Bepannah 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya decides to fight for his love

Bepannah 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arshad asks Zoya out for dinner to change her mood. She declines but her parents suggest her to go with Arshad. It will be a good change. Arshad requests again. Zoya nods. Noor thinks he planned dinner date already. I should tell Arjun.

Aditya sits up. Anjana is in tears. Thank God you are fine. He nods. She says I was so worried for you. He apologizes to her for troubling her. I dint want to trouble you but it happened. I am really sorry. They share a hug. He asks about Zoya. Is she outside? Anjana says she does not stay in this house. She has a separate home. She is there. He says I know that but she dint stay back for me. Anjana says why will she stay for you. She has a fiancé. Aditya corrects her. They aren’t engaged. She says he might be her would be fiancé. He too was worried for her and took her with him. He decides to call her but she asks him if he will keep calling Zoya even when she gets married. Aditya is positive she wont get married,e specially not to Arshad. She tells him to go ahead and call Zoya. You only care about Zoya and not your mother. He agrees to not call Zoya. Sorry! She keeps a condition.

Arjun is relieved to see his brother fine. I was so scared. Aditya blames himself for whatever happened. Arjun reasons that he cannot blame himself for that as he dint know there will be riots in that area. Aditya says I saw people attacking them with knives and swords. I might have problem with Arshad but he is a human being. What if something had happened to him? Arjun tells him not to think about it. Everything is fine now. Take your medicines.

Anjana is still worried about Aditya. He makes his mother eat something. Noor calls him again and he finally goes aside to attend it. He scolds her for continually calling her again and again even when he is disconnecting the call. This isn’t the time to romance. Noor tries to tell him about the dinner date but he ends the call. Zoya thinks to call Aditya and inform him about the forced dinner that she has to go to. Her phone is dead. She is looking for her charger when she finds Aditya’s love letter. The name on the bottom is torn. She mistakes it to be Arshad from the A. We met a few days ago and he loves me so much already? I had no intention of saying no but I agreed to meet him for Abbu’s sake. Hope I don’t break his heart by mistake. I am feeling guilty. She decides to call Aditya so he can guide her.

Aditya is happy to see Zoya’s name flashing on her screen. She disconnects the call before her can pick it so Anjana does not get upset. He calls her back. She shares that she is going through a dilemma and does not know what to do. He asks her if this is why she left her best friend and dint wait for him to wake up. You have a new friend now. She denies. You know I can do anything for me. He nods. Did Ma say anything? She agrees. She wasn’t wrong though. I don’t want any problem in your family because of me. He calmly asks her what she said. Zoya shares that she asked me to give you space. He tells her not to give so much space that some third person comes in between them. She tells him that she called him to talk about that third person, i.e., Arshad. I found something in my drawer. Arshad knocks on the door. She ends the call and keeps the letter back in the drawer. Aditya is angry that Arshad is taking out his Zoya yet again. Arshad compliments Zoya and so does she. Where are your specs? He reminds her of her compliment earlier in the day. Wasim comes there. He advises Zoya to keep a spare key. She nods and goes with Arshad.

Anjana asks Pundit ji to come at sharp 11:30. She is planning to hold a puja on Janamashtami. She gets worried seeing Aditya there. He tells her he was feeling restless alone. He is excited to hear about the Dahi-Handi. She shares that she has invited kids from the orphanage too. Harsh isn’t in town. It is fun when we celebrate everything. Aditya suggests her to invite Siddiqui’s too. She isn’t happy but he convinces her not to divide festivals on the basis on religions. Siddiqui’s called me and Arjun over on Eid and we couldn’t even thank Arshad. We should call them all. She agrees angrily.

Arshad asks Zoya if he made some mistake. She asks him if he will not feel bad if she will tell him something. You very well know I don’t wish to get married right now. You asked for 2 weeks’ time. I said yes for Abbu’s sake but I feel I am not doing justice with you. Everyone goes through heartbreak but my broken heart can never be joined again. It is impossible. I loved Harsh immensely but life cheated me. I cannot explain it to you but it will be really difficult for me.

Arjun asks Aditya why he invited Arshad too. Aditya does not want to live in this guilt anymore. Things are getting complicated. Arshad asked for 2 weeks. What am I waiting for? I think I will tell Zoya everything tomorrow on Janamashtami.

