Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunaina succeeds in her plan

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna and Pundit cheer for the girls. Sunaina and her gang see it. Kartik points out that it wont last for too long. Few guys sit down and pass on comments at the girls. Preeti tells the girls to avoid them. Kartik signals the guys and they keep passing lewd comments at the girls.

(Background – Sameer):
Real sentence here would be that the guys are stooping so low to stop the girls. Sadly, some guys still do such things even today!

The girls threaten to complain to Principal Ma’am. Sameer is angry but his friends stop him. Munna and Pundit hold the guys angrily. Sunaina stops Kartik from intervening. She points at the other side. Her friends look up and see the angry faces of the parents of the girls who are playing volleyball.

(Background – Sameer):

you hear the echo of this slap? You will now hear it repeatedly! It wasn’t unusual for a parent to slap their kids but it was memorable as you cannot imagine seeing parents wear shorts or such clothes in today’s time. Time is changing now. Maybe it is for good too. Girls do not have to wear shorts in hiding anymore. They play openly and wear what they like!

The parents of the girls are upset. They slap their daughters. Sameer tries to explain but in vain. Preeti runs off to call Naina.

Preeti tells Naina everything. The mike falls down as Preeti pulls her with her.

Parents complain to Coach about the dress code. He reasons that they cannot wear suits and play sports. Kartik adds fuel to the fire. Coach Sir should have spoken to the parents once. Parents second him. Kartik says he shouldn’t have given any such suggestion. Sunaina points out that their new GS told the girls to wear shorts. Sameer says she dint force or order anyone. It was just a suggestion. Sunaina still keeps talking against Naina. Coach Sir tells Naina she rushed into this decision. The team was just made. You could have let them practise for a while. I would have spoken to the parents later. The parents thank Sunaina for informing them on time.

Vinay pulls his girlfriend in a corner. The mike gets dragged in the process.

Principal Ma’am asks a girl about Naina. She is unhappy as Naina is not at the door as informed. The girl goes to look for Naina. JBR puts the garland around MLA’s neck. He inaugurates the library by cutting the ribbon.

Parents want to speak to Principal. Coach agrees to cancel the team if they don’t want their girls to play. Sunaina wonders where Swati is. She missed everything. The girl asks Naina to come. Principal Ma’am is calling you. Naina runs towards the library. Coach Sir apologizes to everyone. We wont make the team if you guys do not want.

Principal Ma’am scolds Naina for not following her order. Is everything fine inside? They overhear some sounds coming from the mike (love confession). Principal Ma’am asks Naina to shut it. Naina removes the curtain and find Vinay and his girlfriend hiding there. Everyone looks at them in shock. MLA scolds Principal Ma’am and refuses to pay any further donation. I will tell your punishment later. She tries to explain but he speaks badly to her. This is what happens in this college! I will shut down your college and make sure you do not find a job for yourself in the entire Gujarat. She tries to talk to him but he walks away upset. Principal Ma’am glares at Naina.

Kartik and Pundit have their ears pinned against the door of Principal Ma’am’s room. Principal Ma’am is scolding Naina. No one dared to tell me any such thing in my years of service but I was scolded today because of you! Why did you go from the library when I told you against it? Naina says I went to the ground for a while. Principal Ma’am knows she was giving more privilege to girls’ sports team. Coach Sir was there to take care of it. He tells Principal that the sports team is no more. Naina got some girls on her side but their parents got angry seeing the girls practise in t-shirt and shorts. Another lady faculty is unhappy. Principal Ma’am says you could have taken their permission. Naina says I only told them. Principal Ma’am reminds her she only became GS. Who asked you to ask them to wear such clothes? Naina replies that she just thought to set things right her way. Principal Ma’am scolds her again. Now there will be no girls’ sports team at all! It is final! Kartik repeats her words happily. His gang hoots in happiness.

(Background – Sameer):
I wished if I had the superpower of Mr. India so I could just stand inside with my Naina without coming in anyone’s eyes and just hold her hand. I just want to show her I am with her. Lovers do crazy stuff like crossing continents, etc., whereas I couldn’t cross that mere wall! Every human being has a superpower. Naina had her stubbornness and I had the superpower of emotions.

Sunaina taunts Sameer. This is the difference between your Naina and me!

Naina asks for another chance. Principal Ma’am speaks of reality. Principal Ma’am refuses to change the rules. An old tradition of college has ended today because of you! Forget about sports team, this year there wont be any Navratri function in VJN too!

Pundit and Kartik share that even Dandiya wont happen this time. Everyone is upset as they have been looking forward to it. Sameer says Naina does everything for others while you only think bad for others. Those who dig holes for others, fall in those pits themselves!

Principal Ma’am rues that she shouldn’t have let Naina contest the elections. So much has been going on in the college suddenly. MLA Sir also scolded us. We cannot walk with our chins up. Forget about Navratri, no guy would talk to a girl face to face now. JBR reasons that this is co-ed college. They cannot stop the children from communicating to each other. She explains that she is speaking about communication in the romantic sense. I am sure Naina knows what I will do if I see anyone holding hands or talking romantically anymore!

