Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh asks for his share

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone enjoying Naira’s special kachoris. Dadi also asks for it. Naira serves her kachoris. They smile. Kartik says file is ready, how to give surprise. Manish asks him to think of some idea. Kartik and Naira joke. Lav and Kush say we can also sing a rap or write a skit. Kartik says they are smart, they will write the script, okay done. They laugh.

Naitik says I want one more kachori, I m eating happily. Bhabhimaa says fathers cry after daughter’s bidaai, he is happily eating kachoris. Naksh asks did you message Kartik about Naira’s medicine, its hectic. Rajshri says we have given him all details, don’t worry. Naksh says I was managing all that myself. Naitik says we won’t talk emotional things, everyone should be happy. Lav and Kush ask Akhilesh

to sit. Naira says Akhilesh doesn’t know what will happen, I m excited to see his reaction, I have already got a big joy. Kartik goes to hug her. She asks him to control. Lav and Kush act like Manish and Akhilesh. Everyone smiles.

Kartik says they are acting well. Kush scolds Lav, as Manish scolds Akhilesh always. Everyone gets shocked. Manish says enough kids. Lav asks why, isn’t it good, there is surprise left. Manish says enough, that’s it. Akhilesh gets angry and says Manish is right, its enough now. Manish asks what’s wrong. Akhilesh says sorry Naira, you came home today, I didn’t wish to say this today, I have tolerated enough, lets stop it, holding files like a peon, its enough, I have to put my energies in better things, just give me my share, please. They get shocked.

Akhilesh says give me share in business, property and everything, so that I can go away and start a new life. His phone rings. Naira says you are joking right. Kartik says yes, he is a big prankster, he used to fool me a lot. Naira says he had played pranks with us also. Manish cries seeing Akhilesh. Akhilesh says I m not joking, do you think I will play such a prank regarding this matter, my life has become a joke, everyone laughs at me, I hold no value.

Kartik asks what happened, please tell me. Naira says yes, tell me. Akhilesh says sorry, I want to talk to Manish, you go and rest. Naira says I won’t go. He says please go and rest. She asks how will I sit inside the room and rest. He says sorry, don’t make this make tough for me. Naira says everyone blessed me, what kind of welcome is this, lets spend at least one day happily, end this matter here. Kartik says yes, we will talk about it tomorrow, calm down. Akhilesh makes their hands away. Akhilesh scolds Kartik. He says this discussion will happen today.

Naksh and Kirti are on the way. Naksh says I didn’t give all medicines. Kirti says we are going and will give it, don’t panic. He says Akhilesh didn’t come to pick Naira. She says he was at home, planning Naira’s welcome, he is father, brother and a friend too, he doesn’t express well. He says we must understand his care. Naira hugs Akhilesh and says please end this matter here, I request you. Akhilesh says I request you, let the issue end. Kartik says we have shared a special bond, tell me the matter, I will talk to dad. Akhilesh says I can fight for myself. Naira asks what fight between brothers, we can sort it. Naksh and Kirti come home and look on.

Kartik says you used to explain me that fight isn’t solution for anything. Akhilesh shouts enough. He asks why are you adamant Naira, sorry, I m trying to explain, I don’t want to talk to you, Kartik and anyone else, I just want to talk to Manish. Kartik asks him to see Naira’s condition. He asks Naira to go to room. She says I m fine, Akhilesh is very upset. Dadi asks Akhilesh to show some concern. Akhilesh says I do care, so I have waited for many days. Manish says you want to talk to me, tell me.

Akhilesh says you scolded me in front of staff, you asked me to bring files and mobile, you have hurt me many times. Naira faints. Everyone worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dis naira s such a stubborn dumb head .
    Akilesh s decent nd he wants to talk to his brother nd solve it nd he still cares fr nairas health dats y he s saying like dat nd asking her to rest
    Manish kind of deserve dis fr treating evry1 badly n past
    Nd bcz of dis nautanki attention seeker naira’s fainting drama nw evry1 wl blame akilesh
    Main leads r so dumb nd useless

    1. So true monika! 😂 kisi ki sunti nahi hai.. Bas mahan banna hai.. Always! I agree now akhilesh will be blamed i guess for just wanting to talk to his brother but coz of her own fault she fainted..
      Akhilesh i such a good and decent man sseriously.. So many days he dint say anything caring for family happiness and now also so politely he is telling to let him spk to manidh alone.! you are right. I agree.. Main leads are so dumb 😂🙈

    2. I’m so glad people have the same feelings and opinions as me for this serial. Why does naira want to poke her nose into everything all the time? Why can’t she behave like a young girl for once, letting elders solve their problems. They are elders, they know what’s right and what’s wrong. She poking her nose will only make Akhilesh feel worse, that even people younger than him in age and experience are trying to advice him. It’ll just ruin whatever little respect and love Akhilesh has.

