Ladies Special 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Prarthana Feels Guilty For Helping Kangana

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Ladies Special 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kangana tells Prarthana that Bindu had informed her about divorce papers, but she does not know how those papers went to Mota pappa, Amar asked same, what would have she told; Amar should take decision himself and leave Bindu. Prarthana asks why did not Bindu inform her about this. Kangana says situation was not in her favor. Prarthana says she did not know she is giving advice against Bindu. Kangana uses emotional blackmail and says now after knowing truth, she will support her friend Bindu, truth is Bindu came between her and Amar, friendship is bigger than truth, so Prarthana can support Bindu. Prarthana says she cannot comment and walks away. While leaving hospital, Meghna consoles Bindu that Mota pappa will forgive her soon as nobody can stay angry on Bindu for long. Bindu turns to Prarthana.

Prarthana hugs Bindu tightly and says I am sorry. Bindu asks why she is saying sorry, nobody knew this would happen. Prarthana says mota pappa will get well soon, she need not worry. In car, Meghna informs Prarthana about Bindu’s problem and how Kangana tried suicide and emotionally blackmailed. Prarthana reminisces Kangana taking her advice and feels guilty. Meghna asks why is she feeling guilty.

Meghna reaches home and shows Prarthana’s singing video to Mandar. Mandar says her friend sings well. Meghna says she got offer from music companies. Mandar senses her tension and insist to reveal what is going in her mind. Meghna informs him about Bindu’s problem and says if she finds Kagnana, she will kill her. In hospital, Bindu asks Amar to go and correct Mota pappa’s pillow as he will feel pain. Amar walks in and tries to correct pillow when Mota pappa sees him and his heart beat raises in anger. Mota mamma says earlier Amar was mota pappa’s heart beat, now his heart is being fast because of Amar and asks Amar to get of Mota papa’s sight. Amar walks out sadly.

Viraj prepares food with driver Kishan’s help. Prarthana feeling guilty for helping Kangana against Bindu thinks of taking Viraj’s help, calls him and says she is coming to his house with a problem. He asks her to come after 1 hour till he cleans his room. She says she will come at 8 pm then. He insists to have dinner with him. She says she can do anything to solve her problem. Viraj agrees. Prarthana informs Rachana not to prepare dinner for her as she is going to Viraj’s house for dinner. Rachna asks to go and check her papa. Viraj requests Kishan to help him in enjoying candle light dinner with Prarthana. Kishan suggests to remove electric fuse. Prarthana sees her father gargling nervously for tomorrow’s audition and asks him to go and rest.

Amar takes food for Kagnana and thanks her and asks to have food with her. He remembers Bindu is also hungry and says she can have food, he will get it from canteen. He gets food for Bindu from canteen. Bindu also gets food for him. At Meghna’s house, she tells Mandar that she just wants Amar to be with Bindu and Kanganga get out of their way. Mandar says whatever god wants willl happen. Meghna says she does not know what god does, she wants them to be together just like us.

Precap: Viraj prepares to propose Prarthana. Amar and Bindu’s budding romance.

Update Credit to: MA

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