Papa By Chance 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan, the celebrity

Papa By Chance 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan playing music at the sets. The director shouts. Yuvaan acts like a celebrity. Director says you can’t sing, you have a bad habit. Manager says are you mad, Yuvaan is an artist. Director says no, he was a batsman last week, also master chef, and now actor, does he have any goal in life. Manager stops him. Yuvaan says let my song get viral, then I will see, my dad had a dream that I make my name, I will become a star. The teacher asks the kids to be careful, they shouldn’t touch any unclaimed thing. Yuvaan talks to someone and says I have 900 crores, I have my dad, Batra doesn’t have it. He leaves his bag there.

The boys see him and think he is a terrorist. They see the police. Inspector points gun at Yuvaan. Yuvaan gets surprised. He gets arrested. Manager comes to defend Yuvaan Chopra. Yuvaan says I m a decent man. Inspector says he has filed property case on his mum. Yuvaan says its my personal matter. Yuvaan sees the kids who complained about him. He worries seeing the kids. He says kids are a big mess, I have allergy with kids, I got goosebumps. Director calls them for next shot.

At some shop, some ladies check the bridal lahenga. He gets a call from madam. He rushes. Yuvaan gets ready for the shot. He gets a call. He gets shocked and asks what, mom is marrying today, maybe Batra emotionally blackmailed him. Reporters come to the house to get bytes. A girl comes there and tries to get an entry. Guard stops her. She gets her mum’s call and says I reached here, but I m not able to take Chopra’s sign, we have maintained the house. She tells guard that she isn’t any reporter. Guard asks her to find any better excuse. She shouts snake and hides inside the car. She gets an entry in the house. The man Harman reaches home and asks servant to make reporters out. Harman gets bridal dress for Yuvaan’s mum.

She says Yuvaan has filed a case on me, you can understand my state of mind. Harman says you and Sir raised Yuvaan well, but he isn’t behaving right, you don’t think for me, I can spend my life caring for you, you have spent your life after Chopra and Yuvi. They go out and see a donkey and cactus garland. She apologizes to him. She goes and recalls her bad marriage with Chopra. Yuvaan comes and reminds that his dad died last year. She asks do you want me to pass life as a widow. He says Harman was trying to become owner, he cheated man, I will take the case back if you say. They argue. She says your dad was good, but he wasn’t a good father, I will be glad if you attend my marriage. He says we shall end our relation, you won’t get any property, do anything you want. He goes.

Harman asks the guards to take away Yuvaan. Yuvaan’s mum slaps him. Yuvaan drives the car, and says brakes failed. He hits a couple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. first episode so much drama…… Now story when he hit that couple…..

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