Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Rajji and anu are overjoyed, as bani is being treated in her ward. Rajji thanks the lord profusely that he got their bani back to her. She tells anu that her faith wasnt in vain. she makes bani wear the locket, as she is unconscious. rajji wipes the tears of happiness. Bani strats stirring in her unconscious state, but is slightly disturbed. rajji is happy that she’s coming back to senses. Bani remembers parmeet cold bloodedly murdering her, and drowning her. Bani screams out in her fit about not to be killing her, saying that she is very scared as that person would kill her, and she is very scared. she goes onto rant the same thing. They call for the doctor. Anu and rajji repeatedly ask Bani who is trying to kill bani. bani finally

wakes up screaming that its parmeet. anu and rajji are shocked, while bani sits scared. They eye each other confusedly. rajji is shocked, that parmeet tried this. bani says that she always ignored his faults, but he never kept her safe asnd happy. she goes on a rant as how she always suffered everything that he put her through, just so that her home and her marriage wont be ruined, only in the hope, that her life and her destiny would change. she says that she didnt know that the person who she wnted a long life for, was planning to kill her. She tells about parmeet’s murder plan. Rajji asks bani not to worry, and that she would tell everyone what he did. Anu stops her. rajji asks why is she stopping her as he should be punished and everyone should know his treu face. Anu again stops her, saying that she too wants this, but doesnt want to take a step in haste. Anu says that the police wouldnt believe on hearsay and would demand evidence, and as far as the family is concerned, in a family, where the men have high heads but zero spine, and where the women is downtrodden, and arent believed, they wont believe her as it is, considering her to be mad. anu says that excess love and hate would only be bad. bani’s excess love led her to this, and her excess hate would also lead to bad results. Rajji asks what should they do now, sit silent, and let bani suffer. Anu says that just like parmeet waited for the right time, they too would have to do the same, and till then they wont tell anyone anything. anu promises them that parmeet would be paid for what she did. Anu tells bani that her life has doubled, as she won oivere death, and her strength is tripled, with rajji and she herself along with bani, and that they three would get parmeet that punishment that he deserves. bani and rajji look at anu smilingly.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
parmeet is talking tot he murderer, saying that he has already been paid, and wont pay anymore. the culprit threatens him that he would go the polcie and tell them about his trap. parmeet smiles and says that he shouldnt do this, as he too was partner in crime, and would go to jail. he in turn says that he would go for a much longer time than him, being the mastermind behind this. but parmeet is unfazed and asks him to do what he wants as he isnt going to be perturbed about his threats. gagan overhears this, and wonders what plan is he talking about, that can land him in jail.

Soham is trapped by balbir and reyman, and convinced into signing the property papers in balbir’s name. He asks soham not to think too much, as whatever he is doing is for him, rajji and his child, being the Grandfather. reyman too supports him, saying that rajji needs him right now, and they dont want him to be involved with family issues, and divert his attention to rajji, who needs his care utmost, so that she doesnt have to go to the mental facility. soham is tensed. Balbir says that he would handle everything and gives him the pen and shows him where to sign. Soham begins to sign, while balbir and reyman get happy. But just before he can, rajji comes in and asks him to stop. Soham is surprised, while balbir and reyman are distressed. she says that now she belives that bani isnt alive anymore. She says that nobody has to take care of her now, as she’s fine. She says that the bitter the truth, the difficult it is to swallow. But she has finally come to terms with the fact that bani is nomore. she says that she is sad due to her loss, and would try her best to come out of it soon. soham lets go of the pen and goes to rajji. balbir and reyman eye each other disappointed. Rajji leaves to her room.

Gagan gets into parmeet’s room, and finds her chance to sneak through his phone, seeing that he is in the shower, in the bathroom. she decides to check who was parmeet talking to. As she hears someone, she hides behind the closet. Parmeet comes out of the shower. Gagan eyes him stealthily and tries to keep in hiding. As she goes out, the phone starts ringing, in gagan’s hand, much to Gagan’s tension. Before parmeet can turn around, she throws off the phone, on the bed. He picks it up and goes onto attend the phone and walk outside. Gagan is relieved.

Soham goes to rajji’s room and says that he too feels bad for bani’s loss, and its good that she has accepted that bani isnt alive and has forgotten whatever was going on in her mind. rajji says that she has understood that bani is nomore, but she wont forget that when she asked for his help, he just gave her false belief and false trust, and consolation and sympathy. soham tries to speak, but rajji again asks to be left alone. Soham is tensed and distraught, but leaves the room nevertheless. After he is gone, rajji is tensed, thinking that he may have lied, but she too is lying, about the fact that bani is alive and she would have to hide it from him. She remembers her conversation with anu, who tells her that bani would be fine soon, and it would take time, as she has faced murder by her husband and it can lead anyone into shock. She says that first they would have to distance bani from her family, as if parmeet knows, then he would try to kill her again. Secondly they would have to find evidence against parmeet, to prove his murder` attempt, but they shall have to do it cvarefully, so that parmeet doesnt doubt. Rajji says that when she sees parmeet, she wont be able to control her. Anu says that she would have to. Rajji comes back and wonders how long she would have to tolerate Parmeet right in front of her eyes. She says that parmeet would get what he deserves for trying to kill her sister bani, and till he doesnt get punished, she wont be able to sit in peace. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Rajji gives Parmeet, bani’s photo, but parmeet refuses to take it, saying that he doesnt want any reminder of bani in his life, as whenever he sees her, he is reminded of her and his loss, and isnt able t5o bear that she is no more with her. rajji is unable to control her anger at his pretense, slaps him tight across the face. parmeet is stunned as to what happened. Rajji screams that bani didnt die, but he coldblooodedly murdered her sister, and that he is guilty of murdering bani. Parmeet is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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