Naina comes out of Principal Ma’am’s room all sad. One guy speaks against Naina in front of other students. It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t made her GS. Sameer and his friends try to tell Naina’s side of the story but Kartik and his friends keep instigating the students. Kartik says she just cancelled Dandiya. She will very soon end our freedom. She would not let us sit with our lovers anymore! Sameer warns him not to utter another word or he will have to bear the consequence. Kartik does not budge. Now entire college will shout against you and your girlfriend. Everyone boos for Naina. Swati looks on. Naina walks away.

Naina’s friends are discussing the issue. Students are tearing the posters regretting voting for Naina. They tear every poster they can find. Preeti knows it is because of Sunaina. Naina’s friends are concerned for Naina. They are confused seeing Naina smiling.

(Background – Naina):
I saw a strange dream once. I have to start the attack by launching a missile. I do it but the missile ends up following me only. Naina Agarwal, who was born to become a monitor, fell on her face after her GS elections. What do you think? Was the missile launch successful or did it turn out to be a waste?

Precap: Naina asks Sameer to leave her hand. he says why would I have held onto it if I had to leave it. She reminds him of the law she has made today. I am the Inspector here. He teases her sweetly. I have seen the cheeks of an Inspector turn red for the first time. She blushes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oops!! Really a bad day for Naina … Everything goes against her…
    Sunaina complains Girls’ parents that their daughters are wearing knickers and playing volleyball… And see who is complaining…she herself is wearing a short dress…😏.. Really Sunaina disappointed as a girl…She was laughing when boys were passing comments on girls’ team…What would she have done if those comments were passed on her… Would she still have laughed??
    And wow… principal of a university with such a narrow minded thoughts…She was the one who praised Sunaina that she was looking pretty when she enters after makeover and wearing short dress…😏
    I like Naina’s confidence when she came smiling as if nothing happened…
    And I really liked Naina’s voiceover Shayari👍👍It was so inspiring…
    Precap is cute but Samaina need to stay alert as many like Sunaina are ready to make issues…

  2. yes Ashu, i was wondering what is happening(Percaps) why SAMAINA giving a chance to Sunaina now….even everyone (Students) are now against them………………….

    really i too feel the same not even a single parent looked at Sunaina how she dressed up and asked her about the same?

    Sameer – every girls has a dream to get a supportive Boyfriend/Husband like him – very understanding to see more sameer in reality……..

    i believe there must be some conversation between Naina and Swati and they both planned something to overcome this situation which in turn makes Naina happy??? wild guess guys….she will do something (wonder) so both girls sports team and Navratri function will happen in VJN turning her a super star.

    eargerly awaiting for what Naina is going to do to smooth the current situation…………so we need to waiting for couple of weeks to witness the Navratri celebration….

    1. Well I hope your wild guess comes true😄…
      And same.. I am too waiting for the Navratri track…But at it’s current pace and 4days/week schedule it can take many weeks…

      1. Navratri track will start from 22nd October,after two more weeks

  3. I think so it will start after two weeks
    Regular follower of this drama

  4. Everything was fine in last episode except blaming Naina for every situation , Naina could be at fault for suggesting girls to wear shorts but what is Naina’s fault in romance of two people during MLA visit , Principle and other staff members had no role and if they got that big library what Librarian was doing ?
    and the reaction of so called lady professor on wearing shorts was like of a dumb person, Ahmadabad was not so backward in 1993( as i had seen real Ahmadabad from 1987 and people specially Girls were way forward then Jaipur , my home town)
    So please show real Un dinon ki baat dont exaggerate things .

    Rest I love the serial very much and couldnt stop watching it even though I have to kept awake till 11 pm for it

    1. All trouble started because of the couple romancing in library…Were they deaf that they can’t hear that someone has arrived or so lost in romancing 😆…And anyone if noticed the boy was smiling…when they were caught…What a shameless guy😅😂😂
      And I can’t understand whether Naina is a G.S. or head of “Anti Romeo Squad”😂😂…

    2. Well RV don’t take name of Librarian…What if Principal appoints Rakesh as Librarian…😅😂😂😂…Just Imagine…Sameer will die beating his head against the walls😂😂😂

  5. yes very true RV even my hubby use to tell the same( my sister in laws stays at Bharuch) there was so much indifference like Ashu told how prinicipal mam appreciate Sunaina when she wore a mini skirt even the parent of the girls does not care about Sunaina’s attire.many logics are missing…..

  6. How comes sunaina wears a skirt shorter than the girls shorts and doesn’t get taunted? Also when she came wearing short dresss principal praised her now she’s taunting Naina? Where’s the logic?

    1. Very true! Liyana! I agree with ur comment!

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