Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh meets his friend Chandu

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The Episode starts with Ira joining her job. She helps the man and asks him not to go for tests, its not needed. The doctor comes and asks are you admin, who gave you right to give medical advice. She says I m also a doctor. Doctor jokes on her. Even the man doesn’t take her advice. Ira gets sad. Pushpa says a guest is coming, I m waiting for him. Devina asks who is he. Chandu comes and greets Pushpa. Devina asks why did yiu call him here. Pushpa says he is Akhilesh’s childhood friend, so I called him here. Chandu asks is Ira upset with Akhilesh, I will talk to her.

Pushpa says no, she isn’t related to us now. He asks what happened. She says she was a big cheat, she is a doctor. She tells everything. She says I m in a dilemma, Akhilesh fell in love with Ira, she insulted him in front of everyone, he is helpless, he knows she is harmful for all of us, get Akhilesh out of this mess. Chandu says Akhilesh didn’t tell me any sorrow, it means his wound is big. She says I called few girls here, he should like someone and marry. He says don’t worry, I will convince him, where is Akhilesh.

Doctor asks Ira not to do any work if she can’t do. Akhilesh comes and defends Ira. He scolds the doctor and the man. Doctor goes. The man apologizes to Ira and goes. Akhilesh shows his wound to Ira. She gets worried. He says I was lost in your thoughts, I got hurt and didn’t know. Ira says I wish you got hurt on head, so that your mind worked, my thought is also harmful for you. He says I m ready to live my entire life with this harm, do the aid, I can’t walk.

She says I m not a doctor now, I will take you to nurse, she will do the bandage. Nurse does the bandage to his wound. He asks Ira to fill the form. She ticks married check box when he says. Akhilesh says my wife is lovely, she is annoyed with me. Nurse asks why, such girls have attitude, they fight so much, they have problem in everything. Ira says he fights, not me. Nurse says oh god, is he your husband. She asks Ira to solve house problems at home and do the dressing. Ira asks him to leave. He asks without you. She says I won’t come back in your life. He says I will come back, its my challenge. She asks him to try. He thinks of never to leave her hand.

He comes home and gets shocked seeing the girls. Chandu meets him. Akhilesh gets glad. He asks what’s happening. Chandu says I have come on your call, you are heartbroken, I will do everything fine, just see. He asks Akhilesh to choose a girl for marriage. Pushpa introduces Akhilesh. Chandu says I will make Akhilesh ready and get him. Bhoomi informs Bhavik that Akhilesh’s Swayamvar is happening, Akhilesh promised Pushpa that he will marry anyone, do something, can you send Ira. Bhavik says she won’t come, she will be happy that he is moving on. She says just Ira can stop this. He says I have got an idea, I will send Ira. Ira comes to him. He does a drama. He says you work hard, I was cleaning your room, see what I got. He gives Pushpa’s jewelry.

Chandu says I know everything, you didn’t tell me anything, what does Ira think, will she reject you. Akhilesh says its nothing like that. Chandu says I will get another girl for you, Ira should know that she lost a diamond. Akhilesh slaps him and says let him talk. Chandu says why did you slap me. Akhilesh says sorry, Ira is not such, she taught me to fight with problems and become independent, Vallabh was planning a big insult for me, Ira insulted me to stop her dad, so that I leave from there and get saved, its love. Chandu asks did she do insult drama, she loves you a lot. Akhilesh says yes, why did you call Swayamvar here. Chandu says I did big mistake, slap me. Akhilesh says leave it, tell me what to do now. Chandu says I will show them a knife and send them. Akhilesh says they can refuse to me. Chandu says it means you want to behave bad and fail. Akhilesh says yes, I can just pass for Ira. Chandu likes the idea.

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