Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika longs to reunite with Sahil and family

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The shopkeeper agrees to sell the cake to Sadika for her bargained amount. He appreciates Vaidika’s brought up as her daughter is innocent as well as sensible.
Ved throws a tab at Bari Amma from upstairs. He shows the spot to Bari Amma in the photo and wished to celebrate Sahil’s birthday there. Bhoomi comes there. Bari Amma asks her to speak to the venue owners, they want to celebrate Sahil’s birthday there. Ved takes them to celebrate Sahil’s surprise as its 12am.
Sadika wish Vaidika birthday and sings for her. Vaidika silently sings for Sahil.
There, Bhoomi, Bari Amma and Ved sing the birthday song for Sahil. Sahil cut the cake together with Ved.
Vaidika thinks she was so used to Sahil, even after five years she remembers him similarly.
There, Sahil wish he could remove this date from his life. Somehow it reminds him of the woman who ruined her life.
Vaidika thinks many people wished her to marry Sahil, it wasn’t possible but fate connected them through Sadika. She hugs Sadika.
Sahil forbids the ladies for any celebrations. Ved was annoyed with him but Sahil offers him an automatic car like in the batman movie. Ved agrees. When Sahil has left, Bari Amma was angry with Bhoomi for not being able to ignite any love for herself in Sahil’s heart even in years. She married them and sent them abroad so that people don’t question the existence of Ved. Still she never learnt anything from Vaidika to attract her husband.
Gauri wakes up in her room after a nightmare. She wonders why she ever feels as if her child is alive, and she didn’t give birth to a dead baby. Nani comes there and says it was only because of Bari Amma’s sins that Gauri lost her two children. Bari Amma interrupts Nani that she won’t be able to bear her anymore, she has already spent years in this house always teasing the family. Nani boasts that Sahil kept her in the house and reminding Bari Amma of her place is her duty. Sahil comes out of his room to demand some peace. Bhoomi hurries to inform Bari Amma that her clients from America have arrived. After Nani has also left, Sahil thanks Bhoomi for always doing the right things at the right time in his life. Though he lost he faith from love she gave him more than friendship in life. He turns to leave. Bhoomi asks if he would leave this house again like the past years, she never asked but wants to know today where he goes. Sahil says he doesn’t want to reply her, it’s just that he doesn’t want to live with anyone on this date. He gets a call from Aarya and leaves. Bhoomi thinks Sahil is lying, he spends this day only with Vaidika. She wish Sahil could move on in life, and they could also spend life as normal parents.
Aarya greets Sahil from US. Sahil asks if she would return from US. Aarya assures she will, else what he will do without her. She informs Sahil that even Suomya is happy in her college. Sahil felt proud of them and asks them to inspire Ved as well. He flies aero planes from the pages of his books. Aarya laughs that he is behind Sahil in his studies. After the call, Aarya was irritated after getting a friend’s request from Vaidika and blocks Vaidika. Vaidika was saddened by this notification. She wish she can only see her Aarya once and hug her closely, Aarya didn’t forgive her even in years. Sadika comes to Vaidika and asks if they will again go to Dargah like each year? Vaidika promises to go there, and thinks she will go to Baba Chishti’s Dargah and pray for Sahil and his family.
Vaidika and Sadika were in Dargah praying.
Sahil’s car stops outside the Dargah.
Sadika asks Vaidika how was her father? Then suggests she knows how he must be, his height must be taller than Vaidika, eyes and complexions like hers. Vaidika smiles and leaves for distributing alms.
Sahil wonders why he comes to this Dargah each year though he wants to forget Vaidika.
Vaidika and Sadika were distributing food packets. Sadika takes one to give it to an old man sitting downstairs. Vaidika goes to tie a thread with the net of Dargah.
Sahil walks inside the Dargah. Vaidika thinks she lost everything to save the life of my innocent lady, her Aarya parted from her; she again wish for a miracle that all distances are removed. Her daughter miss her father, may she meet her father soon. The thread she tied flies to Sahil.
Vaidika turns to look around for Sadika. Sadika stood outside a bangle shop to buy some bangles. She introduces herself as Sadika. Sahil was at once attracted to the name “Sadika”.

PRECAP: Vaidika gets a call from Aarya. She gets emotional but Aarya throws the phone away. Vaidika overhears a friend confirm Aarya that her flight is 10 am tomorrow. Vaidika calls her mother confirming Aarya’s arrival. Nani asks her to cut the call, Sahil would be angry if he knows she called.

