Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha makes all people happy.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha playing the dhol for sawan mas or monsoon festival. Kanha plays the dhol and now all people come and enjoy kanha playing the dhol. Nand and everyone is happy. Radha dances. The body of kaam dev is freed and resurrected, kaanha plays his role. Nand is happy and everyone then praise kanha. Kanha says everyone, now enjoy and celebrate the sawan mas, it is no time to be sad and scared but to make your fear run away and continue our lives normally. Yashoda says yes kanha, I will feed you beutter. Everyone sit and yashoda feeds butter to kanha, all women of the village bring their home made butter for kanha and say yashoda, feed our butter to kanha too, today he saved us from giving away to fear and taught us to fight it, he is our savior. Kanha smiles and enjoys eating

the butter. Everyone praise kanha and say hathi ghoda palki, jai kanhaiya lal ki! Radha looks angrily at kanha and she goes away. Kanha sees and thinks what happened to this gopi now? Kanha says mother I had my fill, first let me go and see why radha is angry now. Yashoda laughs and says yes kanha go.
There kansa tells kaalvan to go to vrindavan and find that kanha and bring him here or if he got the chance then he better kill him. Kaalvan goes.
There keshari is in a cave doing the Pooja of nag devi! Asti and prapti see from outside and come in and say keshari didi what are you doing? Are you praying to the nag gods and goddess? Keshari says yes and continues her Pooja. Asti says I didn’t mean to disturb you but we saw you doing the Pooja of nag’s but the nag’s serve Vishnu and doing the Pooja of Vishnu or any deity that serve him is forbidden in Mathura under the rule of bhagwan kansa, then how are you praying to nag god? Keshari stops and says asti and prapti you both have a lot of work in the palace, go and work there. Asti and prapti say okay as you say, they go. Keshari says this asti and prapti, they will create a problem if they tell kansa, they are planning to get me killed from kansa, I have to watch them.
There in vrindavan, kanha goes to radha and says radha what happened? Why are you angry? Radha says don’t talk to me gore, you took all the credit there and everyone praised you for making everyone’s lives back to normal and saving them from fear, but I was an important prat in helping you but like always you become everyone’s light of the eye. Kanha says it is not like that gopi, no one asked me about the others, they came and started praising me, I did not do anything, what could I do? Radha says go I wont talk to you. Radha goes in the village. In the village, near the marketm suddenly kaalvan comes and laughs, he says loudly bhagwan kansa sends his regards. People see and stop as they get worried. radha comes and thinks who is this now? Kaalvan says to everyone, so people of vrindavan, always the target of kansa! Why don’t you give what kansa needs? Brij bhanu says what does he need? He has almost killed us on so many occasions and what not! We don’t have what he wants. Kaalvan says wow, you thinks you all are smart but I have come to take that truth, I want that one who has been a trouble for kansa since ever. Balram is angry as he looks at kaalvan. Kaalvan says tell me where is he? Balram says who do you want demon?
There kansa speaks to jarasant as jarasant says kansa, this time you will get that kanha, kaalvan will kill him or bring him to you.

Precap: kaalvan says I want kanha, I will kill him. Rishi gargacharya tells kanha, a new demon named kaalvan has been sent to vrindavan by kansa.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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