Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd January 2014 Written Update

At Kailash Mahadev tells Nandi & Ganesh, Manikanthan will soon realize aim of his life. Nandi expresses his fear of Mahishi attacking the child, he’ll go & protect him. Mahadev says his training has made him capable of handling danger.
In King’s palace, his minister is instigating queen about Manikanthan, saying the King has decided to make Manikanthan his succeser for the throne. Queen says if my son, was born before Manikanthan, then he would have been the one. Minister gives her an idea of getting rid of Manikanthan, tells her to act being very sick, she can be cured by only Lioness’s milk. He’ll tell Rajvaidya to tell this to the King. Manikanthan will go to get milk & will be killed. Queen agrees. Minister is happy seeing

queen has believed him, thinks he’ll get rid of the queen too.
In the shield, Mohini tells Parvati to go in the state of Samadhi. Remember the way she did so to get Mahadev. Parvati says “Om Namah Shivay”, remembers her time of penance in the cave.
Minister tells other guards, today Manukanthan will fight with his Guru. Manikanthan is a young boy, agrees. Minister aims to kill him but gets defeated while fighting. He is about to attack Manikanthan, who’s spared him, a guard comes informing about queen’s sickness. One Asura was watching this hiding behind a rock, goes to inform Mahishi about Manikanthan.
In the palace queen is acting to be very sick. Rajvaidya say giving medicine in Lioness’s milk is the only cure. Manikanthan is ready to do this. King doesn’t want to risk his life. But Manikanthan insists on doing so to save his mother’s life.
Mahadev says Manikanthan knows purpose of his life. He tellypathically conveys to Paravti, soon she’ll be back to normal.
Saptarishis come near a mountain, where 11 Bhairavs were guarding a place since many years. Rishi Atri says they are eager & excited to witness the moment, they’ve been waiting for from a long time. All the Bhairavs disappears. Mountain cracks, as if something is coming out. Vulcano erupts from the mountain.
Manikanthan goes in the forest. A Tiger, who is called a Lion in the show, gets calm down, when Manikanthan looks in Tiger’s eyes. Mahishi comes to kill him. He tells her, the boon she asked from Brhmadev is going to be fulfilled today, he’ll kill her. Both fight.

Precap: Manikanthan kills Mahishi.
From the mountain, it seems someone is going to come out. Vishnuji says he is Mahadev’s big devotee. Now the vibrations will be opposite of Mahadev’s deep sad condition.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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