Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: King and Abhi discuss about Pragya’s accident

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Abhi was changing the dress and miss Pragya always choosing his clothes. He wonders why he couldn’t still forget her with time. He holds Fuggy in his hands and cries.
There, Pragya cries while Kiara slept in her lap. Soon her phone bell rings, it was Abhi. Both keep silence. Pragya finally utters Bye, and leaves
King sat in a bar and finds a man drinking a lot. He blamed his love but the staff forbid him from drinking anymore. He comes across Abhi who had just come into the bar. The man had punched a young man who was about to confront him. Abhi takes the drunken man outside, he notices there was love in Abhi’s eyes then why no one notice this? Abhi asks about the name of his love, he says Laila.
Laila stood at Pragya’s house. Shivangi comes to Laila and apologizes for bringing her to Pragya’s house. Shivangi introduces her to Laila, her friend. Pragya wonders why she was staring outside the window so silently. Shivangi says she is crazy in love. Pragya warns Love is strange, it never let us unite. Pragya comes to Laila asking about his name, Laila says Qais. Some call him crazy and some as Majnoo. Laila invites everyone to come and watch their love story in theatres on 7th Sep.
The drunken man leaves. Abhi wonders why everyone call him crazy. King says love is crazy. They walk together. Abhi says when in love, everything seems beautiful. King says half of the people in the world live for hate and revenge, there is surely someone in his house who wants to hurt Pragya. They sit together. Abhi thinks about Aaliya and Tannu when King asks Abhi for some clue. King asks Abhi if it ever happened earlier that the chandelier in his house fall down. Abhi recalls an accident from the past as well. King says Abhi might be angry at his next question, but they met in jewelry shop a few days ago. If Abhi has an idea if Tannu loved the man who was Pragya’s husband. Abhi thinks he must not share the details with King. King tells Abhi that he and police fear that the person who attacked Pragya was present in his party that night. Abhi gets straight. King says a waiter John in his party knew who the culprit was, he tried to tell his brother Robin but he was killed. Abhi was shocked to hear John had been murdered. King tells Abhi he knew this details in the police station. King says it’s obvious, the one who tried to kill Pragya also killed John in a cold blooded murder. Abhi asks how King knows the details. King says his…. Abhi gets a call from Dasi who panicked about police at home. Abhi hurries home.
At home, Tannu wonders why Robin didn’t come out of his room. She comes to his room and questions if she must come to his room to ask for green tea. Robin apologizes to serve as his brother John has died, he is leaving for his village. He will surely arrange something for the house chores. He wants to pray for peace of his brother, and pray that his brother’s murderer dies a worse death. Tannu says maybe it was an accident. John says someone has seen the murder himself.

PRECAP: Tannu comes to Robin and asks who witnessed the murder?

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Considering tanu has always wanted pragya dead and he has been known to her attacks and stirring and causing issue.
    This hdow has gone beyond common sense
    How stupid can they show a man to be?
    2. He asked pragya to leave he treated her badly
    So where was the sorry
    Why should a woman always sacraifice
    Why can she not move on

    This is the most sillist tv show that i have seen

    Tehy always mess up
    They always do silly stories

  2. OH

    1. Don’t know why they prolonged this kum kum bhagya it should go.off.air this has no sense , senseless serial

    2. Agreed, VJ. Madame Kapoor said it would be finished by May 28, 2018.
      It is exactly 3 months over the date, today. 3 months and/or 13 weeks. She probably has another friend who wants to advertise something on her show…or she is still busy getting Tanu’s profile to be big enough for Tanu to feel safe… i.e. the actress who plays Tanu. People like Ekta get their thrills from conning people . They feel powerful each time they can fool someone. Can you imagine how powerful Ekta feels sucking in millions of people? That’s quite a drug to a person addicted to power. Of course that also indicates how seriously defective that person’s emotional state is in.

    3. mainly to glorify tanu ch in this serial since she expressed her sorrowfulness and not a good role for her in kkb till now they made her again stay in this show as female lead for which she expressed her whole heart happiness as being lead and wife of rockstar in this serial but i cant see mishel as king in this serial anywhere .

  3. Pragya is better of with king. I wish she will fall in love with king. He cares for her. There is happiness for her in king house. Ahbi house is house of death. Ahbi loves her but cant protect her because his family means more to him than her.

  4. Now Tanu and nikhil will go after Kiara. I hate that. Pls writers dont go that way. It will break my heart to see kiara suffer. I might just stop watching india movies !

  5. ……so now when Tanu and Aiiya find out it was Kiara, they will also attempt to or have someone attempt to kill an innocent child because the show loves to showcase hat hatred, stupidity and deception win all the time Only small quick flashes of good win, like the someone lighting a candle and quickly blowing out the flame. So SAD and DEPRESSING and I don’t even watch the show anymore. I guess if that is what the writer is going for, not wanting people who watch the show filled with positive, good feelings, she is doing her job well.

