Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweetyji dies!

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid comes searching for Sweetyji. He finds him stuck under his bike. He checks his vein is not running. He cries recalling their bond. A car was going in full speed. Sid picks up a rock and throws it at it. It hits on Rao’s head. Car leaves. Sid comes back to Sweetyji and cries saying he can’t leave him. Who will correct his mistakes now? He continues crying.

Sid’s family is worried for him. His mother asks Anu. Anu says she is waiting for him too.

It’s morning. Heartbroken Sid returns home. He doesn’t enter house. His mother asks what’s wrong? Sid asks Purva to bring a bucket of water. His mother gets worried and asks what happened? Sid says he’s coming from a funeral. He can’t enter house without taking bathe. His mother asks who died? Sid says, not died. They killed him. They took his revenge with Sweetyji. Everyone is shocked. Anu asks why would anyone kill him? Sid says still they killed him. He goes to his room. Anu goes with him. She dries his hair. He keeps saying they took his revenge with Sweetyji by killing him. Anu asks who killed him? He says KK Reddy. Who else? Anu says Appa can’t do this. He tells her that she’s blind. She is not able to see what’s happening in front of her. He won’t let Sweetyji’s sacrifice go waste. KK Reddy will have to pay for it.

Other side, Shree informs about Sweetyji’s death to his mother. They wonder who could kill Sweetyji? Shree feels there is something big going on around them which they are not able to see. Heera and Sweety both were connected to them and both died.

Kartik meets Purva and consoles her. Purva says Sid wasn’t wrong. There is something going on for sure. Kartik asks she’s doubting his father? She asks what he would think if he was on her place. She doesn’t trust anyone now. She leaves.

KK asks Rao about girl and father. Rao says girl is on safe place, but he had to kill father. He assures KK no one will find anything. KK says they must make sure girl and mother don’t get to Sid or police.

Sid tells Anu when she went to America, he was left out alone. He used to stay very angry. Then one day Sweetyji came. He tried to ignore him, but Sweetyji didn’t leave him. He brought smile on his face. Slowly he got used to Sweetyji. He regrets that he couldn’t tell Sweetyji what importance he had in his life. Both cry remembering Sweetyji.

Sid’s mother is sleeping. She recalls KK’s words about killing Sid. She wakes up and goes to KK. KK tells her that he warned her to make Sid understand. Now Sweetyji died, so she got scared. If she had explained to Sid, then Sweetyji would have been alive. Sid is only alive because he let him go. He doesn’t know for how long he will spare Sid. She begs him not to do anything to Sid. She will forget whatever he did with Prabhakar and will do whatever he says. KK tells her to tell Sid to move out of his way. Send Anu back to her home. She assures him whatever he’s saying will happen. KK says he doesn’t think so. Sid married without her permission. Sid’s mother says she will explain him. KK says this is last chance. She leaves. KK says to himself he has not come this far to lose.

Precap: Sid’s mother tells him about KK threatening her. Sid gets furious. He comes to KK’s house and says he has crossed all limits today, pointing gun at him.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. I hate kk.waiting for today episode.

  2. Poor siddant he lost one by one. Nice epi
    But radha is really Krishnamurthy’s daughter or kk reddy’s daughter. Why kk left the proof(like radha, and her mother)soo many years? Something fishy in that characters.

  3. What a turn! Hard to take yet another good character dead! Loved seeing Prabhakar Sinha and Sweety Singh! Wonder where the story is headed?!

    Karthik is a mysterious character … is he the bad twin? What will happen to Purva then?!

    I find this serial to be the best I have seen so far – story, acting …

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