Muskaan 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan seeks Ronak’s help

Muskaan 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan saying the truth that she is a dancer and even her mum is a dancer. She says I lied to you so that my education doesn’t get any hurdle. She says you call everyone bad, who are part of the brothel, I didn’t knew that I m getting auctioned, I was forced to do that. Ronak gets shocked. Aarti worries. Jaya’s daughter calls her mum and pleases her. Aarti gets glad. Hanumanth asks why didn’t you refuse to them. Muskaan says my mum is with her, her life is everything for me. Ronak asks how much will you fool us, your mum is also part of it. She says her truth is different. He says yes, you have many stories. She says its nothing like that. Ronak scolds her and says I don’t want to know you, you have no identity. Muskaan taunts him. She says maybe you can free me from

their cage. Sir ji beats the guards for not finding Muskaan. He asks cops to find her. Ronak says you have a good talent.

Hanumanth says I believe her story, please leave her, so that she can save her mum. Ronak says fine, there is a way, give me Tabassum’s number. Muskaan gives number. Suzaine helps Ghosh and gives him medicines. Suzaine asks did they learn about Muskaan. Ghosh says no. Suzaine disconnects the call. Ronak says look at her, she disconnected again. Muskaan says let me call again. Suzaine calls back after Ghosh goes. Ronak answers the call. Muskaan says its me. Suzaine asks are you fine, where are you. Muskaan says I m fine, how is mumma. Suzaine says I have sent your mum to safe place, don’t worry, these people are finding you like mad dogs, don’t come back, if you come back, they will do the same, and kill those guys, Lord has sent that guy as angel for you, if he didn’t come, everything would have gone wrong. Muskaan says I m worried for you. Suzaine says don’t worry, don’t come back. She gets shocked seeing Sir ji at the door. He takes the phone and asks her to ask where is Muskaan. Suzaine asks where are you going. Muskaan says we are in jungle. Ronak ends call.

Hanumanth asks Ronak does he believe her now. He says its good your mum has gone away. Ronak says they got to know about our location, let me think. He removes the sim and breaks it. He says they will come here, but won’t get anything. Hanumanth praises him. Ronak says lets leave before those devils come, we shall leave our way. Muskaan runs. Sir ji says I will find them. Tabassum and Rakhi come. Sir ji hurts Suzaine, and says Muskaan called Suzaine. He threatens her. Muskaan runs after Ronak and asks him to help her, she doesn’t know the way out. Ronak says go where you wanted to go. She says drop me out of here, then I will go. Ronak goes. She asks what’s the difference between you and my buyer, you both didn’t ask my wish, you kidnapped me and left me mid way, what’s the problem, when you learn the truth, you are objecting to my helplessness.

He goes to hold her neck. He stops himself and says you have no status to talk to me, I m not your client, I m your Kaal. She stops him and says sorry, I should have not compared you with buyer, thanks for getting me from there, you are an angel for me. Ronak says I will drop you to some safe place, then you arrange your stay. VIP argues with Sir ji. Sir ji says I will find her, have some patience. VIP says you want to sell Muskaan and take money, you have hidden her. Sir ji slaps him and asks him to just shut up. VIP gets angry. Sir ji asks him to think well and talk. VIP says I can’t believe you, you are very greedy, you can do anything for money, now you see what reply I give you for this slap. Ronak, Hanumanth and Muskaan are on the way. They see the cops coming. Ronak worries. Muskaan hides her face. Cop asks her to lift ghunghat. Ronak and Muskaan get caught by police.

Ronak, Hanumanth and Muskaan board a bus. Sir ji hires Bablu Rangeela to find Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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