1st Epi – Internet Wala Love 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai meets Aadhya

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The Episode starts with RJ Jay Mittal welcoming the listeners on his radio show. He tells everyone that internet matters a lot in his family. Jai sings a rap song and introduces all his family members, who are big internet fans. He says mobile should always have 4g internet, else there can be a heart attack. He checks a girl’s pic and likes her. He says we all love internet and internet loves us. Aadhya Verma’s biodata is entered in a matrimonial website. Diya says I will upload her bio on facebook. Her mum asks her to make a detailed bio. Diya says Aadhya doesn’t like social media, Aadhya still visits the shops, she can’t buy anything without checking, she has no connection with old friends and didn’t make new friends. Aadhya buys a dupatta.

Her friend Savita asks her not to spend more, its less pricey online. Diya says if Aadhya knows this, she will kill me. Her mum says forget it, Aadhya wants to get all responsibility on herself, she gives many interviews, we are making a small try to find her happiness. Diya agrees. She gets Aadhya’s call and worries. Diya talks to Aadhya. Aadhya justifies her local shopping tour. She asks Diya to remove the online profile. Diya says if anyone shows interest, you can check well, you have already checked someone by befriending him for two days, its fine, just let the profile stay here for mum’s peace, we will go to see a match, I will go and make your Sachin ready. Aadhya says you can call him dad, give him medicines. Diya says his medicines got over. Aadhya gets upset and drops the orange juice glass. The guys see her and recall she is the same girl, someone had thrown water at her face….. Aadhya leaves from cafe. Savita asks her to stop.

Jai sees Diya band Aadhya’s pic and likes the profile. He messages Diya and asks who is my date between the two pretty girls. She replies it will be suspense, you can meet me and identify. Aadhya says I want a job. Savita says you will get job, don’t worry, give your best. A man watches cricket and sees Sachin. He says I have played cricket with Sachin. A man argues with him and gets insulting. Diya and Aadhya come there and see their dad’s insult. The people laugh. A fight begins there. Police throws out Aadhya’s dad. He shouts I have played cricket as well. He sees the stadium and challenges them. Aadhya calms him down. He asks his wife to stop it. He says my career was going good, you ruined my life, I m a loser. His wife begs him not to create a drama. He throws water on her face and scolds her. Aadhya shouts enough and cries. Diya says your phone is ringing, it maybe urgent, answer the call. Aadhya answers.

She is called at the cafe for the interview. Diya asks her to go, this drama happens daily. Aadhya sees her dad and goes. Diya gets Jai’s message. Aadhya recalls her dad and walks on the road. All her papers fall down and spread. She cries. She says this job is very imp for me, I will do this. Jai waits at the cafe and messages Diya to ask where is she. Aadhya comes there. He sees her in pic and goes to her. He goes to hug. She forwards hand. He holds her hand and says you thought I can’t identify you, its so easy, why are we standing, lets sit. He asks her no to be nervous, even if its her first meeting. She says no, its actually my 12th meeting. He says wow, nice, you look very nervous, or maybe I m so cool. Diya comes there to meet Jai. She sees Aadhya with RJ Jai. She says they both have major confusion.

Jai asks do you see bollywood movies. Aadhya says yes. He says we have same tastes. Aadhya asks any job related question. Jai says I don’t care about job, we both should treat each other well, you have great experience, three meetings in a day, I salute you, is it about fourth meeting. She says no, your company….. He says you will enjoy a lot in my company, take your time. Her scarf gets stuck to his watch. He asks her to stop. Chahat ka silsila……plays….. She goes to washroom. He gets in and holds her. He flirts with her. She slaps him. He gets shocked.

The man asks who’s this girl who slapped you. Jai gets insulted. He says I will kill her. Jai hosts an event at the mall and proposes Aadhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Not happy with start.. I thought it would be different, but seem nothing…

  2. Riana

    Chiché start in a weird modern way…lets see what happens…But cinematography is quite impressive

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