  6. I’m believing now that King is the only character with a logical thinking brain in this serial, only thing is that he hasn’t connected the dots from Abhi to Pragya….i blame this on the writer, he or she is a tease…how can King not see this……

  7. So we are being baited for the trap again, looks like maybe some resolution to this storyline is forthcoming?…i’m not holding my breath, we get sucked in time and time again that maybe just maybe, TAnu and Aliya will be held accountable. ain’t gonna happen.

  8. Yes, the Toy wears the classic red dress, for sl*ts. The background music remains fast. Trying to push an tension level which simply doesn’t exist. The family members are made to look like they are complete morons because you know, Pragya is around, Tanu/Aliyah are around and there can be NO connection between the three and a chandelier falling down even though the two b*tches have done this before. Yes, so the Mehra family MUST remain morons. And then to make sure ‘they’ can fill up the screen time of course there must be a promotion for another show. And nothing moved forward, excepting for the two truths already laid out by the gossip/update videos. Abhi and King meet. Nothing changes. The police may be arriving at the Mehra house. WOW…something might change next episode or 10 episodes from now. Viewers already understand that the Toy requires her screen time! She’s trying to build a career and Ekta is so obliging to her favourites. And no one in that house has any type of inspector come in to figure out WHY a chandelier would fall down. Maybe in their hearts the whole family realises that the only time anyone gets hurt it is Pragya. If she’s not around, everyone is safe. Well, excepting for when Tanu is PMSing and feels like she has to hurt someone. What’s more dangerous? A house that’s falling apart or Tanu/Aliyah the two destroyers of all life and good television. Oh no. I guess that would be Ekta’s responsibility. This episode doesn’t even earn 10% for marks. It gets some marks because all of the crew showed up on time. You would kind of hope that the actors would begin to protest. Four years of looking like morons. Yes. We know it’s acting. Still, that’s going to stick in every viewers mind. It’s being imprinted deeply.

    1. I love your comments, so much Truth. Abhi is an idiot, he can’t remember his sister did the whole chandelier act before and Bulbul got hurt. Does the actor have any brain cells left to continue in his pointless role… I bet they will go wit some dumb reincarnation track next

    2. Thx Kalika! Please don’t imagine it! Ekta has done it already in other shows! Originally, I wondered if Ekta Kapoor was trying to have Pragya go through each chakra with a new identity with each name change that Pragya endured. But no. The producer is not following that pattern. Honestly, I don’t believe it’s green drinks or coffee that the production staff take when they are doing their planning. The pattern appears to be one of a major control freak (Ekta) enjoying herself and truly getting off and laughing at what she is able to achieve.
      We have to wonder, what the heck will Ekta reincarnate as, when she is forced to return to the planet. She certainly is entraining a lot of hatred into her viewers. Let’s face it, she has a lot of ‘goodwill’ earned by her parents to blow through. I do believe that’s she good at blowing…. through it.

  9. rape, murder, male hypocrisy, kidnapping, robbery, terrorism… name anything and ekta’s show will have it for sure. probable next in line is child kidnapping, which again is not new in this show. now that tanu knows kiara is the witness, she more likely will hire nikhil again to get her out of the picture. and again they are gng to go behind that lil girl juz bcoz she wants to bring justice to a murdered.
    why the hell are they not letting king know the truth of abhi and pragya? he is the only man who is sensible in this whole freaking show. if he gets to know that single thing, he would easily connect all dots and catch tanu and aaliya. but no, that wont happen. not anytime.

    1. Hey Ani, do you think that this is Ekta’s personal nightmare and she is sharing it with us or is the nightmare that we ‘deserve’ so that she can have her own personal show…for herself and her friends… on us?

    2. I seriously don’t even want to think about that akituster. Coz I knw ekta is more or less the same way u describeD abt her. Thinking that ppl like her exist itself creeps me out. But whatever she wants to be, she is achieving that thru her characters. Tanu is the best example. High class woman married to rich dumb spineless puppet with a wonderful obsessed bf who comes handy in times of need. What else to name? I don’t knw.
      All I hope is that it doesn’t affect viewers by spreading all that negativity.

  10. Just for once….because of all the pain and torture Pragya faced during her marriage with Abhi and is still facing heartbreak now and not to mention the 2 witches grand plans to exterminate her and Abhi’s treatment of Pragya before the time leap…..ohhhhhhh, how I wish this serial could redeem itself by showing us that no matter how much one can try to make a life with someone but it’s just not meant to be, no matter how much you love a person, you just aren’t meant to be together, no matter if you have a child with that person, you still isn’t supposed to be together….maybe there’s a reason in the first place why things never worked out in the relationship, that all that happened to Pragya in the Mehra family was a message but no one could see it…. Ohhhhh, how I wish that Pragya could love King and marry him, he’d make her a happy woman till the serial ends, no matter how much sob faced Abhi pretends that he’s always cared for her and wants her back despite the fact that he got the perfect wife he deserves in the form of a killer, manipulator, whore, and what not, he and Pragya isn’t meant to be together…period!!! If only this serial could give us this before the end, I’ll live with that but even though Pragya’s ass has been kicked over and over again, why should she end up with Abhi? He doesn’t deserve her!! Ekta should think of doing this…its the only way to give herself some credibility….

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