Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Preparations for Kabir and Zara’s wedding

Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruksar calls up Rumana in Dubai to confirm that she had dispatched her marriage certificate. Ruksar is pleased to know that it was on the way.

At Ahmad house, Shahbaz is busy with caterers, decorators over arrangements. Irfan Qazi Siddiqui arrives there n wishes to get Zara married from his house. Aisha asks Zara to fulfill her parent’s desires.

Zara bids Kabir good bye to return soon. Ruksar is very pleased to see her leave.

Zeenat asks Ruksar to be dressed as widow or society would give them bad name. Ruksar reveals that she was not a widow, but wife of Kabir. Zeenat is stunned. Ruksar asks her not to reveal this secret to any one. They would announce this news in presence of every one.

At beauty parlour, Zara is getting ready. She is staring at Kabir’s photo

on her mobile. Reema is with her. Kabir disguises as a woman and enters the parlour. Zara is pleasantly surprised. Reema pulls his legs, he shares that he was missing Zara, his wife. Zara kisses Kabir. Zara and Kabir enjoy the moments which they had not enjoyed last time.

At Ahmad house, Aisha is doing preparations for Zara and Kabir’s nikah. She asks Ruksar to help her prepare the sehra. Aisha says Ruksar will tie sehra for Kabir. Ruksar has a plan.

Wedding celebrations, dholaki, songs, dances begin at Ahmad house. Zeenat is very worried about Ruksar. Aisha asks Zeenat to put surma on Kabir.. who is dressed as groom. Entire Ahmad family is dressed in shades of green. Aisha asks Ruksar to tie sehra as Kabir’s sister is not there and Ruksar is like his sister. As Ruksar picks up the sehra, Zeenat stops her, but Ruksar proceeds. Kabir too stops her.

Ruksar dreams how Kabir shouts at her that she was his wife, not his sister. Zara over hears this, has heart break and dissolves nikah and runs away. Ruksar smiles at her dream and Kabir too is relieved that this was just a dream. Zeenat finally ties the sehra for Kabir. She seeks permission to be his sister as well as bhaabhi with full haq. At her home, Zara is happily getting dressed up in bridal wear. Reema is happy to see her friend so happy.

Zara is happy all her dreams regarding her nikah were being fulfilled now. She shares her happiness with Reema. She thinks that in few moments Kabir would be hers.

Ruksar gets the news that her marriage certificate will reach her today. Ruksar thanks her friend.

Kabir gets ready to leave for nikah. They reach Zara’s house. Kabir is welcomed with shower of rose petals.

Precap: Ruksar receives a call from courier guy, she demands delivery at Siddiqui house. She decides to gift her nikahnama to Zara as wedding gift.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Well i guess I was wrong bout zeenat being in on her sisters plan and instead is just greatful to kabir and zara for saving ruksaars life…but now ruksaar is goin to do her level best to destroy kabir and zaras relationship especially as she now knows he has one more divorce to give zara making her his only wife. I only hope zara goes ahead with d marriage and shows ruksaar her rightful place.

    1. It sure looks like we were wrong, Zeenat didn’t know beforehand. I hope this time Rukhsar doesn’t get the upper hand in any of her schemes. I can’t wait for the crap to hit the ceiling when Rukhsar reveals her position in Kabir’s life, I hope that Kabir regrets his decision that save the wretched woman’s life, let him face the music now… Zara should leave his ass…but knowing her, she wouldn’t give Rukhsar that satisfaction.

      1. Ok so I dont know if Zernat started sipping a lil something something or her husband finally manned up and gave her somewhere to focus her attention but that is some turn around. I mean when Zara gave her blood to save Rukhsar, She still hated her. Zara saved her son’s life, she had no gratitude Zara could have had Rukhsar jailed but got her married instead, still not a once of gratitude. Now all of a sudden she want Zara and Kabir together????.

      2. Leisa s morris

        Well Allybrew nearly losing ur sister to death and having d person u hate be the one to stand by u and help save ur sister is an eye opener and even zeenat has to use common sense once in awhile. Plus d girl knows her sister is crazy as hell and kabir did wat she asked of him and saved her sister who didnt deserve it. D spoiler said someting but I no longer have any faith in these spoilers as I see d writers change stuff to suit dem as in AKAJS where BA is supposed to b exposed already and thrown out d house. So waiting on episodes to c wat actually happens but zara should go ahead with d marriage and hurt ruksaar everyday with her closeness to kabir..although d witch might attempt another suicide pitch to gain public sympathy for her rights to kabir smh.

  2. Nigerian girl.

    Pathetic!! It’s obvious there’s no such thing as true love in India. They are all sad stories. From the beginning to the end. I’m all the serials no couple is happy. 😷

  3. Hopefully Zeenat will stay in Kabeer and Zara side being that they help her wicked sister. You right Nigeria Girl all the India serials the couples are not happy. I thought maybe this serial might have been different but it’s not. They change the focus from religion to making a mess of the couple. The writing is very pathetic making a mockery of the Muslim religion.

  4. Cathy

    I would hope Zara would leave, go home to recover then travel meet a deserving man marry have loads of babies and be happy and content, The end…Won’t be holding my breath.

  5. Nigerian Girl is right. In every Hindi serial, couples who love each other suffer a lot. They are stories of betrayal, hate and sadness. Happiness comes in small doses and it’s short lived. I like Cathy’s suggestion, but that would mean victory for Ruksar and I definitely don’t want that!

  6. An interesting hindi serial that started off well exploring sensitive issues facing the lucknow muslim community has turned into an ordinary pathetic indian serial which you can get on the other channels like colors, star, etc. Stop viewing but just read the teleupdates and this would scare shit for the producers and director of this show.

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