Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….) ..Ch-69

Chapter:- 69

So back here ağain… Let’s start!



Ishani:- you here!?

Voice:- yes. Came to know about her!


İshani:- what about the duty?

Voice:- I have done all arrangements!


Ishani nods with tears!


Sejal runs to that person and helds him by his collars….


Sejal said in a little loud voice,


Sejal:- you stupid!!!!!!

You know…. She will not be able to handle all this!

Atleast you would have told us beforehand, so we have been prepared!

Whyyy… (Bursts out crying) …. Why…… Kabir…. Why…. How will we handle ridhima!!!!


Kabir, yes the person was kabir!

Kabir was trying hard to calm her!

Kabir:- shhh.

Sh…. Kuch nhi hoga! We will try our best to handle her….!


Sejal nods while crying!


Sejal:- but is this really the truth??


Kabir give a painful nod!


Sejal again breaks out crying!


Aryan comes towards kabir!

Aryan:- Kabir , I think that you should not have permitted her to check the person!


Kabir:- that’s the problem. she didn’t ask my permission ,she just ran away to the car….I couldn’t stop her!


Aryan:- but then too. you know how difficult it could have been for her to know that.. she still has soft corner for him in a corner of her heart .whatever she pretends in front of us for him, in front of him ,doesn’t changes the fact that she loved him and she still does!


Kabir:- I know! !!


Aryan takes a deep sigh and scrabbles his hairs in frustation!!!


Aryan:- the main point is ,how we will handle her I don’t think after uncle aunty she did anything of this kind!!!!


Kabir:- I know! And I remember how she cried on the fourth day after we lost mumma and papa, whole night on my shoulder!


Doctor come out at that moment!

Doctor:- Mr. Kabir! I think I made it clear that she should not take stress!

If she will not be awake in 2hours…sorry then there are chance for Neorogical problems to rise!


Kabir:- butt!

Doctor:- take care!


Kabir and aryan sat with a third on the chairs placed out!

Kabir:- now, nothing can be done! We lost all the things along with relations! Now she will not be able to survive, she will not be able to handle vansh’s death!

(Crying with hands on forehead)


Aryan:- are you in your senses, kabir! I admit you are her brother…. But you have no right to decide whether she will be able to survive or not!




All were just watching them!


Dadi’s pov,

I know I lost my only lovely grandchild. But loosing ridhima would be like loosing vansh in all means! As after vansh she resembles him in many ways. But listening to all there talks, now I don’t wanna to live where I lost and loosing my children in front of my eyes!

This brotherly love, for ridhima ia same as vansh’s for ishani and sia!

I don’t believe we lost him!

Pov ends!



Ishani’s pov,

Why bhai! Why?

Will I not ever now get your love, your support, your surprises!

Why bhaiiiiiii!

Why you didn’t thought of me, before that accident, why bhai!?

Pov ends!


(Ha isiliye nhi socha kyuki usse kisi ne tumhara future chehra bta diya tha! Ki kya kya krogi🙄🙃😂😂)



Sia:- I don’t want ridhu to leave uss! She is our only pillar now after bhai! Please God leave her, please!


Sejal speaks:-can someone be little normal! Why are you all after doctor’s statement as of we lost ridhima! (Absent minded)


Kabir in rage gets up and shouts

Kabir:- shut upppp! Not a word more!


Sejal flenched back listening to him and seeing him like this for the first time!

Sejal:- kabirrr(slowly)


Kabir realised what he did!

Kabir in a slow yet calm voice:- so.. Rryyy! Sorry yr! But please don’t talk about death!


Sejal nods!


They here footsteps, of a person!






That’s all for today’s guys!

Theories for:- whose that person?


Silent readers please do comment!


Thank you!





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