Paanch 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Paanch 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with Roshni telling Nikhhil-Shivani abt her plan..Nikhil says its risky but Rosh assures them everything will be fine.
On the other hand Gang is planning to bring in Shivani and make her confess it up when Rosh enters tucking Shivani along…Shivani-Rosh convince the gang that it was All Nikhil’s plan to revenge on what they specially Rosh did to Shivani and Shivani had nothing to do with it…so Rosh suggests to let her go as she didnt know anything the gang opposes but Gauri agrees ,Shivani is abt to leave when Gauri says not so soon its time to execute plan B..Plan B is that Shivani seduces Nikhil and when he takes the 1st step she sould shout and act like she’s being Raped..Roshni again tries to bail Shivani out of the situation by suggesting that Shivani is a coward she

wont be able to do it and Gauri suggests Rosh to do it instead everyone starts cheering and Rosh finally nods her head…all along Rosh had her phone on so that Nikhil could hear each and every word spoken in the room.He is pissed.

Scene changes to Rosh packing up Nikhil’s bag..when Nikhil enters and tries stopping her , saying he doesnt wanna leave and she can just go back and say right on their faces that she wont do it but Rosh says she’s gained their confidence with great difficulty and she can back out now nor can she do what she’s been told its better that he leaves…its her fight and she’ll handle it…
night time

Rosh-Shivani-Nikhil meet up and Rosh bids Nikhil good bye and asks him to leave before someone catches the 3 of them together , Shivani wants to see-off Nikhil at the station so Nikhil asks her to sit in the car he’ll be back in 5 mins..he asks Rosh wont she come to see him off she says its risky..Nikhil is worried for her but finally leaves.
Rosh comes back in her room all depressed when someone switches on the light ,its Gauti who’s presence surprises Rosh ,he says why is she looking upset…is she feeling lonely or missing her family…she asks how does he know? he says he starting understanding her now…

he asks Rosh if they can go for a drive and dinner together she starts excusing herself but Gauti reminds her that she’d promised also he says its his bday tomorrow and he’s finally found a friend so wanted to celebrate with her..she agrees.

on the other hand Nikhil is still worrying abt Rosh while Shivani is going all cheesy that she’d miss him n come visit him etc etc. while he’s trying Rosh’s no.
TaShi reach the restaurant and a chocolate cake with happy bday Gauti arrives, Rosh apologizes that she doesnt have a gift coz she didnt know abt his bday but Gauti says he wants something from her…he asks her to wait and takes out the photo frame she’d gifted him and asks her permission to place her pic in the frame…Rosh is stunned and asks if Neha doesnt matter to him anymore he says she does but he’s been all alone for a while and has a new friend in her , he finally has someone with whom he can share his good and bad times Rosh smiles and asks the waitress for a lighter or something to light the candles Gauti says no need and takes out his lighter…he says he always keeps it as his dad gifted to him.

As he lights the candle and blows them YuRi come in…much to TaShi’s displeasure , then together they let Gauti cut the cake, Rosh takes the 1st piece and is abt to feed Gauti when Gauri stops her and says she’s his sister and feeds that piece instead..they order drinks and while everyone has their shots Rosh doesn’t Yudi asks her to but Gauti says not to force her if she doesnt wanna Gauri over rules his request and forcefully makes her drink and says drink it up u’d need it for tomorrow’s task…Gauti asks what task and Rosh is uncomfortable Yudi understanding the situation takes Gauti away while Gauri-Rosh talk, Rosh asks her not to talk abt the task in front of Gauti, he might not like it..But Gauri quips in why does she like him Rosh says they are good friends and she doesnt wanna hurt him. Gauri makes it clear that if Rosh wants to stay in the gang then she has to choose between Gauti n Gauri and listen to Gauri , have no kind of relationships ,Rosh thinks becoz of Gauri Nikhil’s left now she wont break her friendship with Gauti becoz of her.

Rosh comes back to her room and sees numerous missed calls of Nikhil, she says how come she didnt see them before she thinks of calling him but stops thinking that he might be in train now just then she hears Nikhil’s call “meow” she looks outside and finds no one she’s abt to leave when she hears it again and this time sees Nikhil standing outside he calls her and she asks him what he’s doing here? He says he couldnt leave her all alone, they’re gonna screw these 5 together and he trusts her that she wont do anything too bad, Nikhil wont go to jail at the most he’d be thrown out of college he’d take a job nearby and stay in the same city so that he’d be a call away from her whenever he needs her. Rosh almost cries but he stops her.

precap: Nihaal is installing camera in a vase which Rosh sees and thinks she’d save Nikhil no matter what …though right now she doesnt know how, later she’s passing by the gang’s room when she overhears Nihaal saying its finally time to leak this video , Roy absentmindedly says he’s got loads of such videos whats so special and Zaara says why do u want to leak it now,Nihaal says Neha’s dead now noone is gonna object or anything on her behalf right? Rosh outside is aprehensive why the hell does Nihaal wanna leak Neha di’s video exactly 5 mins before her plan execution she wonders what to do now!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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