Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shumbh becomes demon king.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya hiding and watching all demons fighting each other. Shumbh continues throwing his spells on the other demons while nishumbh climbs the stairs to reach and take the crown. Dhumralochan, raktbeej, chund and mund take their shields and protect themselves from shumbh’s attacks.
Ganesh says brother, shumbh will become the new demon king. Kartikeya says yes it seems so!
There mund says see everyone, that nishumbh is heading to take the crown for demon king, we have to stop him now. Everyone use their shields and then start attacking on shumbh. Shumbh says these demons are attacking me, I will still hold them while nishumbh takes the crown. As nishumbh climbs the stairs, the frozen clones of raktbeej wake up and start running towards shumbh. Shumbh

is shocked and says these raktbeej’s clones have also come, now what do I do? Shumbh uses all his powers to stop the demons and raktbeej’s clones. Shumbh then starts feeling tired as his powers drain. Nishumbh feels this and looks back, he says no shumbh! Nishumbh comes running down to shumbh to help him. Shumbh uses his powers more to stop all the demons and he kills some clones of raktbeej. Dhumralochan, mund, chund and raktbeej use their spells and attack on shumbh. Nishumbh comes and says shumbh be careful, show them all your powers now otherwise they wont stop. Shumbh screams in anger and then flies start coming out of the mouth of shumbh. These flies carry a sonic wave, this wave turns all demons and everyone around shumbh confined as a statue! Even rishi shokracharya becomes stiff as a statue. Kartikeya says ganesh, that wave is coming towards us, if we don’t get out of here then we will become a statue too. Ganesh says don’t worry brother, the power that shumbh is using is the same power that mata badlamukhi had used on trikura! I know the mantra of mata badlamukhi to stop this power from affecting us. Ganesh says the mantra on time and the wave doesn’t hit them. Kartikeya says good ganesh, you smartly saved us.
Guru shokracharya thinks I can sense someone is hiding here, an enemy! I am stiff now otherwise I could have turned back to see who it was.
There nishumbh becomes statue too, shumbh then walks and comes to the throne, ganesh and kartikeya jump down before that and hide behind the throne. Shumbh places the crown on his head and then says yes, I am the demon king! Shumbh then uses his power and disables everyone from being a statue. Everyone come back. Nishumbh goes and merges into shumbh. Guru shokracharya thinks someone knows what is happening here, I should have known about that all this while! Someone is here for sure. Shumbh says guru shokracharya felicitate me, do the rituals and make me the king as I have won this battle. Guru shokracharya still thinks. Shumbh says guru aren’t you happy about me becoming the new king? Guru shokracharya then thinks, now is not the time, I have to make shumbh king as decided, I will deal with that enemy later. Shokracharya says yes shumbh, you are the new demon king. All demon soldiers say asur raj shumbh ki jai! Shumbh then says dhumralochan, chund, mund and raktbeej, you are not your enemies, I had not come here to kill anyone but just to become the demon king, you are my brothers! We will fight our enemies together. Guru shokracharya smiles and says shumbh deserves to be the new king because this is what a true king seeks, he doesn’t make war with his own people but protects them as family and fights for them!
Ganesh says brother, shumbh has become the king, now these demons will wage out war against the entire universe with guru shokracharya by their side. Kartikeya says yes, this has to be stopped.

Precap: the story of how ganesh took the form of vinayaka is shown.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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