Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Varaha kills hiranyaksh.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha taking varaha avatar. Kanha jumps inside patal lok. Narad muni says once again the universe has gotten to see prabhu take the varaha avatar. Everyone pray to varaha.
Varaha avatar goes in patal and rishi gargacharya says history repeats itself today. Hiranyaksh says finally I made you take the varaha avatar, now I will kill you and have my revenge. Hiranyaksh attacks on varaha, varaha runs and pushes hiranyaksh and he falls in the ditch. Hiranyaksh gets up angry and removes his weapons, varaha uses his tusk and throws away hiranyaksh’s weapons. Hiranyaksh uses his powers, but varaha destroy them using his tusk, he then runs and lifts hiranyaksh, and puts his tusk inside hiranyaksh’s body. Hiranyaksh is killed.
Varaha takes vrindavan back to

earth and places it as it was before. Kanha comes back in his original form. Bhadraksh is shocked and he says I anyway knew this was going to happen, these brothers don’t want to listen to me, then they rather die! Bhadraksh goes back to Mathura. he goes to hirankashyap, hirankashyap says what happened bhadraksh? Bhadraksh says actually, kanha took the varaha avatar and he killed your brother hiranyaksh, hiranyaksh is dead. Hirankahsyap is shocked and he screams in anger, he says that cannot happen. bhadraksh says it has happened already, he is dead. Hirankashyap hits bhadraksh in anger says what do I do now? suddenly kansa speaks from his statue. Kansa says hirankashyap, now you have the chance to kill kanha, in his narsimha avatar. Varaha has killed hiranyaksh and nothing can be done about it, now narsimha avatar shall die. Hirankashyap says what do you mean kansa? Kansa says you have to kidnape the greates disciple of Krishna, then you will get the way to kill kanha’s narsimha avatar.
Bhadraksh says I know the greatest disciple of Krishna, instead of telling you his name I will bring him to you. bhadraksh goes.
Kanha is sleeping at night and he hears a girl singing a prayer to him. Near barsana, a girl in a palace does Pooja of kanha’s statue, she sings with all devotion and love and friendship towards kanha. In vrindavan, kanha wakes up and says whose voice is that? someone seems to be calling me by singing this prayer song to me, it sounds so sweet. Kanha goes and savre follows him. savre is mooing and kanha says what happened savre? Savre then moo’s and kanha says no savre, you want to meet kansa but that is not so easy. Kanha takes savre back to the cow shed and kanha says I will follow this voice tomorrow and meet that girl who is calling me with love and friendship and devotion.
In the morning, kanha goes towards barsana and savre follows him. savre is again mooing and kanha says savre, I know you want to see and meet kansa but now it is not possible. Kanha says savre go back to vrindavan, I will come back soon. Kanha walks ahead. As kanha goes, bhadraksh comes behind and he looks at savre and says savre the cow, finally I found you. you are the greatest disciple of kanha right? Now I will take you to hirankashyap and you will help us kill vishnu’s narsimha avatar. Bhadraksh laughs and says I better go from here soon otherwise that balram may come. Bhadraksh vanishes with savre.
Kanha looks behind and says savre you went with bhadraksh! Okay then I shall fulfill your wish, you wanted to meet kansa right? You shall get to meet him, and by your leela even hirankashyap shall be defeated. Kanha blesses savre.

Precap: kanha meets radha in barsana. Radha says stupid gwale, I have not been singing and praying to you, it must be someone else.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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