Beyhadh 2 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya Panics Sensing MJ’s Presence

Beyhadh 2 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya shivers in fear sensing MJ’s footsteps and hides under Rudra’s desk. MJ is about to enter Rudra’s cabin when Rudra stops him and addressing him as Mr. Mrityunjai Roy asks whom he wants to meet. MJ says his son. Rudra says Rishi doesn’t work here and he failed MJ’s plan, he knows MJ planned press conference for his writer, Ananya blindly trusts him, he found out that his writer wants to hide his/her identity and was trying to interfere in his life, he is amazed to see MJ’s materplan. Ananya says uncle is just trying to help him. Rudra says he didn’t ask his help and saw how selfish he was years ago after what he did. MJ says he shouldn’t drag old issue and accept his help. Rudra says he doesn’t need his help and orders security to kick him out. MJ says he is his father. Rudra says maybe he is father at home, here he is the boss. MJ walks away with security. Rudra then returns to his cabin and sees Maya panicking under desk and crying, asks her to relax as media has gone and extends his hand. Shivering Maya holding his hand comes up and hugs him tightly. Rudra reciprocates and consoles her. Maya runs out. Anaya walks in and asks what happened to her.

Antara asks MJ to stop interfering in Rudra’s life, else Rudra will leave house. MJ gets angry, then calms down and says Rudra is his life. Daadi says if he is worried about his life, he should get admitted in hospital. Rudra warns her to stop taunting her. Daadi continues taunting him. He warns her to first become a mother first and then advise him and walks away. Daadi picks alcohol glass saying she knows her son well, so she is drinking.

Maya walks to her car and drops her car keys panicking. Rudra and Ananya walk to her and ask if she is okay. She says yes. Ananya invites her to have lunch with them. Maya says she has other plans. Rudra says she has plans, so let us go. Ananya gets adamant and tries to befriend Maya. Maya says they are business partners and should remain only same. Rudra takes Ananya aside and asks Ananya to stop being too friendly. Ananya says Maya will say no first and then will say yes. Rudra says Maya will say only no.. Maya drives car and rams it to dividers. Rudra rushes to her and asks her to let him drive as he is her business partner and is worried his business will take a toll if something happens to her. She hesitantly agrees.

Antara does yoga while Daadi follows her and slips. Antara asks what is she doing. They both joke laugh. Daadi gets heart attack and holds her chest. Antara calls servant.

Rudra drives Maya’s car and stops it at a signal. An eunuch knocks window and Maya gives her 500 rs. Eunuch says didi kept a new driver and asks Rudra to give her 500 rs if he wants his job confirmed. Rudra asks does he look like a driver. She says no, but he is sitting in driver’s seat. Signals leaves, and Rudra driving car says she shouldn’t help beggars. Maya asks to give them job them instead of moral gyan. Rudra says he found out that Maya also has heart. He takes her to a place she says and says let him see whom she came to meet her. She asks him to drive again. Rudra says she should go to club as her chemist must be waiting for her and hopes chemist is 18+. Maya asks him to drop her midway. He asks if she is afraid that he will find out her girlfriend. Rudra stops her and says let us see who her boyfriend is. Maya seeing Rishi coming towards her car insists Rishi to start driving, but he is busy over phone. Maya gets nervous.

Precap: Antara sees Maya and follows her. Maya hits her.
Rishi cuts his wrist and says if he doesn’t get Maya, he will die. MJ asks to invite Rudra’s investor in party/ Maya shows her evil expression and reaches party venue.

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  1. I loved maya n rudra’s hug. It was much like maya n arjun’s hug ?. Rishi is getting crazy for maya. I wonder why was maya holding an umbrella for rudra in the precap of the next episode. Hope love blossoms b/w them. Who was rudra’s ex girlfriend. Many of questions r arising in my head. Any answers or imagination for my questions ??

    1. I think Maya must be the ex lover… May be rudra got an accident and forgot Maya. Just an imagination. Maya will only help rudra, but she’ll act outside as if she is taking revenge on him. Her revenge will be on MJ, antara and rishi

  2. When rudra was complaining that you should not help these people as it is their habit, i loved maya’s reply ‘yiu change their habit then, give them job, become their companion’. So many people will complain and insult and look down upon the peoplenon the streets but never try to help them… this season maya is very different from previous season maya. In season 1, maya was almost a psycopath, she could hurt anybody to any extent to get what she wanted. But i feel in this season maya has actually a soft heart and situation forced her to act tough. She wont hurt anyone unnecessarily. I just hope she doesnt hurt rishi… rishi seems like completely innocent. He is young and naive and spoilt, but he is not bad at heart. If maya hurts rishi, there is no way rudra will ever forgive her…
    I dont like ananya. She reminds me of sanjh. An entitled best friend who is sure that if she hangs around long enough then the boy will fall in love with her. Last time sanjh irritated me so much by being against maya only because she thought only she knows whats good for arjun. Hope anaya turns out different. But she is always trying to please MJ as she thinks he is her future father in law

  3. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I really love Rudra and Maya’s chemistry! I really love the scene when Maya holds Rudra’s hand in fear and hugs Rudra.

  4. I just hope maya won’t kill antara and dida coz rudra will not forgive her.and I don’t want anything to come btw then

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