Shakti 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Maninder saves Heer from Harak Singh

Shakti 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector bringing Soumya to Police station. Bebe and Varun are already in the Police station. Bebe says she is Soumya, fine and alive and Harak Singh is in jail because of her. Harak Singh comes out of jail. Soumya recalls aiming gun at him, Harak Singh shooting at her. Varun greets him and touches his feet. He tells that he can’t changed the happenings and says he can’t see him in trouble. He tells that he will be with him like his son. He says he will stand with him. Soumya thinks Heer is having danger with Harak Singh. Inspector says you are given clean chit as Soumya is alive and asks him to sign.

Soumya thinks mummy ji must not be knowing. Harak Singh tells Soumya that he won’t be quiet until he kills them both. He says he is going home. Maninder tells Bebe that she didn’t do right with his daughter. Soumya runs and thinks if he reaches home before me then it will be a problem. Door bell rings. Heer opens the door and finds Harak Singh standing. She gets happy, calls him dadu and hugs him. She says my dadu came and gets happy saying it. Everyone comes to hall. Shanno thinks he is not your Dadu, but Yamraj. Heer runs to Preeto and says your Harak Singh came. Preeto thinks how did he come out, everyone know that Soumya is alive. She thinks how to protect Heer now. Soumya asks a guy on the road to give his mobile and calls Preeto, but the phone is unreachable. Harak Singh sits on the sofa and asks Veeran to close the door. Veeran says ok. Shanno smiles.

Preeto calls the neighbors and asks them to come and meet Harak Singh. The neighbors come there and greet Harak Singh. Preeto asks Raavi and Sindhu to bring sweets and gives to them. Heer says my Dadu came. Harak Singh asks neighbors to have sweets and tells that he will hug his grand daughter. He walks towards Heer. He takes her in his lap and asks the neighbors to sit. Heer sings my dadu came…Preeto asks neighbors to sit and have breakfast. She says Heer and I will go to temple and fulfill our mannat. She says we have been waiting for you. She asks Heer to come. Harak Singh says even I have done the mannat, we will go in sometime. Soumya is running on the road. Preeto says we will go and return soon, asks Heer to come. The neighbor asks Harak Singh to let them go. Raavi brings laddoo and gives in Harak Singh’s hand. She asks him to have sweets. Shakti song plays…

Preeto and Heer leaves. Harak Singh asks Veeran to make everyone eat and tells that he will go and change his clothes. Veeran asks Raavi to give sweets to everyone. Soumya reaches home and rings the bell. Preeto calls someone and asks him/her to reach behind the temple. Soumya continues to ring the bell. Shanno signs Mahi to open the door. Soumya thinks why nobody is opening the door. Mahi opens the door, but nobody is there. she looks out and thinks who had came. Harak Singh takes sword from his cupboard and jumps down the window. Preeto, Heer and Rohan are walking fast to reach temple. Preeto asks them to run faster and sees Soumya coming there. Preeto tells Soumya that Harak Singh is back. Soumya says yes and says Heer. She looks at Heer. They see Harak Singh comes running there and stops seeing them. Harak Singh asks them to move back. Preeto holds her and asks him to do whatever he wants. Harak Singh says my hands had not shaken up last time and will not shake even this time. He raises the sword to kill Heer, but Maninder comes there and pushes him, the sword falls down from Harak Singh’s hand.

Heer says now she understood and says Dadu and Nanu are playing games. Maninder tells Harak Singh that he has become rakshak of Soumya and his grand daughter. He tells that he followed Soumya and got a call from Preeto. Harak Singh says even you will not be saved now. Preeto asks Soumya to take Rohan and Heer with her. Heer says just as Soham went and tells that she don’t want to go. She says she will watch the game and then will go home. Preeto thinks how to make her understand. Heer says Dadu came after many days, I will not go leaving him.

Update in ProgressPrecap: Harak Singh ties Preeto to chair and asks Veeran to ask his men to search Heer. He says whoever gives him Heer’s information, he will kill them 10 lakhs. Preeto says you can’t harm her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Alister La Frenais

    This serial is going from bad to worse. It is my belief that the show has run its course and is now just a lame duck. The storyline is abysmal and the main characters are being replaced, which has reduced the attraction to the viewing public. Furthermore, it is beyond belief that a grown man is obsessed with killing a small child, because of some medieval custom.
    Should the show producers or script writers see this post, I hope they will learn that the viewing audience is fed up with the poor quality of the serial.

  2. Verma4

    It’s time to give a saas bahu series so that we can laugh.

  3. Verma4

    Shano looks like a real Eunuch. Sorry to the biradri for the insult .

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