Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna brings his childhood kanha for brothers help

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna comes to call his childhood kanha remembering still he is in vrindavan as he never went out from vrindavan as still people are seeing him breaking pots of gopiyas & pots get break so women are feeling as if like kanha broke & still steals butter from pots & he steals so some women feels it is stole like kanha use to do so Krishna calls him for help. Kanha comes in front of krishna asking to tell me as I am here so Krishna & kanha are talking with each other. Dev rishi is appreciating both of them in front of each other. Krishna tells kanha as you must be aware that our brother’s were killed by kansa but they are still roaming for moksha so kanha says they are to be freed immediately then Krishna tells him to make them free & give moksha as they are in suthal. The guru asoor says I knew you will come to give your brother’s moksha so come & I will kill you also. Kanha tells Krishna I am honored to help you & I will bring them from suthal to you to give them moksha. Guru asoor calls bali to explain him that now the time has come to kill Krishna as he is coming in form of kanha to release his brother’s souls to give them moksha so they plan accordingly of killing kanha.
Kanha jumps to enter suthal as per his controlled speed. Bali asks asoor guru what to do so he directs to produce an evil yagna to kill kanha in suthal with help of evil woman.
Rukmini is telling Krishna that you did wrong by sending kanha but he explains her but she tells him you know bali & guru asoor are biggest enemy of your’s & kanha does not have those powers like your’s so he explains I know I have taken risk but he will do his job in correct manner.
Kanha comes to suthal & searching door while he finds but gets stuck thinking why can’t I move forward & who has caught me & an evil woman throws him so asoor guru says addressing krishna that you a have done a biggest mistake by sending child kanha so he will get killed by this evil woman & you will be finished. Kanha thinks I have to face her & not get killed or I can’t release my brothers. Krishna says kanha you have to search your powers so kanha meditates to grow his form & the evil woman is getting shocked how come he is growing so I have to eat him immediately while kanha runs away searching his brothers souls everywhere & the evil woman is searching him where he has gone. The evil woman is using her mouth powers to suck kanha in her mouth & gets happy saying now he is killed & my asoor guru’s wish is completed. Rukmini understands seeing Krishna in trouble may be because of kanha in trouble so she tries waking him from his meditation but he does not listen so she thinks I have to help him now. Kanha is in her stomach thinking what I should do now as everywhere there is fire & I have to come out of this fire while the evil woman says nobody can be alive by my fire in stomach.
Dev rishi explains other gods about wrong thing is happening as this evil woman is booned in the past at the time shri ram had gone in jungle to search fruits so ram is seeing humans dead bodies blood so gets confused thinking who has done this so the evil woman comes telling ram that I have done this so he explains her you have already done so evil deeds then she tells him I will eat you also now as I am evil hungry woman. Ram is telling evil woman your evils have increased a lot now so be calm & stop eating humans so she tells him I can’t as i won’t be satisfied without eating humans then he advises to eat fruits once so that you will feel calm & she tries one & she feels so contented that she prays asking who are you & ram gives her his identity & she bends saying it was you who made be calm so please free me from this evil life but he tells her you have to repent still of your evils then she tells him if you go from here then you won’t take me in yourself then he promises her I boon you that when I take birth in form of shri Krishna then you can eat me as your food & I will bless you so she prays ram.
Rukmini says from this problem devi ganga only can help prabhu so she calls devi ganga for help.

Precap: Kanha comes out of evil womans stomach & hits bali while guru asoor is shocked. Kanha tells bali to help me show my brothers souls so he says they will go with your end now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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