Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhadraksh kidnaps savre.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha going to barsana and he says I will take fruits for radha, I am sure radha was singing the song for me yesterday and praying to me! I will go and meet her. Kanha takes fruits in a basket and he goes to barsana.
Bhadraksh here brings savre to the palace in Mathura. hirankashyap says bhadraksh, where is kanha’s disciple? Where is his greatest devotee? Bhadraksh says look here maharaj, this cow savre is his greatest disciple. Hirankashyap gets angry and says before I kill narsimha, I will kill you bhadraksh, is it a joke? This cow is his disciple? Bhadraksh says trust me, now you have to listen to what I say because hiranyaksh and holika are dead, only you are left and you have to kill narsimha avatar. Bhadraksh says this cow’s name is savre, it is

not even a cow it is a calf, he is the greatest disciple of kanha and he also lives with kanha. Hirankashyap says okay, then savre will help us bring kanha’s narismha avatar back. bhadraksh says but maharaj, be careful. Kanha can do anything to save his disciples and protect their lives and I am also sure kanha will come to protect savre once he knows where savre has been taken and that savre had been kidnapped by us. kanha has protect all his disciples till now, even that sudhama and his siblings were thrown in the river by rishi’s to drown and die but kanha went there and devi ganga helped him and saved the lives of sudhama and his siblings. Hirankashyap says we will be intricate this time, I have a plan to force Vishnu to take his narismha avatar. Savre will help us. bhadraksh laughs.
Kanha reaches barsana and he goes to meet radha. Radha is in her house, kanha says radha see here I am. Radha says so, what should I do? Kanha gets confused and says radha, I brought fruits for you. radha says gwale, now you try anything I wont talk to you even if you bring anything. Kanha says but radha, I came here to meet you. radha says I don’t want to talk to you and even meet you. radha’s friends come and say radha, at least listen to what he is saying. Kanha says radha, you only called me here yesterday, you were singing a beautiful song to me and praying, that is why I came here for friendship and love. Radha says what? Don’t you sleep at night? I was not singing to anyone and when have I ever sung a Pooja prayer for you? kanha says yes that one time in the cave you sang the prayer song for me. radha says that time circumstances were different and I did it to protect you and bring you back to life, other than that I have never sung a song for you. kanha says but radha, I heard it was coming from barsana yesterday. Radha’s friends say kanha can be right radha. Radha says you all keep quiet, this is about me and kanha. Radha says no kanha, I did not sing anything for you, it must be someone else! Go and find that girl who sang for you because I am not her. Kanha says okay radha, at least take the fruits I brought for you. radha says I wont eat them. Kanha is sad and he goes. All friends say if you don’t want we will eat the fruits. Radha says no, the gwala brought it for me and you cannot even look at it, the fruits belong only to me, so go away. Radha picks the fruits and eats them, she says these are really delicious, I shouldn’t have scolded kanha.
Kanha comes to vrindavan and thinks, who was singing for me yesterday? There kanha’s disciple waits in the palace and she says, why haven’t you come yet kanha?

Precap: kanha finds the palace near barsana and he goes to meet his new friend and disciple.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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