Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha and arjun meet rishi gandhiv.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mhaishasura rising. Bhadraksh gets scared and says bhagwan kansa, what to do now? mhaishasura turns into his normal form and says bhadraksh now all the powers of demons will rise as it is Navratri! During this time, the demons arise to defeat that Shakti devi, but every time they die and resurrect again because no one was there to lead them, I will lead them, and they will follow the orders of mhaishasura as bhagwan kansa.
There all people of barsana come to vrindavan to nand’s house. Nand welcomes them and says come brij bhanu, we were waiting for you only. Birj bhanu says nand my friend, I have come to invite all people of vrindavan to barsana for Navratri. Yashoda says everyone will come no doubt because barsana’s Navratri is known around brij mandal

and we will be lucky to enjoy Navratri in barsana. All people go with the doli as radha, balram and the remaining pandavas dance as kunti and everyone sing songs and pray to mata laxmi.
There kanha and Arjun are with rishi gargacharya. Rishi gargacharya says kanha and Arjun, you both have to go and find rishi gandhiv. Kanha says rishi gandhiv? Guru says yes kanha, he has been praying for many years to nar-narayana and now is your time to wake him up from his meditation. Kanha says okay guru and he goes with Arjun.
Kanha and Arjun reach a forest where rishi gandhiv is covered by some trees and a huge ant hill as he has been praying for years. Kanha says Arjun, fir your arrow, we have to remove the trees and ant hill from around rishi gandhiv, he will wake up. Arjun says but how will my arrow do anything? Kanha says just do your karma Arjun, don’t question it. Arjun says okay and he shoots an arrow in the clouds. Suddenly a huge cloud appears over rishi gandhiv and starts raining and thundering. Arjun says oh my god, I never knew I was such a great archer! Kanha smiles.
The rain falls on rishi gandhiv and removes the dirt and ant hill, the lightning strikes on the trees and the trees fall down. The water removes all dirt from rishi gandhiv and rishi gandhiv opens his eyes in anger, he says who dared to disturb me from my meditation? Kanha and Arjun smile. Gandhiv says you kids, how dare you do this? Kanha says rishi gandhiv, we were sent by rishi gargacharya to wake you up from your meditation. Rishi gandhiv says don’t lie, how can one rishi tell someone to wake up another rishi from his meditation? Arjun says he said you have been praying for nar-narayana! rishi gandhiv says yes, I have been praying for years but you kids disturbed me. Gandhiv then thinks and says yes nar- Narayana! He then looks at kanha and Arjun and sees lord Vishnu and nar form of Arjun in them, rishi gandhiv has tears and says it is you both, nar and Narayana! I have finally received your darshan. Rishi gandhiv cries.
There mhaishasura tells all demons, chund-mand, shumbh-nishumbh, raktbeej and dhumralochan to serve him. the demons say you are our king bhagwan kansa, we have to kill that devi Shakti and you want to kill Narayana Vishnu! We can together finish them both. Dhumralochan says first I will go and finish the form of devi Shakti, the form of radha.
There all people reach barsana and then they start praying to mata laxmi for Navratri, radha holds the Pooja plate and prays as everyone sings a song.

Precap: dhumralochan spreads poison gas from his mouth in barsana, all people fall unconscious. Radha says who are you demon? Kanha comes to save radha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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