Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaushaki cuts shumbh’s head.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devi kaushaki saying today is your end shumbh. Ganesh says today shumbh will die from mother’s hands. Devi kaushaki takes her sword and shield, shumbh says you are a woman, you cannot defeat me. Shumbh removes his sword and shield and both kaushaki and shumbh start fighting with their swords and shields. Kaushaki attacks shumbh and she pushes him behind. Shumbh thinks for a woman, she is very strong. shumbh attacks on kaushaki’s shield and launches more head attacks. Kaushaki dodges and then she starts jumping over the head of shumbh. Shumbh looks here and there for devi kaushaki and thinks, she is very quick in battle. Kaushaki then hits shumbh with her sword and she starts rotating above his head quickly. Shumbh looks for kaushaki but she is too fast. Devi kaushaki then hits shumbh with her sword and destroys his sword and shield, she lands down in front of him. shumbh is shocked, he gets angry and says woman, I have more weapons to kill you. mata kaushaki puts back her weapons and shumbh removes an axe and throws at kaushaki, devi kaushaki uses her divya powers and turns the axe to dust. Shumbh is shocked and removes his gadha and says I will fight you and kill you woman. Shumbh runs towards mata kaushaki, kaushaki removes her elastic metal swords and she hits it on the ground making the sound of the metals clanking.
As shumbh comes near, kaushaki takes her swords and rolls it around shumbhs head who screams in pain. Kaushaki then cuts the head of shumbh as he falls down. Ganesh says finally, this demon is dead. Kartikeya says mata kaushaki ki jai! Everyone say jai together and praise mata kaushaki. Suddenly shumbh gets resurrected and he laughs and says woman, I told you, no one can kill me, no one! And after all you are a woman, you are nothing compared to me. Everyone is shocked and kartikeya says even after mother cut his head, why didn’t that demon die? Brahma dev says because he had a wish fulfilled by me, in flashback, shumbh asks brahma dev that he give him a blessing that no one but only a woman could kill him and that too a female form which would be summoned from his powers and from his body only. Brahma dev says tathastu and gives him the blessing. Kartikeya says which means, a female form from shumbh has to be summond. Ganesh says to mata kaushaki, mother only a female form from shumbh’s body can kill him, you have to do something.
Devi kaushaki calls all the female goddesses forms of the gods and tridev. All the goddesses come and wait behind devi kaushaki. Devi kaushaki removes her paash and rolls it around shumbh, shumbh gets hurt but says I may be getting pain but my powers are secured inside my body. Mata kaushaki then tells all her goddesses and they all use their paash and roll it around shumbh hurting him and forcing his powers to come out and for his female form to come out.
Kartikeya says all the 7 goddesses have used their powers even then why cant they force the female form of shumbh out form his body? Mahadev says because the 8th form is yet to put her power. Kartikeya says vinayaki?

Precap: Ganesh takes vinayaki avatar. mata kaushaki becomes huge and summons all the goddesses in the universe and all her forms.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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