Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….) Ch-68



VR mansion,


Everyone was in Hall!

All was shocked, distraught, and worries for ridhima, as all knew deep on heart she still loved him!

After few moments, she woke up and saw everyone crying!


She started to laugh!

Ridhima:-(between laughing)

Stop crying! He he .. Is… Still alive! Would be pranking me!… But let me get hold of him,, I will not leave him…!

Saying she without waiting for anyone’s reply, reaction she ran to his room and locked it from inside!


All were just watching her,!


Angre:- it looks like, she is in trauma!


Aryan:- it is justified too!


Angre being back to senses!


Angre:- no…!


Aryan:: what happened!

Angre:- aryannnnnn…. She is in depression, still!


Aryann:- ye…. (Realizing) no… No….!


They both ran up to Vansh’ s room, and heard ridhima’s voice.


In the room,

Ridhima enters and locks the door!

Ridhima(slow voice) :- vanshhh! (Looking here and there, like kids)

Vansh! Come out! I am here!!! Vanshh.

See if you will not come then… Then… I will not talk to you again!!?! Aaoooo nnnn bharrrr… Vanshh !


After repeatedly talking to him! She gave up… She shouted!


Ridhima:- enough vansh! Everything will not go according to youuu! You will leave me everytime, whenever you feel like!


And then… No voice!


Aryan and angre were listening all thai while…. With red eyes with pain.

Angre pov.

Nah… Nah… God has decided not let you both live peacefully!

Why… God.. Why….. Why these two always at dangers!??????

Angre pov ends!



Aryan pov

Seeing you like this for the 2nd time!

Does love really makes a person weak?


Don’t she deserves happiness?

Why God!

Let her be at peace!

But what happened, why the voice stopped??

No… What am I thinking should not be true. .




Pov ends!


Aryan sees angre lost!

He pats his shoulders to bring him back to his surroundings!


Angre:- h.. Hmm… Yes!


Aryan:- angre, no voice is heard from last 10 mins…help to break the door… Fast!!!!


Angre and Aryan together start breaking the door , 1…2…3…..boom!

The door was opened!


The scenario shook them!


Ridhima was lying down with a knife in one hand. But there was no cut… She was unconscious!


Aryan:- angre… Angreee! Call the doctor here only!



Angre:- fine!


(Fast forward time)


He calls the doctor and after the doctor comes and checks and comes out!


Doctor to whole family:- now it’s getting complicated please make sure that she is happy ….don’t stress her!

If she doesn’t get conscious in next 30 minutes we will have to shift to hospital I am waiting down, then I will leave!


Aryan:- ok doctor!


All went down to Hall, and sat down all were pale, shocked and distraught!



After 30mins,

Doctor spoke to break the silence!

Doctor:-it is done! We will have to shift! Now it is getting more and more complicated;


Aryan nodded!

They shifted to hospital,


After checking for few minutes!


The doctor again came out,

D: I am sorry I think she has a long medical history and as you all were saying and we know that she is a officer so she has many wounds before hand so I think it will be more complicated and it will take time .just pray.,cant do more than this! (Sighs)


All nod!


Dadi:- what is this all happening I lost one child and on verge to loose other!! (Broke into a cry)

Why does God always test them . …let them live happily!!!!


Vanshhhh…. Come backkk!!



All were consoling dadi!


When they heard someone’s footsteps towards them!




That’s all for today’s, guys!


Theories for,

Who came??






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