Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Balram fights ekanga.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and radha in vrindavan. Radha says kanha, you said there were no demons then how did that girl have demonic powers? Kanha says no radha, I will tell you the truth, the girl’s name is ekanga and don’t panic, but she is my sister. Radha is shocked and says gore, how is that possible? How can ekanga be your sister? Kanha says it is true radha, ekanga is my sister and so she is human, she was never evil and is not evil even now! she got her powers by doing prayers to devi laxmi, and the other evil powers she had were given to her by rishi charbak who works for kansa. Radha says now I understand, but why did they all run away if they were evil? Kanha says radha, they saw you and ran away, it is deepavali and you are devi laxmi’s form, that is why no evil

can live near mata laxmi, so that is why the demonesses ran away. Radha says are you mad kanha? Again you are saying the same thing that I am devi laxmi! I am just a simple girl. Kanha says radha, you will know one day, you wont call me mad.
There at night as everyone sleep in vrindavan, ekanga comes in vrindavan and says now I wont leave nand and yashoda, they took away my life, now I will take their life. Ekanga goes in vrindavan.
In nand’s house, damodar is sleeping in the verandah. He wakes up and says kanha always says before sleeping we should drink water, I am anyway thirst. Damodar drinks water and sleeps again. ekanga then comes in the house and goes to nand and yashoda’s room. ekanga says you both destroyed my life, gave me birth but threw me away, I will punish you for what you did to me. ekanga uses her powers and she lifts yashoda and nand by a spell and takes them to a dark temple. Ekanga there traps nand and yashoda in some rope bounds. Nand and yashoda wake up and say you? you are that girl from the other day? Why have you trapped us like this? Ekanga says I am ekanga, I came to vrindavan to find you both because you are the ones who destroyed my life. Yashoda says ekanga? You are that demon who is finding her parents to kill them? Ekanga says yes, and you are my parents. Nand says but she is not a demon. Ekanga says you both know quiet a lot about me, but you have destroyed my life and I will kill you for that. yashoda says ekanga, we don’t know because we are not your parents. Ekanga says you are my parents, I will kill you. ekanga says but no so soon, ekanga goes from there.
In the village, balram wakes up and says it felt like someone came here. he checks and sees nand and yashoda are gone, he says I think it is ekanga, I will kill her. Balram goes to the forests and he sees ekanga there. Balram says ekanga and is very angry. Ekanga says balram? Balram says I will kill you. balram runs towards ekanga and ekanga uses her powers and brings him on another lok. Ekanga says balram my powers are very great for you to kill me, I wont leave you. balram says why have you taken kaki yashoda and nand baba with you? leave them or this day shall be the last day you see. Ekanga says kid, you think you can kill me but you cannot. Ekanga attacks a bolt but balram hits it with his gadha. Ekanga gets angry and removes her axe, balram and ekanga fight and clash their weapons. Balram attacks ekanga fiercely.

Precap: Ekanga and balram fight each other. Kanha tells radha, radha you have the power to end all demons, but ekanga is my sister and she has just swayed away from path.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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