Nimki Mukhiya 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi mad at Nimki

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Nimki Mukhiya 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mausi says drink this milk. You are tired. He says I don’t need it. She says are you angry because of Nimki? SHe fought her battle. Abhi says it is about her life. Mausi says didn’t she do right?
Sweeti says you did right by leaving that haveli. Don’t ever go back. Nimki says why would I go there when you are not. I was there for papa. Nimki says it was such a filmy scene. tune wasn’t there to record it.
Abhi says Nimki is lyin that she is happy. Mausi says she is alone and she needs your friendship. Don’t be mad at her. Forgive her.

Nimki says Abhi is mad at me. You can’t tell a friend everything. Sweeti says he will be okay. Nimki says don’t you remember Sajan movie? Abhi would have come to haveli to fight them. Tettar

and Babbu would become his enemy. I saved his life. He should thank me. He isn’t even replying. Sweeti says he can’t stay mad at you. He is worried for you. He is angry because he cares. Promise me you will never go back to haveli. Nimki says of course I wont. Sweeti says leave Babbu. Nimki says I would leave him on right time. Sweeti says do you wanna keep this marriage? Nimki says there was no marriage. I will leave him in style.

Sweeti’s phone rings. It is Annaro. Nimki picks and says Sweeti doesn’t want to talk to you. Annaro is angry. she says that nimki didn’t let me talk to sweeti. rekha says you should forge Sweeti. Annaro says she is my daughter. Rekha says daughter you got shot? Annaro says I will ruin this Nimki. Once sweeti comes back. Rekha says nimki wont let her. Annaro says I will kill both. Nimki says to Sweeti don’t be sad. Abhi comes. He sees Nimki and says I will come late. Nimki holds his hands. Sweeti’s condition worsen. Nimki calls in the doctor. Doctor comes and checks her. He says don’t try to move. Abhi says why are you moving. Nimki says she tried stopping you. How can you leave your wife to be alone? Ahi walks out. Nimki holds his hand. He says leave my hand. I dont wanna talk. Nimki says I am your friend. He says we were friends. It was over when you lied to me. He walks out.
Abi recalls everything nimki said to Ram.

Nimki recalls what Babbu did.
Mono says lets fly kites. They fly kites together. Nimki is happy. Abhi thinks about Nimki. SHe calls him. Moraylal sas why don’t you pick? You look very upset. She needs you. Abhi says why did she hide it from me? He says she didn’t even tell her brother. People hide things from people who they don’t wanna see upset. You are worried for Nimki.

Scene 2
Dablo and Annaro come to meet Sweeti. Sweeti says Nimki ask them to leave. Nimki says go. Annaro coes home angry. She says Sweeti insulted me.
Nimki comes to Abhis house. He locks himself in the room.
Nimki is upset. Tune tries to cheer her up.

Sweeti walks and starts getting better. abhi helps her in walking.
Precap-Nimki hangs herself and says talk to me abhi. The stool slips.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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