Zoya says I am not upset with what happened. I got another chance in life and met Aditya. He taught me how to fight back and live life. I found myself after lots of difficulty. He says I understand all this. What are you trying to say? She replies that it will be really difficult for her to love again.

Arjun again says why you are calling Arshad too. Aditya does not want Zoya to find out the truth later. I want to tell Arshad I did a fake call because of which they fell in trouble. It happened because of me. The one who stood his ground won in Mahabharata too. I think I should confess my feelings before Zoya. Arjun agrees with him and hugs his brother. Anjana overhears everything. She decides to do something before Aditya does anything.

Precap: There is a competition between Aditya and Arshad for Dahi Handi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Quick update…. thank you….:) I think anjana will somehow leak out the news to arshad that Adi made the fake call… before Adi tells the truth….and this will make things worse.. and Zoya is gonna burst out at Adi for this…and then Adi will confess his love.and angry Zoya slaps Adi n agrees to marry arshad…shattering everything…..

    1. I’ve been thinking the same

    2. Pooja

      Welcome Anju 🙂

  2. Good episode although I don’t watch it ?
    Finally Aditya is maturing ,he realises his mistake. Hope he can handle the outcome of the crank call whenever Zoya / Arshad finds out.
    Zoya herself gave Arshad a good response.
    Such a strongminded character an yet she fail to see Aditya love for her.
    Not going to comment on future promos,let us go with the flow.

  3. Neha1

    Anjana overheard Adi and Arjun convo…now she will plan to harm Arshad, so that Zoya maintain a distance from Adi….
    Finally, Zoya said Arshad she’s not in mood of marrying but Promo has said everything… Zoya will accept Arshad… But want to know how Adi prove his innocence…Also if Adi confessed his love Infront of Zoya will be useless as Zoya misunderstood Adi’s behind of That Dahi-Handi accident but it was Anjana…
    Huuffff..! So many misunderstanding but still most awaited Union didn’t happen and don’t even know when will it happens…?
    Waiting for Saturday special episode…has no interest but only watching…

  4. Lost interest in commenting too..bcos even if promos are misleading one thing is for sure that Zoya will agree to marry Arshad misunderstanding Adi…so till Arshad is there episodes will be painful n it is gonna reach the point of marriage!!!!…it is not a girl-boy story …it is the story of a widow-widower in their 30s n betrayed in love…such immaturity n impulsiveness not expected in a matured love story!! Zoya u pls go to hell for sometime…keep missing Adi n crying n do marriage prep with Arshad!!!!!

    1. Neha1

      You’re correct @Arch, me too sad for upcoming twist coz we are waiting for AdiYa’s love story since a long time but I think makers are HUGE Fan’s of EKTA KAPOOR’S Shows so they’re copying this twist and If I’m not wrong Zoya will later realise her feelings for Adi……She will deny with this marriage on the Wedding day and TV’s Wedding is always filled with lots of Drama’s…till then we have to tolerate this torture…???

    2. What disappoints me more is this huge twist unlikely to get sorted out in 2 weeks !!!..I mean Arshad’s track may extend beyond 2 weeks..!!! N Zoya is absolutely in no mood to love…today I felt even if she knew letter was from Adi she would have been undeterred on her ‘no love’ stand!!!…n this was the only show which I was watching after years for its uniqueness n Jenshad but now only Jenshad stay but no uniqueness!!! Same old recycled garbage we have been watching on shows since two decades!!!!

