Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ved kidnapped by Puneesh

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prachi and Puneesh hear Bari Amma ordering Vaidika’s arrest from her house. Prachi was worried if Vaidika returned?
Vaidika was busy on a phone call with Maya when two goons head inside.
Bari Amma gets the news of Vaidika’s kidnapping.
There at home, Bhoomi looks for Ved. Sahil also goes looking for Ved.
Vaidika lay in a godown with her hands and feet tied, her mouth stuffed. Someone brings Ved near her. Bari Amma tells the goons she wants Vaidika to be blamed for Ved’s kidnap and is leaving Ved.
At Agarwal house, Aarya suggests Sahil to inform police. Gauri agrees. Bhoomi cries and asks Sahil to find her son. Bari Amma says she knows where Ved is. That Vaidika has returned to the city, it’s a confirmed news that Vaidika must have kidnapped him. Puneesh thinks soon Vaidika and Ved would both be dead. Bhoomi pleads Sahil to get Ved.
The police arrived and noted what Ved was wearing. Sahil gives them Ved’s photo. Bari Amma thinks as soon as the doubt goes to Vaidika Sahil won’t spare her. He men would soon call with the demand of money. She gets a call from the goons with a bad news that some men have kidnapped Ved and Vaidika for real. Bari Amma now panics and says nothing can happen to her Ved. Everyone gathers around, Bari Amma shivered and orders the police inspector to place banners across the city. Nani wonders why Bari Amma realized the situation so late. Bari Amma thinks who can kidnap Ved?
Vaidika wakes up and finds herself tied to a chair. Ved calls Vaidika to save him, his feet ache. Vaidika questions the kidnapper why the child is kidnapped. Puneesh thinks Bari Amma seems to have gone old now, he will now make her open her lockers for Ved. Ved cries and calls Vaidika for help, he is really fearful. Vaidika struggles with the ropes.
Bhoomi sat in her room and wonders what if Vaidika came to know Ved was her child. She panics and confirms from Sahil if she will get Ved back? Bari Amma was tensed that Ved has been kidnapped, still there was no call for ransom.
Puneesh calls Sahil and demands 10 crore to be brought to the venue already in his texts. Vaidika was successful in getting herself freed. She was shocked to see Sahil’s child and gets him freed, caresses and hugs him. She leaves the godown with Ved but a fist full of sand was thrown on her face. Puneesh watch them from outside while Vaidika fall back in godown. Ved was tied to a pillar.
Bari Amma prepares the bag filled with money. She wanted her Ved at any cost. Deepak holds the bag but Sahil snatches it saying he will take the money and police both.
Ved had been tied to a wall, his eyes blindfolded. Vaidika was only concerned for Ved.

PRECAP: Sahil got Vaidika and Ved freed. He snatches Ved from Vaidika’s arms.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. this show is such a crap …i cant believe what the concept was and what they made it into …lolzzz good for them since yeh hain mohobbatein is picking up …now they r showing ishita conceiving normally ..which was supposed to be been shown in here ..but since lack of their incompetence and arrogance it will become an advantage for another show ….and after bb 12 will start apke will sink with blo*dy leap track ….looser and incompetent arrogant psycho makers…

  2. First Vedika doesn’t want Sahil, now she wants Sahil. Make your mind up!
    Now Sahil is married to Bhoomi and now Vedika wants Sahil. Make your mind up!

  3. I am confused… where is this story going??
    All this kidnapping business is backwass. The
    Theme of this serial had been taken away and I think writers had lost the plot. I did not like tonight episode.

    Precap look good. Looking forwatdcrobSahil and Vedika meeting.

  4. This show is going downhill, very fast! Like so many of the Indian serials, the incidents just keep repeating themselves! Goons, kidnapping, jail, anti Vedika women’s groups etc. This has the potential to be so different, but the writers are not taking advantage of it. A 24year old man and a 42year old woman in a relationship ……….. they couldn’t do anything better with that concept? So so disappointing!

  5. These Indian writers are fools

  6. Finally “SADIKA” is meeting.

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