      And what is this always about kaira. Their love story, their sacrifice story, their wedding, their milans, their fights, their romance, their divorce, their dating, their elopement, their remarriage, their grahapravesh. Today also she’s like what kind of welcome is this? Shes more worried about her welcome than about how Akhilesh is feeling. Even if she said that to distract him, it shows she’s so immature. Why can’t she care about other people I don’t understand.

      1. Itna hi bura lgta hai to dekhte kyun ho. Jao dekho kzk.yhm jaise srl.

      2. Sach inta hi bura lagtehe to comments parte kyun, jao esa comments paro jaha kaira ko devi-devta kehti hai

      3. Neha,

        Chill out yaar. It’s just a serial. And no, I don’t watch kzk or yhm too.

        Yrkkh was my mother’s favour serial. I didn’t like it even before, but used to watch it for Akshara. I liked the way she was not flawless but learnt a lot of things with age and experience, with the help of family. She kept evolving.

        But that’s not the case with naira. Madam doesn’t evolve. She is still the same stubborn female she was when she misunderstood akshara and went off to rishikesh. It’s good to fight for the right thing. But when someone asks for space,you should give them. You think naira is the only one who can handle Akhilesh? Can make him feel bad for his behavior? What about Manish? Manish knows Akhilesh from 50 years, while naira knows him from 3-4 years. How can she convince?

        What we don’t like about this serial right now is it’s all about how best naira is. She has done plenty of mistakes and she never learns from them. Most of yrkkh fans hated her mahanta and her poking her nose into other people’s lives attitude. We thought she would change after the divorce. But no. It’s back to square one.

        Even in 19 Oct episode, only naira is crying because of the fight in the family. She’s only overreacting. Why isn’t anyone else acting like it’s the end of the world? Why isn’t any one else seeking attention? Dadi has kept this family together for years, suvarna and surakha too have done their bit for the family. And they are not over reacting. Even keerti is not. They are sad, but not something like they are not bothered or hurt. They didn’t make a big hungama that showed only they are bothered about keeping the family together. Then why does naira have to cry and do all the natak? Added to that kartik and naksh act like naira is a child. I’m a doctor, I have no clue what brain surgery she has undergone. But I also know it’s equally important for a pregnant woman to have a stress free pregnancy. But is kartik worried about how hurt keerti must be feeling seeing her family break apart? Is naksh worried? No.

        Why is nairas health, nairas love, nairas marriage, nairas divorce, nairas remarriage, nairas disease, nairas surgery, nairas infertility, nairas elopement, nairas mahanta the most important? If it was Akshara, she would have handled the situation in a more mature way.

        That’s all. This feels like two kids who have gotten married. And are trying to do things on their own and are failing miserably.

        You have your own reasons to like it. We have our own to not like it, rather suggest improvements. You can comment on what and why you like it while we can comment on what and why we don’t like it. Let’s keep it peaceful. This is not world war 3.

  2. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really wonder why naira fainted maybe to much stresss or maybe naira is pregnant I really hope that naira is alright naira please go and rest in bed with kartik I’m sure u will be better soon go to sleep now naira kartik everything will fine soon inshallah

    Kind regards soofia

  3. Listen u kaira fans its none of ur blo*dy business to poke ur nose n our opinion no wonder u ppl r kaira fans cause waise their characters jaise unki fans.aur kya expect karunhi hum.
    Listen mind ur tongue nd keep ur mouth shut instead of choosing things fr us.
    If its so positive y there r nly neg review n tellyupdates cz it sucks
    Nd v can say watevr v want if u dont like it den shut ur eyes nd ears mouth

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