouds as the moon’s light diminishes.

Precap: Chandra dev gets cursed and as he sees no one is looking at him, he panics and runs away from his palace away from himself.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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