Siddhi Vinayak 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra warns Manjari not to come between him and Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi says Manjari Ma confessed that she has killed Vaibhavi but she wont confess it herself. She is too smart though. She has twisted things around in front of Vinu. Gauri is lost in the horror movie. Siddhi asks her to first listen to her. Gauri advises her to hang Manjari upside down from the terrace. Fear makes one say everything. Siddhi says Vinu will do the same to you as soon as he will find out about it.

Rudra tells Shankar he dint feel pain while donating him to the Mattha because he isn’t his father. Manjari Ma is my real mother but you aren’t my father. Ma cheated you. I am ashamed to say this but this is the truth. She was having an affair with someone before she married you. she was already pregnant when she married you. She hid this from you but I couldn’t. This is why I felt irritated whenever I saw you. I thought you aren’t my father and I shouldn’t be obliged to call you Papa ji. I am ready to put all this behind. I request you not to tell Ma that I told you everything. Manjari holds her head.

Gauri asks Siddhi to tell her when she gets an idea. Siddhi prays to Bappa to help her.

Rudra holds Manjari as she drops the plate. Shankar removes his earphones and rushes to her side in concern. Siddhi also comes there. Is Ma alright? Rudra suggests calling doctor. Manjari says I am fine. I will be better when I will rest. Rudra tells her to take care. Ganesh puja is coming. You have to do puja too. Shankar seconds him and calls Doctor against her wish. He leaves to bring Doc home. Siddhi asks Rudra why Ma looks tensed. He too walks out of the room. Siddhi asks Manjari why she is acting now. Vinu isn’t here at the moment. Who do you wish to trap now? Rudra pours water for her and leans closer to Siddhi. Manjari asks everyone to leave. I want to rest. Siddhi goes. Manjari glares at Rudra.

Rudra asks Manjari if she is scared. He mocks her seeing her shivering. Do you remember Vin Kundra’s movie’s first scene? Shankar Kundra was crying seeing it. He dint hear anything this time but if you try to mess my game next time then I will tell him everything. He holds her by her throat. She shouts at him to let go and pushes him. She coughs badly. He tells her not to think he is here because of her. It is the other way round. The day you open your mouth I will tell him everything. Shankar will not think before throwing you out of the house! Just do as I say. Consider this as your first and last warning. If you try to come between me and Siddhi then I will send you back to the same Chawl from where you have come. Manjari cries.

Gauri is again lost in the movie. Siddhi tells her about what happened in Manjari’s room but Gauri is least interested. She points at the movie. This lady is confessing everything out of fear. Siddhi gets an idea to make Manjari Ma confess before everyone. Now Vaibhavi’s ghost will make Manjari Ma spill her beans. Gauri is confused but Siddhi tells her to just follow her instructions. It is time to bring Vaibhavi’s ghost to life.

At night, Gauri is doing a yagya. Manjari, Siddhi and Prachi come there. Manjari says what happening and what is Gauri is doing. She tells her to stop her drama. Gauri dances around her. I am doing Bhim Kali’s puja to send the ghost away. Prachi panics hearing about the ghost. I think I should go back to my chawl. Gauri tells her against it. My Ma saw my Dadi’s ghost and she had told her she will come back. She cooks up a story and continues her acting. She smiles at Siddhi as she turns towards her for a second. Manjari and Siddhi tell her not to do all this. Ghosts don’t exist. Gauri asks her if she has seen Uganda. Siddhi shakes her head. Gauri says it does not mean it does not exist. She tells them a fake scary story about ghosts. Prachi and Manjari gulp. Siddhi realises she told them Vastu Shastra’s story just now. Ma will get doubtful. She should stop. Gauri again insists that anything can happen tonight. They hear some sound and panic. Manjari tells Prachi it was just a dog. All of you should sleep now. Manjari and Prachi leave. Siddhi asks Gauri why she was doing over acting. Gauri reasons that she hasn’t fooled anyone like this before. I said whatever came to my mind. Siddhi calms her down. It is time to water this thought now.

Manjari is blabbering in her room as to how Gauri and Rudra have gone mad. Rudra is cheating me for the girl because of whom I committed so many murders. He is cheating me! She throws his pic away. Rudra comes there with food for her. You are so upset with your own son? She asks him if he isn’t done scaring her. He feeds her food but she throws it away. Stop acting. Why are you doing this? She peeks outside the door. No one is here. Who are you acting for? Rudra replies that he has learnt everything in her womb only. Sit down. She asks him to leave. I should have realised what you are up to the day you shed crocodile tears. Vin asks her why she is talking to Rudra like that. Why are you asking him to leave? Rudra adds that she is asking him to leave the house. She thinks I kept drugs in her bag as I am from that background. She does not think of me as her son. Vin asks his mother why she thinks so. Rudra repeats that he has spent years in jail so she thinks only I can do this. I came here to stay with my family but my own mother does not trust me. I don’t want to stay here. Vin stops him. He tells his mother that he is sure Rudra cannot do so. He loves you very much. He came here for you only. Meanwhile, Rudra rubs his eyes and creates fake tears. Manjari tells Vin to let Rudra leave the house if he wants to. Vin also offers to leave the house with his brother. Rudra loves you very much. We cannot blame him because of his past. Give him one chance. I fold my hands before you. Manjari gives in. I will hold you responsible for anything that Rudra does now. Vin takes guarantee on Rudra’s behalf and hugs him. Rudra smirks.

Precap: Siddhi and Gauri pick up Manjari’s phone stealthily. Manjari wakes up as she hears some strange sound. She isn’t able to find her phone. Siddhi writes a message for her using lipstick as she steps out of her room. Manjari reads the warning message.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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