Dev (Colors) 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev solving case while hiding

Dev (Colors) 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev and Dwani are in area of Khapoli. Dev comes to stand for food. He sees two guys watching a video in which a man is raping a girl. Dev breaks their phone, he says you are criminals for watching it too. Boy asks him to stop his preaching, Dev slaps him and says want to go to police station for beating? boys say sorry and leave. One stall man says that this area has become danger, some girl was murdered near here. Dev calls Dwani and says I have got a case to solve here. Dwani says we are not here to solve cases. Dev says its not a normal case, a girl was murdered, raped and he made video and put it online. Dwani watches news and says nowhere is safe for wmen.

Police takes statement of murdered woman’s husband. Dev comes there to place and sees woman’s body, inspector asks who is? Dev says I am detective, can I watch her body? he nods. Dev watches her body and says how she came here? she was tied to this bed, raped and killed her, he put ‘I love you’ on wall, he is a psychopath, keep an eye, this can happen again, we have to stop him as he wants attention and we will give him. Dev says murdered woman Saloni trusted that man and took lift from him.. taxi or rickshaw? she must have sit in that, he asks to investigate all rickshaws. Inspector asks for his number, Dev says I am on holidays so didnt bring phone, inspector gives him phone to use. Dev thanks him, he finds red bangle there and leaves.

A man Ram is beating his wife. His mother finds red bangle in his pocket. He comes out of his room, mom glares at him. He asks her to not touch his things. His mother says to him that what did you do? where you last night? he asks her to stop her rubbish, his head is hurting, she says you are evil, you beat your wife, dont listen to your mother, you are useless, he angrily leaves from there. Mother says to his wife that I am sorry, I married you to a devil, she says sorry to her and cries.

Kinjal comes to Narvekar’s wardroom, she recalls how he planned to catch Dev. She turns to leave but Narvekar holds her hand and says to Kinjal that you thought I wouldnt get to know about it? you cant get saved from me so easily, I am a policeman, Kinjal looks away. Narvekar says were you scared? look at me, I am fine. Kinjal cries and says I dont have anyone else than you, I love you so much and you dont care about me.. Narvekar sits close to her and says I care and I love you too, I wont let anything happen to me as if anything happens to me then who will take care of you? Kinjal looks away and blushes. He hugs her.

Mahek tries to find pendrive and thinks I cant find it like this, I have to make Apa remember it.

Dev asks Dwani to eat food, it will be cold. Dwani says wont you be caught? you are near police. Dev says we should stay close to people we are hiding from. Dwani sees oily food and says I cant eat it. Dev says this is not your five-star hotel, you can go back and tell them that I forced you to help me, you are not safe here. Dwani says I am not leaving you, dont worry about my safety, you should have thought that you made me stay at such cheap hotel. Dev says dont be a drama queen, Dwani says dont talk to me. Dev says take bus tomorrow and go back, Dwani says I am not going anywhere, you take the bus. She goes to sleep on bed. Dev looks on. She recalls her moments with him, mein phir bhi tumko chahungi plays, she recalls their moments together.

Scene 2
Dev sees some Mahek flower shop and recalls his words that he has to leave but he will comeback.
An officer calls Dev and says you were right, other murders happened in same pattern and videos were uploaded too but nobody was caught for it. Dev says killer is in this city, he must be some rickshaw driver, inspector says there are many drivers here, how will we find him? Dev looks on.

Dev comes to get tickets for bus.

Mahek says to Apa that I will massage your feet, Apa tries to stop her but Mahek starts the massage. Mahek says that I want to ask that you came to my room that day, where did you take pendrive? Apa says why will I take your things? Mahek says you might have put it somewhere, Apa says why are you behind me? I dont remember anything. Mahek thinks how to tell her what happened that day. Flashback shows Apa seeing in video that Mahek tried to kill Dev’s mom. Mahek stops her and says you are thinking wrong, Apa says I saw it myself, when Dev knows that you killed his mother.. Mahek says no, I love Dev a lot, I didnt kill his mother. Apa says how low can you stoop? Door bell rings, Apa says Dev is here, she opens the door but some kidnappers with covered faces comes inside, they shove Apa away, kidnap Mahek and take her from there. Flashback ends. Mahek asks Apa to try to and remember about pendrive. Apa says why you people are behind me? that day Dwani was asking me about that too, I dont know anything. Mahek thinks what if Dwani found pendrive and showed it to Dev?

Dev says to Dwani that get ready, I will drop you to bus stand. Dwani says I am not going anywhere, Dev says dont act like a kid, Dwani says I am not a kid, I am not going anywhere, Dev leaves from there. Dwani sees him gone and says he left me alone?

Dev looks at crime scene footage, it shows blue light, Dev says where was no blue light on crime scene when we went there. Dev says it seems like some flashy rickshaw light, call all rickshaws that have flashy blue light in the area.
Officer says to his men to tap all rickshaws with flashy blue light.

Dwani says Dev left and I am hungry, if no one recognised Dev then they wont recognise me, I should go to restaurant.
Dwani comes road and tries to find a restaurant, she doesnt find any and starts to go back to hotel.
Ram rickshaw driver is on same road, he says to himself that everything is available in my rickshaw, I just need a new prey.

PRECAP- Narvekar grabs Kinjal and says I got to know everything, you went to Mohan to get to know about Mahek’s location and helped Dev, you have broken my trust and I am very angry on you, you have broken your bond, you are dead for me.
The serial killer Ram is near Dwani on road and looking for a new prey. Dwani sits in his rickshaw and drinks spiked water.
Dev says to officers that we have to stop the killer as he can kill someone else too.
Ram eyes a 10 year old girl greedily.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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