    3. I too think it’s quite weird.. I mean I completely get her rejecting aditya.. and even slapping him.. she’s mad at him cause now she feels betrayed at friendship too..she thought out of all the people Aditya must know what she felt about falling in love again and then Aditya went ahead and did all the immature things he could possibly think of..obviously anjana must have added to those emotions but yeah,the gyst remains the same.. and I like how the story is finally progressing,I guess.. but her impulsive decision to marry arshad is what’s beyond my understanding.. I mean.. WTH? I don’t get it … Why is she doing it? She herself said she isn’t ready.. not for Aditya,and not arshad.. then this? How is this gonna be good for anyone except ofc Waseem?! How exactly is this realted to what Aditya did..!??
      So yeah, i don’t know how that’s gonna wind up..
      Anyway,my biggest concern in today’s ep was when she said that it’s going to be hard for her and that she really did love yash! I could feel the stress.. and could sense the fact that she truly is nowhere near her realization.. in fact I don’t think she even needs any realization.. I feel she really doesn’t love Aditya.. which makes sense too.. not mad at that . But now I’m just hoping that makers don’t rush her story.. I really want to see her fall for Aditya but now after today,.. in her own time,in her own way and real hard.
      But I think that’s gonna take quite a while at least I hope it does.. otherwise I won’t be convinced that she really loves him..and I swear,I need to make sure that Aditya gets all the love he deserves.
      Sounds strange,I know.. but it’s true.. it needs to be convincing and it is really gonna be tough since she clearly doesn’t love adi yet..
      Ofc the promo is too disturbing .. but I hope after this Aditya just apologises to her and let her be. If she really thinks marrying arshad is the right choice.. I say,let her be fooled.
      Cause THIS decision of hers is really very stupid and I can’t side with her on this.. on anything else but this. I’m sorry.
      Fight me on how this is logical all you guys want but it’s not gonna help.

    4. I agree

    1. Yes she rejects the proposal but before Arshad’s accident!!!!???

  5. After the promo,I don’t think this spoiler is true at all dear @neha!
    I mean,the promo was quite explanaotry of what’s going to happen.. and I guess this rejection of proposal was what happened today..
    But I get it.. we all just want it to be true real bad. ???

  6. I thought the whole purpose of the track after yash and puja’s death was that aditya and zoya would realize their own mistakes and become btr person. I know change is not that easy to come by. But shouldnt zoya now should be more concious of other people’s emotions around her? If they are lying or hiding something or if there is more depth to their actions. If zoya would remain the same oblivious girl then whats the point?
    Same thing with aditya. He was very immature and self centered with puja. Shouldnt he have matured up a bit now? For him, its like he has become quieter and reclusive but not necessarily maturr. He is now better with his parents but his immaturity really comes through when dealing with zoya. Why does he always have to have childish competitions with arshad. Be it biryani or dahi handi, why should it matter? Instead of prank calls and other such stupid plot points, i wish the writers would have come up with something more meaningful. After all, this story started by dealing with complex emotions and realtions beautifully. Then why this dragging now? Adiya talk with each other so much but still cant find one time to confess love. Just take her out on a coffee break where u are not surrounded by 20 other people.
    I realize zoya and aditya are still not perfect. They have not changed quite completely. And maybe bcoz they already know the worst of each other they are comfortable and dont always feel the need to be guarded in each others presence… But still. They are widow/er, succesful buisness woman, pilot…. They shud have btr skills and maturity in love relationships than 16 yr old teenagers who have no idea what to do! Torn love letters, drinking accidrntaly, stupid ego competitions with a man that zoya is nt evn remotely interested in… Plz no
    I get it. Complex people. Complex way of handling. But plz dont make it so cliche with the girls father hating the hero for no reason and other such plots

    1. Neha1

      Exactly, agree with you Dhara…

    2. I agree man!! So trueee.. the whole point of yash and Pooja track was to make then go through self exploration.. which both of them didn’t quite do..because for Zoya,”yahi toh problem hai na,tumhe kisi cheez ka koi idea nahi h” as said by Aditya in the initial eps.. and for Aditya,God,don’t even get there. Why does he have to be so immature?!
      But I still like the fact that zoya’s taking her time . But I also have no problem with Aditya falling for her . She is his first love . It was easy for him.
      For zoya,it’s not.. really not.
      But yeah,clearly their whole journey with themselves isn’t complete yet.. and I just hope that the makers reflect on this.
      They both need to relax. I hope now the track doesn’t get all wedding preparations and Aditya and Zoya then falling on flowers while he tried to swoon her blah blah blah .
      I can’t take’s always some event,some Shaadi,some celebration in Hindi serials..
      Idk man,anything after this fails to interest me..

