Papa By Chance 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan rescues the kids from goons

Papa By Chance 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman stopping Bantu. Bantu says I m just taking food for servants. Harman says Bantu is taking food for Yuvaan, follow him and check on Yuvaan. Yuvaan gets a fan. Bantu comes home with food. Yuvaan goes for a shower. He checks the bag. He sees his dad’s pic and says you used to ask me to work hard, I m your son, I will get Harman on the path soon, don’t worry. He gets happy seeing money. Bantu asks him to have Aloo puri. Yuvaan blesses him and asks is Harman troubling mom. Bantu says no, everything is fine. Yuvaan says mom doesn’t care for me.

Bantu says your mom made this food, she misses you a lot. Yuvaan refuses to have food. He asks him to feed the kids. They get shocked seeing the fire. Gungun and Ullu try to run. They look for Dhoni. Yuvaan sees Dhoni in fire. He bears some burns and gets Dhoni out. Bantu says we got saved, but where did kids go. The kids walk on road. Some goons follow then. The kids run. They say we have nothing. The goon asks them to give valuables. The kids try to scare them. The goon catches Gungun. Yuvaan comes and scolds the goons. He beats them up and takes kids with him.

Amrit and her come home. Amrit meets her boyfriend. He proposes her. She agrees to marry him. He makes her wear the ring. Her mum Bela stops them. Bela says you can’t think of marriage. He asks what’s the problem, I will keep Amrit happy. Amrit says I like Rohan and don’t have any problem. Bela stops her. Amrit says its a yes from my side. She hugs Rohan. He says I think I forgot my phone at the lights shop. He goes. Bela asks what’s all this, marriage isn’t a joke, you are making a big mistake.

Yuvaan scolds the kids and asks them to leave. Bantu asks him to calm down. Gungun argues with Yuvaan. Yuvaan says I have given you a roof, if you had to burn that roof, what shall I do. Dhoni hugs him and says angel, we won’t run away now. Neighbors look on and talk about the orphans. Manjeet hears this and informs Harman. Harman smiles.

Aashvi asks where are the kids, what if madam see anything. Judge scolds Yuvaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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