Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Everyone make kanha god.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudhama walking around villages with his siblings. As he goes and asks for bheeksha and bhog, people give them some food which they eat. Sudhama then takes his brother and sister and goes to the ashram of rishi matak. As he goes near the entrance, two rishi’s come and say wait sudhama, you cannot come in, you are of low class and only half Brahmin. Sudhama is sad. The rishi says don’t you understand? Last time your parents were thrown out of here and were insulted because of you, you still don’t understand? Sudhama says I have a letter written for the las time by my parents, it is for matak rishi, please I need to meet him brahman dev. The rishi says you cannot come in, keep the letter down. Sudhama keeps the letter down and a rishi sprays holy water on it and then picks and sends another rishi to matak rishi with the letter.
There kanha is in the village with radha and her friends in their house, he is serving the prashad food of the cow festival as all people come and sit eating the prashad. Kanha says everyone eat as much as you want, this is the holy prashad of mata kamdhenu’s cow festival. Everyone eat. Suddenly kanha’s friends come running and say see we found kanha’s statue. Savre comes running. kanha is worried and says who showed you the statue? Friends say savre showed us. Kanha goes and says to savre, why did you do this savre? I cannot tell everyone my truth. Damodar and all people get up and see kanha’s statue, they say see we knew it, kanha is our god and savior, this statue is its proof because it came from somewhere and it looks godly. All people place the statue and get in line and come one by one to take the blessings. Kanha says what is happening? People please I am your kanha, not some god, don’t make me god now. damodar says no kanha, you are our god. Balram comes and says see kanha, are you happy now? it happened as you wanted, now you have become god for everyone and now they are taking your blessings. Kanha says brother I haven’t done this all, I have not even made the statue. Savre only took my friends to the statue, what can I do now? balram says okay then kanha, from now on you are everyone’s savior, if any demon comes then I will not pick my mudgal to fight the demon, from now I will not help you in any manner. Balram goes. Kanha says what did I do? Kanha tells radha, radha you know I am no god, brother balram is angry and only you can help me now.
There matak rishi reads the letter and sudhama is inside the ashram with his siblings. Rishi says sudhama the reason for your parents death is your stubbornness, I feel sorrow for you. sudhama says no rishi, the reason for the death of my parents is my education, their dream to see me educated and become a great purohit. Sudhama says rishi, I have come to you only to fulfill my parents last wish, they wanted to see me as a great rishi of the world and wanted me to have education. Rishi says sudhama, I could teach you and my sympathy is with you but you are only half Brahmin and your mother was not a Brahmin so you cannot have education here but I will help you, go to kasha as the great brahman’s ashram there, they will tell you if you can have your education, they will help you for sure, this is the only way I can guide you. sudhama says thank you rishi, you guided me and I will always be grateful for your help. Rishi looks at kanha’s statue in sudhama’s hand and says show it to me, rishi sees the statue and closes his eyes, he feels happy and says sudhama I think your bhakti is not false, I feel this statue is prabhu Vishnu, I hope you get success. Sudhama takes the statue of kanha and departs with his siblings.
There radha tells all people, just stop it, this is your kanha and not some god, don’t make him someone that he is not. Damodar says no radha, kanha has saved us so many times and he has also shown his strength, this statue came from the forest and now it tells us that he is god. Kanha says damu kaka, this must be kansa’s plan to make you all believe that I am god. Damodar says no kansa wont do this. All people continue. Kanha is worried.
There sudhama and his siblings are going towards kasha through a drought area and sudhama’s sister says I cannot walk more brother, I need water. Sudhama says yes sister I understand, when I will find water I will first give it to you, if my govinda wants then he will give us water. As they walk ahead, they find a pot and sudhama says see a pot, he picks it and it is broken. Sudhama’s sister says brother doesn’t govinda want us to give water? Sudhama’s sister falls down fainting. Sudhama says no sister!

Precap: kanha tells radha and balram, I am paramavatar shri Krishna. I am the one you thought I was and only my leela has kept kansa away. Radha is angry. A boy dressed as kanha comes with a flute and says that statue is mine, I am the god. Kanha is confused.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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