Papa By Chance 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan adopts the children

Papa By Chance 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan meeting the kids and identifying them. He asks Aashvi where did you get me stuck. She asks him to just repeat her words. He says I m your dad’s friend, I have come to take you three home, you won’t stay in this cheap place, you will live in my palace, you forgive me, sorry, look what I got for you. He gives chocolates to Dhoni. Gungun says you maybe child kidnapper. The kids look at him. Gungun says you will never separate us, you won’t talk about parents in front of Dhoni and get our fav dishes made. They keep their conditions. Yuvaan says I agree. Gungun thinks don’t know he is dad’s friend or not, but just he can get us out of here. Yuvaan and Aashi take them to Delhi. Aashvi says we left big problems back. Yuvaan calls the kids a problem.

The girl gives interview for a job. The man says we need talented people like you. She misunderstands the man and scolds him. The man asks what’s this nonsense. She says I understand your wrong gestures. He says I was trying to say that there is ink on your lips. She checks in phone and says sorry Sir. He says its okay, please sit, we decided to give you a placement, so congrats, you can work as Stylist intern in Shehnai stores. He gives her offer letter and says congrats once again. She thinks Chopra’s place. She says really sorry, this can’t happen, I will go to any company except Shehnai stores, its personal problem. He says if you return this offer letter, you have to give 3 lakhs. She says in that case, I will take the offer, thanks. She wishes she doesn’t face Yuvaan. Aashvi sleeps. Dhoni tickles Yuvaan and cracks jokes. He asks about his parents. Yuvaan says I don’t know. He answers Dhoni’s kiddish questions.

Yuvaan applies brakes. Everyone wakes up. Gungun and Ullu scold Yuvaan. They ask him to get them food. Gungun blackmails Yuvaan. They stop at a dhaba. Aashvi says your image can’t be ruined. Yuvaan says these kids are so scary. Gungun looks on. Yuvaan argues with them. Yuvaan gets irritated when Dhoni pees on his shoe. He asks Dhonu to wash his hands and come. Gungun cries and tells Aashvi about their parents. Aashvi consoles her. Gungun asks do you know who did my parents’ accident. Ullu says yes, I won’t leave him.

Yuvaan says I m not their father, I m just their guardian. Gungun says I will search your Yuvaan on internet. Aashvi worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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