Papa By Chance 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan struggles for kids

Papa By Chance 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kids reading Yuvaan’s list. They think he has changed. They see Yuvaan sleeping and try to wake him up. They ask Amrit to help. They blackmail Amrit. Amrit says I remember everything, I will wake him up. She sees Yuvaan sleeping and tickles him to wake him up. He hugs Amrit. He wakes up and sees her. He thinks I have to take kids to school. He gets ready fast. He leaves with kids. He steps in cow dung and gets annoyed. He asks shall I go with these shoes to principal, I have to go barefoot now, come with me to school.

They reach the school. The kids like the school. Yuvaan says I have to meet principal for kids’ admission. Peon gives him a token and shows him long queue. He thinks of Kashvi’s words. He gets scared of cockroach and throws it on a lady. Dhoni also

throws cockroach at ladies. The ladies get scared and run away. Yuvaan smiles. He says there is no one, our number is next. They meet the principal. Kids answer the questions. Principal says child’s English is weak, we will make it better.

Yuvaan asks is their admission done. Principal asks about their mum. Dhoni says mum went to Lord. Principal asks who will look after kids, who will raise them, kids need mother in this age. Yuvaan says you talk well. Principal says I have seen this, kids need their mums, you can try in any other school. Amrit comes to school. She says Bela has send me to help Yuvaan, he has no fees to pay, I have to give him money. Yuvaan asks why can’t single parent take care of kids. Principal says we have some school rules, I can’t break it, sorry, I can’t give them admission. Yuvaan gets angry. He says I have a wife, their mummy.

Principal says Dhoni said his mum went to Lord. Yuvaan lies to him. Amrit says I m doing this for kids, I will earn good deeds. Principal asks Yuvaan to call his wife. Yuvaan says I will call her. Amrit comes to principal. Yuvaan sees her and hugs. He says just agree to me, come please. He says she is my wife, I went to call and she is here, now there is no problem right, she is kids’ mum. Amrit asks Yuvaan to be quiet. Yuvaan says this goes on between us. Principal laughs and asks is this your wife. Yuvaan says yes. Principal knows her and says you were unmarried last week, you got three kids in a week, Amrit is a topper of our school, please keep quiet now. He asks Amrit who is Yuvaan.

She says he is our tenant, he wanted kids admission, I thought to help. Principal scolds him for lie. He says what will this man give values to his kids. He asks him to get out. Kids request him for admission. Principal goes. Amrit says how did you lie for school admission, get serious, say truth and behave sincerely, your life will get sorted. She reminds his childhood moment. She asks him to get his goodness back. Yuvaan begs to principal and polishes his shoe. Principal says my decision won’t change. Yuvaan tries to convince him. Dhoni steals shoes for Yuvaan’s sake. Principal agrees to give a chance. Yuvaan says thanks. Principal says I will take your interview first. The man shouts thief. Dhoni gives shoes to Yuvaan. The man complains about him. Principal scolds Yuvaan and refuses to give admission to kids. Yuvaan thinks what shall I do, Naina will snatch the kids.

Yuvaan says I will get your admission. He asks the kids to get inside the school and study, if Naina tells judge that they don’t go school, they can be sent to orphanage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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