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Does vaidika talk to her mother or is dis a one time ting cause it would b hard to believe dat dey talk but nani never asked y she left her son or for vaidika to not mention her daughter and y she left. Nani though is a piece of wrk after d way she treated sahil yet he never abandoned her. It is sad dat her daughter is angry with her but its expected as her daughter feels she not only abandoned her once but twice and now her brother as well,while sahil who is not her father has stood by her and be d constant in her and soumya’s life. I also find it hard dat she never reached out to talk to maya to find out how her daughter and sahil is fearing seein dat maya was her closest friend who knew d truth bout her child.

  2. This episode is a mystery as raise many questions ..??. I like the bond between Sahil and Arya. He never abandon her even he was so angry and hurt with Vedika. He took care of her family including nani who has been horrible to him.. one thing is certain he still love Vedika.

    BA still horrible and heartless. She is turning little Ved into a brat unlike Sadika who is sensible. I wish Bhoomi would put her in her place.

    Now coming to Vedika… who is her saviour?? According to precap it seems that she has keep in touch with her mother. May be in the near future we might have a flashback as to how she get where she is after running away from the hospital with the baby. There are too many missing links and somehow the story does not make sense.

  3. I like today’s episode and I’m hoping in the near future we see the few missing links. AKAJS is turning out to be like a novel I would have read if it was one. Some details are left out but the essence of the Sadika’s story is still there and Sahil can lie to himself to convince his mind that he doesn’t love Vedika but there are links which intricately binds them together such as their son and Aarya, whom he still considers to be his daughter, what a beautiful bond they share, made in heaven!! So, Sahil is taking care of Yash’ s and Vedika’s son but doesn’t know that it’s his…my my my…the day this secret is revealed, my hair raises thinking what those scenes would be like…just knowing that he has a child with the woman he loves…uff…too much to imagine. Only Maya is the key to this secret, maybe BA doesn’t even need to tell Sahil that he’s Ved’ s father, BA has told Sahil that Vedika abandoned her son, he’ll put two and two together and realise that Ved is his…. Aarya is looking beautiful as a young woman, light make up has brought out her grown up character and she loves her Sahil papa ….what a good heart Sahil possesses…what a man?????????…I feel for Gauri….

  4. The opening scene where vedhika sings happy birthday in her heart thinking of Sahil bought tears to my eyes..When we love someone and we cant even show them that, its too very painful. How can such a true love of sahil turn into hatred..He still goes to the place every year which reminds him of his love. Bhoomi or anyone cant take the place of vedhika in his heart.. That’s our dear Sahil.. Im so happy that after the leap too they havent changed his looks and made him look like an older person.. and thank God they dint change aarya too..
    But how is it possible that Sahil had never found out where Vedhika is? She’s in the social media, has contact with nani..tries to reach Aarya..and the police are also not looking for her? and they are all in almost the same proximity…

  5. Muniya

    Loved the epi…
    Seriously…I can’t take my eyes off Sahil…so charming he is looking???
    Loved Sahila nd Arya as always…lovely…i thought they will change Aarya and will show her grown up…but so happy to see Hetal…looking good too.
    Sahil can never forget Vedika…never…either he’d not go to darga…
    Bhoomi may turn negative now..don’t know.
    Didn’t like Vedika’s mother taunting Gauri.
    Precap proves how selfless Sahil’s love is…Arya loves him so much that she can even hate her mumma who is her life.

  6. I love everyone’s comment today, such good points. Muniya, I’m happy too that Aarya is portrayed by the same actress, thought it would have been someone new. Dolly, I think your comment is awesome, that’s how I see it too. I cried seeing Vedika crying because I’m reminded of someone in a similar situation, it hurts badly when you love someone deeply and no matter that time has gone, when you light a birthday candle in their memory even after the years has disappeared, that means love is true. Visiting that dargah for the past 5 years says that Sahil loves her still and no one can take Vedika’s place in his heart. Vedika will remember Sahil’s birthday for every year they were apart because they share same birthday…it did slip my mind on this detail, thankfully the writers didn’t….

  7. Sahil hated Vedika with love,,,amazing

  8. Guys there’s gonna be a new entry..Mehul Bhojak will mark entry as Sahil’s sister Gauri’s ex-husband and will return to create trouble for Agarwal family.
    Sahil will try to safeguard his sister Gauri but this will link him up with Vedika again

  9. One another new entry as a boyfriend of Arya, Mr. Ravish Dumra, who will also may be creating trouble in life of Sr. Sadika…..

  10. Naz dear is everything alright by your end??? We had a slight tremor here in Guyana but I read cars and buildings were flattened in Trinidad,hope everything is fine.

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