My wife, Yuvani, part 9

“I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him so so soooooooooooooo much!!”
Yuvraj could really feel her excitement and the intensity with which she wrote this, he felt blessed.
“You would be wondering what happened to me in a day. Yesterday I was happy that he is going to reject this alliance and today I am saying that I love him. Well it is because of three sentences, that stranger Mr Yuvraj Birla became love of my life!
I met Mrs Verma in the corridor, I was angry on her. When I saw her from far itself, her nose appeared very welcoming to me, yes it was welcoming my fist, it wanted to get punched! And I was set to do it.
You know what happened, yes, she used her bhramastr! Yes, that everlasting and ever smoothening smile of hers, and my anger, it vanished into thin air!! You know it right, I can never be angry on her, she is my mentor, my ideal, my teacher.”
Yuvraj started to wonder whether he is reading her diary or some bed night stories for kids!!
“She asked me about Yuvraj, I told her everything that happened. And only then she remembered my loathing towards the game.
Do you know what she said? She said that it is good we are opposite to each other, now we will stay together. Like seriously, do me and Yuvraj appears as ions to her, which opposite charges get attracted and says together. We are humans for gods’ sake!!
She told me he is a very nice boy, that she knew him from his childhood. Ok so that was the first sentence, Mrs Verma’s good views on him, well I liked him 50% even without knowing anything about him. After all he is her choice. She told me that I would be the best partner for him. I was very overwhelmed.”
Yuv: (gratefully) Thank you aunty, thank you so much for bringing her in my life.
“Then I came home to my surprise Papa said that Birlas are ok with the marriage. I was like what?? I mean, Yuvraj Birla said yes to me, ME?? No, he won’t. Seeing my face Papa asked if I have any objections, but before I say anything to Papa I want to talk to Yuvraj, I told him so.
Papa told me that Yuvraj is a nice boy. I looked at him confused. He told me that alliance came a week before and till yesterday; he was busy trying to figure out what Yuvraj is.
Oh Papa!! See he is the best. Now when he said that Yuvraj is the best, then no more questions, if he is Papa’s choice, then no one would be better than him. So Mr. Birla, now I like you fully, but not love huh”
Yuv: Thank you Madam!
“I called him, he said he was expecting my call. Of course he should be, after all it is the matter of our lives. I asked him what made him say yes, I mean all I told him was about my hatred towards his passion, then how, HOW??
He told me he found his partner in me when I told him that I hate football and then he cuts the call. Yes, he cuts it, without giving me time to understand what he said, he cuts it! Stupid fellow!!”
Yuv: One more time you call me stupid, I will pull out your ear! I said yes because when you said about football I saw an understanding and daring woman in front me. I understood that you would always stand by your vies but at the same time respect my views too. I understood that you would always give me my space!
“I thought for a while, about what he said. Then I understood that he respect my views, and will never interfere in mine. Wow, just wow, I mean I am so happy, he is very understanding, he would give me space that was what I need, an independent life after marriage and now he promised it.
So now this is when I started to love him, now I love him with all my life, I love him. I promise you Yuvraj; come what may I would always be there for you, always! You happiness matters to me the most.
That was it, what happened today, so now I want to sleep, but I am not getting any, just pray that I sleep soon. Good night.”
Yuvraj was overwhelmed, it took him a bit time to get back to normal, and then he proceeded to the next day’s diary.

  1. Yaar, I’m seriously in love with your style of writing this diary, as if suhani is talking to someone.. lovely.. tell me something, from where did you get the idea of writing it this way? are you into the habit of writing diary in real life? coz you have written it so perfectly, I can’t believe that you don’t..

    1. Yuvani

      You guessed it right dear, it is my style of writing diary, happy that you are liking it, thank you

    2. anyone would like it dear.. 🙂

  2. ItsmePrabha

    OH MY!!! i fell in love with this dairy style..this is so cute …will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      happy to hear that dear, thank you

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