  7. Arshad doesn’t look so bad when he is not trying to look like carbon copy of Yash. Indeed he looks better without those specks. I liked their conversation, actually Zoya rejected him very politely but firmly.
    Does Arshad knows who Aditya is, how Zoya know’s him in first place ??? I would like to see a scene related to this, how will Zoya recall all that happened between them.
    I have a question, in the promo did Zoya mentioned clearly this marrying thing or just grabbed Arshad hand and went away? I didn’t heard any shadi (the only word i know for marriage ?)
    This makes no sense, even if she will be angry with him as a friend why she should marry Arshad as a response?
    Anyway i don’t belive Adi will say anything to her, I will not like that if it happens. She has to go through her own path by herself just like Adi did, not guided or forced by others feelings.

    1. Neha1

      Eri, in promo Zoya clearly mentioned that..
      She holds Arshad’s hand and said I accept your marriage proposal…”Humein Aapse Nikah Qubool hai”…

    2. Yes,same. That’s what I’d like too.. but seeing zoya’s current situation I think it’s gonna take time.. and it should too..
      And yes,she clearly stated she will marry arshad.. “hum aapse nikah ke liye tayyar Hain”
      Nikah=Shaadi.. it’s an Urdu word.
      I also thought Zoya was handling things quite maturely when she rejected arshad.. but the promo compels me to think otherwise now.

    3. Yes Zoya asks Arshad in the promo ‘Kya apko humse NIKAH manzoor hai?’…he nods his head n she holds his hand and goes away…?

  8. I always suspected that Adi would fall for Zoya first, It was always obvious how much love and trust Zoya had for Yash that until the divorce papers she could never believe Yash would betray her. She was also quicker to forgive Yash because she realised her faults but for a woman I feel it’s harder to move on after heartbreak and to put yourself out there again especially after such betrayal. When Zoya was talking about Yash you could tell that she’s not ready to move on yet and I liked how honestly she spoke about it. I don’t believe that Adi was truly in love with Pooja, I think he confused friendship for love.

    When it comes to the letter I can see why Zoya would assume it’s from Arshad and not Adi as she wasn’t in her senses that night and Arshads been around her house with the possibility of marriage so it’s a natural conclusion to come to and even though I like Adi, I think it’s too soon for them to be a couple.

    As for Wasim he will do what any father would do, if you have a potential son in law from a good family who you know well and who treats you well to a family who treated you with such disrespect and whose mum insults you at every turn, it’s a no brainier from a parents point of view.

    1. 120 episodes have gone past!!!…it is high time they become couple now!!!!…this was a 160 episode series originally but due to popularity it is not going off air anytime soon!!!!

    2. totally agreeing with you.I also feels the same.We can’t blame Zoya for friendzoning Aditya.Adi realizes his love towards Zoya as to him Zoya is the first love and Pooja was his best friend.But for Zoya it’s just opposite.Yet Adi feels much difficulty in accepting and to fight for his love.For Zoya it is more difficult than Adi.

    3. Zoya was not in her senses when Adi dropped her. But next morning when she was getting ready to meet Arshad she was in her senses n spotted letter under the cot. She was about to read it when her parents called n she put the letter in the cupboard…see the episode 105 again….!!!!…basically Zoya is a forgetful girl who still continues to live in wonderland!!..

  9. All said n done this serial is no longer unique..same cliched track
    1. Love triangle
    2. Everyone he’ll bent on separating lead couple.
    3. Evil mother-in-law (Anjana)
    4. One of the leads all set to get married to another person n backing off on the wedding day. Till that time lot of tears will be shed by both leads.
    5. Marriage with twists…never ever smooth…
    6. Lead will not be allowed to consummate n eventually when they will heroine will get pregnant in the next one week. In most of serials leads will always lose their first baby n separate after that blaming each other for the same.
    7. Some stupid leaps …a kid will be there mostly living with heroine n will bring their parents together.
    8. A third woman equal to a vamp / seductress out to get the male lead…
    If all these stupid cliched tracks are the future of this show too then please keep story simple n end it decently on a high note!!!…no need of OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE.

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, I [email protected] This sounds typically Balaji’s shows like Yhm, Kkb and kB….If the upcoming story will be leading towards what you’ve said then it’s better to have a finite series and had some uniqueness in the story which hold Viewers interest and end on a good note or else…will come back with the next season…but no need to stretch the story unnecessarily with such common/boring tracks like a chewing gum.!

