Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudhama’s parents commit suicide.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and radha fighting. Damodar says both of you please stop, it doesn’t matter whose cow becomes the queen cow. Narad muni comes disguised and he says you all are fighting here but look at your cows, they have run away in the forest. Everyone is shocked and they say where are our cows? Nand and brij bhanu come with all men and say where have the cows gone? We have to find them before they go further away from our villages. Kanha and radha say yes come on, all people go to find the cows. Narad muni says prabhu forgive me, you both were fighting and it must have had a reason but I couldn’t do anything else to stop this fight. Narad muni goes.
All people come to the forest and start finding the cows. Nand and brij bhanu says where have they gone? We cant even hear their mooing sound. Damodar says see what your fighting has done. Balram says because of you both our cows have gone, fight more now. radha says kanha I am sorry, forgive me, your cow has won and make it the queen cow, because of my arrogance the cows have gone. Kanha says no radha, forgive me, even I did not step back and fought with you. kanha says how will we find the cows now?
There sudhama is in his house sleeping and he suddenly gets up and says it felt like someone was here. sudhama sees a letter kept beside the statue of lord Vishnu. Sudhama takes the letter and reads it and cries and says no! This cannot happen, mother and father. Sudhama runs out of his house towards the river to save his parents. Sudhama’s siblings say brother! Wait.
There sudhama’s parents are in the river and they enter the river and go in the middle, they say prabhu Vishnu, you gave us lives to live but we as parents to our son have failed and he cannot be a student and get educated because of us, we could live our lives only as long as this and now we shall sacrifice our lives for the sake of our son.
There sudhama comes running with kanha’s statue and says no mother and father, I wont let this happen. Sudhama comes to the river and sees his parents, he says mother and father please don’t do this. Mother says son don’t worry, because of us you could not get education but now you will when we die. Sudhama says no mother, father make her understand, don’t say this, I don’t want such education from such ashram’s and rishi’s. mother says promise me you will be the greatest bahmin the world has ever known. Sudhama says yes I promise mother but please come out. Mother and father both lay themselves inside the river and they drown and die. Sudhama cries and says no! this cannot happen, even I will die. Sudhama’s siblings come and says brother, please don’t leave us, please. Sudhama has tears and he hugs his sister and brother and says I will not leave you both ever.
Narad muni says mata, why is there so much sorrow in sudhama’s life? Laxmi says in the last life, sudhama was prabhu vishnu’s disciple in gau lok in vaikunth but his bhakti was too much and it costed him. in flashback, sudhama is the head guard at gau lok in vaikunth and he keeps singing the prayers and songs of lord Vishnu. Mata laxmi comes. Sudhama sees and says forgive me mata, I did not see you as I was so deep in my prabhu’s bhakti. Mata laxmi says okay, let me go in. sudhama says wait mata, I am sorry but prabhu has told me to not let anyone inside until he is finished, so I cannot allow you as I am forced by prabhu’s orders. Laxmi says what are you saying? I am laxmi, the wife of prabhu Vishnu and I know everything about him, let me go. sudhama says forgive me mata, but I cannot allow you to go inside as prabhu has ordered me. Laxmi gets angry and says how dare you say that? I am the wife of lord Vishnu and I know everything about him, you were so deep in your bhakti that you have forgotten whom you were speaking to, I curse you, in your life you will never be happy in your next life as well, sorrow will never leave you. laxmi says to narad muni, in my anger sudhama has this fate, narad muni says then is there no way he can redeem his life? Laxmi says yes there is, aftr that he went to lord Vishnu and prabhu gave him a wish that in dwapar yug, his form of kanha will make his life happy again, when he takes his darshan.
There kanha says how do I find the cows? Radha says use the one thing that attracts everyone to you, your music and flute. Kanha removes his flute and plays it, the sweet music attracts all cows back and everyone is happy. Kanha and radha ask for forgiveness from the cows and say we are sorry that we competed to make someone amongst you as queen cow but you are all one and mother to us. Nand says we are sorry because we had been believing our family customs since many hundreds years and a cow is a mother to everyone and not one but everyone is the queen.

Precap: Sudhama takes his siblings and kanha’s idol and sets out to find kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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