Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaushaki kills shumbh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying I have to take the vinayaki avatar. Ganesh closes his eyes and says vinayaki, I summon you, please come out. As ganesh prays, his form of female goddess vinayaki comes and vinayaki joins with the other goddesses and mata kaushaki. Kaushaki and all the 8 goddess powers use their paash and hold shumbh with their golden paash, they use their powers and start forcing out shumbh’s female power. Shumbh tries hard to keep his power inside his body but his female powers are forced and mata kaushaki absorbs the female powers of shumbh and shumbh’s powers are drained out, his body dries out and shumbh becomes very weak in physique as well as strength. Shumbh then understands, now I will be killed, I underestimated the power of this devi even though I knew she was the jagat janni, because of me my brother was killed and all my demons as well, I have been a fool
Mata kaushaki says shumbh now you will end forever, your evil will be stopped from now. shumbh joins his hands and says mata forgive me for what I have done, I could not understand what a woman is and always has been and always will be, she is the one who gives us strength and because of her men exist, I insulted a woman and you mata every time you tried to make me understand, because of me my demons and my brother died and now I realize who you are, you are the jagat janni mata!
Kartikeya says now this demon has realized his mistake, he is even though just trying to do this so that he doesn’t die like others.
Mata kaushaki says enough shumbh, the time for your guilt has gone, now you will die and it is written, no one can save you. shumbh falls down and is scared, he says now I have to run away from here, no one can save me. Mata kaushaki becomes very huge in size, shumbh says at least I have to defend myself. Shumbh uses his remaining powers and becomes huge in size. Mata kaushaki becomes even taller and huge in and she walks towards shumbh. Shumh is scared, mata kaushaki has the power of all goddesses in the universe and she takes trishul and thrust it inside shumbh’s body, shumbh is killed once and for all.
Everyone pray to mata kaushaki and say devi kaushaki ki jai. All the goddess forms of the gods come back in their body. Everyone go back to Kailash.
In Kailash, ganesh says this all has happened because of mama shree vishnu’s solution. Kartikeya says yes. Lord Vishnu says nephews, this happened because of your mother’s powers, only she could kill shumbh, no one else. Lord Vishnu says ganesh it is because of your intelligence and presence of mind that all demons have been killed. Mata parvati says ganesh, you are not only intelligent, you are the vighnaharta and from now I proclaim you the vighnaharta of this universe and not only of the gods. Everyone praise ganesh. Mahadev then says I have to go as it is my meditation time, kartikeya says even I have some work, I will go and do it. everyone go and ganesh and parvati are left. Ganesh thinks it is my birthday tomorrow, lets see if everyone remembers it. ganesh says mother you know right what is coming? Parvati says oh yes ganesh, it is evening time I will start making food, thank you for reminding me. Parvati goes. Ganesh says no one remembers my birthday, he goes out with mushak ji.
Ganesh says mushak ji no one remember tomorrow is my birthday. Mushak says I will tell everyone, there will be celebration tomorrow. Ganesh says no mushak ji, if no one remembers then I wont tell anyone, I want to see if anyone remembers it is my birthday tomorrow.
Next day morning, ganesh is meditating in the forest and it is his birthday. Kartikeya comes running and says ganesh come on quick, mother….. just come with me I cannot tell you her. Ganesh thinks mother is in trouble I have to go, he goes with kartikeya running in the palace.
Parvati is standing in the palace as it is dark. Ganesh comes and says mother are you okay? Parvati smiles and suddenly, kartikeya, mahadev and nandi and all gan come. Parvati says ganesh no one has forgotten that it is your birthday today, everyone has been invited and the preparations will be done now, it was a surprise for you.
There chitragupta is keeping a record of all people in the world and he sees ganesh ji’s future, he says today is bhadrapad, it is ganehs ji’s birthday but it seems his life is in danger again like before when mahadev cut his head, I have to tell yam raj!

Precap: Yamraj and his wife go for ganesh’s birthday. Yamraj is worried about ganesh ji and is worried as how to tell mata parvati and mahadev that ganesh’s life is in danger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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