Are we destined for each other?????(I Am Responsible!)


Anika was admitted in the hospital. She was given drip. The whole family is there except OmRu, they aren’t informed about the situation. They were standing outside the room.

P: There is something wrong. Otherwise, troubles won’t be falling on her each and every time.

J: I have noticed it too. Problems had been after her, each and every time. Most of the time, she is in the hospital.

S(Shakti): I think we should do a puja.

T(Tej): Even though, I don’t usually agree to this. In this situation, I think so this is the right option.

D(Dadi): I just wish Anika gets well soon!

Shivaay was sitting at one corner and is engrossed in his own thoughts. Pinky went inside the Anika’s room. Meanwhile, Anika was murmuring something. Pinky notices it and goes near her.

A(murmurs): Shiv…..Shiv…..pls understand…I didn’t mean to say like that. I really love you…Don’t do this to me….Pls forgive….

P: Anika, are you fine? Doctor, Doctor!

The doctor comes and injects her with a colourless liquid which make her unconscious again. The whole family gets in, including Shivaay.

D: I think she is taking a lot of stress. When she is fine, make sure that she doesn’t take up stress. I think her depression is acting upon her weakness. (Idk, if this really happens, just a pure sight of imagination)

P: Ok, Doctor

Doctor goes. Tej and Shakti goes to their office. Dadi and Jhanvi goes to Oberoi Mansion to make arrangements for the puja. Now only Pinky and Shivaay were left in the room. They get out of the room.

P: Shivaay, are you hiding something from me?

S: No, mom (looks down).

P: Look into my eyes and speak!

S: (looks straight) No…… (was cut off by Pinky)

P: (angrily) What has she done, such that you can’t forgive her?

S: (shocked)I didn’t like it when you begged her to stay back and she went. As a son, I felt insulted.

P: If I tell you to get out of the house and when Omru begs you to stay back, will you stay back?

S: No

P: So, when her mom speaks in such a way, should she stay there or not?

Shivaay nods his head in guilty.

P: Even though she didn’t make a mistake, she said sorry to me by my feet. You’re even worse than her Savitri.

S: Mom, I am sorry.(tears started filling in his eyes)

P: Now onwards, I have only 2 sons and 2 daughters. I don’t want to consider you like my son. From now on, you’re only my daughter’s husband, nothing else!

S: Mom, pls…..( He falls down on his knees)

Pinky goes inside Anika’s room. She has become weak and had dark circles. She looked at Anika and sits beside her. Shivaay gets inside with bloodshot eyes, his expressions showed guilt and eager for some forgiveness.

S: Mom, you can go. I will take care of her.

P: Why? So that you can hurt her again?

S: No, mom. I will make sure that she will absolutely fine and will be the happy daughter you want.

Pinky get out of the room angrily. She knew that guilt will hurt him. But she also knows that he wasn’t right this time. He left him with her because she knows only he can be the support for Anika.


Anika’s POV:

I opened my eyes, adjusting to the light. Where was I? Wait, a sec, this is like a hospital room. I looked on my sides and saw him sleeping. He is sitting in a weird position, it can cause pain in his neck. I carefully tried to adjust his head. That’s when he woke up. I saw dried tears on his face.

S: You woke up? Are you ok, now? ( He holds her hands)

A: I am ok, now. Why did you cry?

S: That’s nothing.(changes the subject) I am sorry. I thought only from Mom’s side, I didn’t think what was your situation.

A: It’s ok. Is your neck paining?

S: Why did you ask about my pains when I never cared about yours?

A: Why can’t I? Anyway, at that time you were a protective son. No son could tolerate his mom getting hurt.

S: But…

A: No, buts….. (touches her forehead)

S: Are you fine? Should I call the doctor?

A: No! Doctor can’t help me. I need aloo puri.

S: Oily food! No way. I will take the soup.

A: Soup! (makes a weird expression) I don’t like it.

S: (takes it from the table near him) Drink it once and I am sure you will like it.

A: What’s the guarantee?

S: The guarantee is the soup you loved to drink when you come to house which Om gives you!

A: Is it true? The mushroom soup with pepper?

S: Yes! This soup’s recipe is only known to one of the members of our family.

A: Tell me who makes it?

S: Me( points at himself)

A: You? No way!

S: I made it, with my own hands. If you want, I will make it with my own hands in front of you when we reach home.

A: Sure?

S: Yes!

He feeds her with soup. In between she asks,

A: You ate?

S: A bit.

A: Then I will feed you and today evening; give me noodles, when we reach home.

S: Why?

A: Just make it, the rest I will tell it to you that time.

They start feeding each other. Pinky was watching them from behind. She knew this was the only way to make him talk to her – giving him the force of guilt. He deserves it. But she felt her words were little too harsh. Anyway, she is also a mother. She knew her son would be broken if he hears it from his mom, but she knew that only this will give him the challenge to make her happy. But what she doesn’t know is that her son already had it before even herself knowing it.


Shivaay was engrossed in his thoughts. (Remember this sentence??)

Shivaay’s POV:

So, was she telling the truth? If mom says that I was the cause of problems in my family will I do? I will stay far from them. So, literally I am responsible for this! I was too harsh, insensitive and cruel to her. My cold behavior would have made her feel so bad that she thought even though she didn’t make a mistake, she made one. All this was because of my ego, if I could control it, then this wouldn’t have happened. Why didn’t I ever think that way? I can’t bear anything happening to ..No! That won’t happen. She will come back and I will make sure that she will never suffer anymore. She was broken because her parents were like this, but now I broke her more such that her faith in anyone decreases. Why did I become like this? I should have understood. But I only thought from Mom’s side. Even Mom thought from Ani’s side. Why did I think like this? The one who is able to influence people in business is failing in real life; in front of his family.


They finish drinking the soup.

S: I am sorry. I always thought from my side. I could have believed you but …

A: It’s ok. I forgive you. See, we got married forcefully, then afterwards when our love was recognized by each other-a tragedy occurred. That’s the cause. We never valued our relation. We could have been more open. You know, everything has its own time to take place. It only happens at the right time.

S: It’s true. If we were open, then this wouldn’t have happened. So, let’s punish each other for not doing it.

A: What punishment?

S: For example, you didn’t tell me that you liked me before itself. So, I will give you small punishment for that. (whispers) Don’t get scared, I won’t be cruel this time.

A: (giggles) So, my punishment is that you should talk to me all your problems every day, then you should give me an extra pillow for hugging while sleeping, then I need a aloo puri for tomorrow’s breakfast and then you should drink my black coffee.

S: Ok, mine will be: You should also talk to me your problems-past or present whatever it is, then you should at least try to drink my tea for once, then make for me your special mango pickle and I need our small fights to continue like before – I am missing them a lot.

A: Deal!

S: Deal!

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