Udaan 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram suspects Chakor

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The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor recalling Bacha’s crimes. Chakor cries. Suraj wipes her tears. She says I didn’t wish to kill anyone, I had to kill Bhaiya ji to save Aazaadgunj, even Bacha Pandey had to die, else many girls’ lives would have ruined. Suraj says yes, he paid a price for his deeds, we are happy for his death, but my heart didn’t get peace, our revenge is still left. She nods. She says we will send antidote to Anjor and make her fine. He says yes, I m going to the hospital to give her the medicine, stay alert, our enemies are very clever. She asks him to go fast. She hugs him. He leaves. Udaan hai…plays…. Vikram sees Suraj and goes. Vikram gets shocked seeing Bacha Pandey dead. He shouts to ask them what happened.

Rajeshwari says he has left us. Vikram thinks

this can’t happen, antidote can’t fail, then how did he die, did I give him hormones injection that he died. Bhawri says I know the reason for his death, this doctor is responsible for it, when I came here, Bacha was alone here, but doctor was with him. Vikram asks doctor not to clarify. He says doctor gave him medicine by my permission. Bhawri says you would not ask him to kill Bacha Pandey, how did he die. Vikram says someone here has killed Bacha Pandey, I regard this village my home, but just think how did he die, someone is here who is back stabbing me. Rajjo worries. Bhawri asks who can do this. Pradhan says yes, who can do this. Chakor comes there. Bhawri looks at her. Suraj tries to leave from the jungle. He gets in his car. Suraj says Anjor, your dad will make you fine soon. He leaves.

Bhawri questions Rajjo. He asks how shall I believe that this is your sister, when none has seen her face. Rajjo argues with her. Pradhan defends Rajjo and says maybe doctor is behind this. Vikram says doctor is innocent, I want your help to find the truth, I want to check every home of this village. Pradhan agrees. Bhawri says no one will leave from this house. Chakor worries. Suraj comes to hospital and meets doctor. Doctor says I have a good news, we have seen signs of Anjor’s recovery. Suraj smiles. He says she will get fine now, I have got the medicine which will cure her. Vikram gets the houses checked. Doctor injects Anjor and says we have to wait till the medicine affects her. Suraj and Tejaswini look on. Rajjo asks Chakor not to worry. Chakor says no, I m worried for Anjor. Anjor opens eyes. Suraj gets glad. Bhawri asks Rajjo to move aside, she has to check the house. Chakor worries.

Suraj leaves and gets Tejaswini’s call. He asks her to take care of Anjor. He says I have to be with Chakor at this time. He sees Chakor and Anjor’s pic. He leaves. Rajjo stops Bhawri. Vikram asks her to at least show Chakor’s face. He goes to lift Chakor’s ghunghat. Rajjo stops Vikram and asks him to get back. She takes her inside the house. Bhawri asks her to open the door. Chakor says there is no way now, you helped me a lot, I can’t put you in danger, I have to face them. She opens the door. Rajjo says Pradhan knows my sister is married, how can a man see her. Bhawri says a woman can see her face right. She goes to lift Chakor’s ghunghat. Suraj comes there and stops them. Vikram looks at him. Suraj thinks sorry Chakor, I just had this way to save you.

Suraj reveals his truth and says I have killed Bacha. Vikram asks Bhawri to arrest him. Bhawri says I wish to shoot you down. Chakor threatens to kill Rajeshwari.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why didn’t Rajjo let them search the house? what is in there that could reveal the truth?

  2. As a standalone, Sukor scene today was good but the damage was done yesterday by Sukor rejoicing BP’s death and Sukor’s dialogue during puja. The “shedding fake tears” dialogue and “let’s go see him die” were too heartless and too cruel.
    Makers shouldn’t have shown Sukor happy for BP’s death. Their stance should’ve been it’s bad to kill a human being but it was the only way.

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