    2. @arch OH NOOOOO! If all this starts to happen i’m gonna be out of here as fast as light. and what’s this obsession with marriage in a tough spot of all the indian dramas? what is so exciting about this? are people amused by such tracks even today? :/ i think you have gathered all the possibilities of the show.. and even if it turns out to be something different..i just realized that I am not interested.. either way,
      you’re right. the show has lost its uniqueness.. I was really happy to know that it’s a finite serires of 160 eps..zoya should have at least started feeling something aditya should have done it sooner.. because now it’s gonna take an eternity for her to first fall for him and then realize,the confess..and if some seductress is there.. then uff… :/ -_- better than this i feel,would be that zoya doesn’t fall for aditya at all and he finds someone else.. someone who will love him dearly and the way he loves,the way he deserves and zoya to somewhere be in her happy place. yep,they should take a leap and show this and end the show. cause i can’t wait for another 100 eps for zoya to fall in love and then do this all over again.
      you know,this is just sad. the fact that these past few weeks have annoyed us so much that it has indeed undermined the brilliance of the initial episodes,plot,and characters.

    3. Better this serial doesn’t extend beyond March 2019 ( max limit) bcos zoya agreeing to marry Arshad is the start of all repetitive n boring tracks of Indian television which we are seeing from 2001 (kyunki SaaS BHI kabhi bahu thi) days…
      This serial promised an ‘Unshakable’ bond between Adiya…but if the makers use the standard tested formula of Indian serials this is what it will be :-

      Unshakable bond = constant separation = actually a very shakable bond in the name of eternal love = nothing new about ‘bepanah’ = garbage

  10. Good morning everyone, many thanks for your replies.
    Another thing i liked from yesterday was Aditya sensed there was something wrong with Zoya, even if she said nothing, she couldn’t have gone away by her will.He is aware that Anjana preferred hobby is hating Zoya.

  11. Well it goes like this…scenes released on instagram :
    1. Dahi-handi competition between Adi n Arshad.
    2. Arshad breaks pot but glass pieces fall out of it. He gets hurt, falls down and loses the competition.
    3. Arshad confronts Adi n raises his hand over him. Zoya stops him n slaps ARSHAD hard n tells him that Adi can never harm anyone.
    4. Somehow Arshad manages to prove that Adi did all this n Zoya confronts him about it.
    5. Adi accepts his prank call mistake n don’t know about glass piece thing. He confesses his love for Zoya.
    6. Zoya gets furious that Adi tried to hurt Arshad for her love. Moreover she feels a platonic relationship with Adi n gets hurt badly.
    7. She slaps Adi n in a fit of anger agrees to marry Arshad.
    8. Adi challenges her that one day Zoya will realise his true love and accept it.

    1. Neha1

      Hmm, me too think that 2days episode will be like the way you explained Arch…but I already loose an interest from this show…but what to do I love Jenshad and coz of them I’m watching the show…but really hope that within this month or by the end of this month Aditya make Zoya realise her love for him and Arshad will exit from the show, don’t want him to turn him in negative.

    2. If event can be a month long affair then this Arshad wedding thing will last for the full month of September…so may be this ‘vijaydashmi’ Adiya no mohabbat hogi mukammal!!!

  12. Hi guys, I am Anjana from Kerala. Am a big fan of this serial since the beginning. Even I am wondering why zoya is still not able to realize that she loves aditya somewhere in the corner of her mind. Also I am waiting for Anjana sakshi murder track where Adi comes to about his mother’s bad deeds and will shattered completely. Might be this would be the time where zoya will be the only person to console Adi and slowly she will realize her love towards him

  13. Hope to get updates from today’s special episode from you guys. Here in the Caribbean I didn’t see it schedule on local television and online there’s no subtitle s except for the daily episodes on youtube.Dont know the hindi language so I rely on these updates.

    1. Pooja

      Hey..I will be posting it in a while

    2. Thank you!

    3. Pooja

      Welcome.. it’s updated now 🙂

    4. Neha1

      Thank you Pooja, plz be quick yaar..?

  14. Thank you!

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