Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….). Ch-70


They hear footsteps of a person!


They turn around! And

Everyone:- youuu!


Voice:- hmm


Everyone :- you toh!?


Voice:- had met with an accident, but i didn’t die!


Kabir:- then.!

Voice:- let me explain!

I was going to her, one last time. I was confident that she will forgive me.

I decided to buy some flowers.

I got to buy them and when I returned I kept them in the car and was driving, heading to RS Villa. But in mid way someone grabbed my neck from back. At once I understood that someone is trying to kill me. And would have entered the car when I got down to buy the flowers.

We started to fight, but it was getting difficult for me to handle that rog*e person.

So I turned the car and left the car steering , I thought it will collide with a tree, but my unfortunate luck today, instead the car was heading towards the cliff.. I had no option but to jump off. So, I pushed the man behind and with great difficulty got my neck out of his grip, opened my car’s door!

And jumped off, the car fell in the sea with the man and I fell on its bank, wounding myself brutally!

I was unconscious, when I woke up I was surrounded by trees and sea’s waves sound colliding with the shore’s sound was audible.

I stood up and saw my car was being lifted by the crane and was damaged badly.

I with great difficulties bandage my wound with my Handkerchief and came up from another side. I hid near trees and was watching all the commotions taking place. I saw ridhima checking the man, thinking it to be me, crying and how angre took her home after she was unconscious.

I decided to get first aided ! So headed here, I came her, got all my wound bandaged again ,then headed back to VR mansion , gaurds were surprised to see me .I told them what happened actually. then they told me that ridhima was unconscious again so you all to come here ,so I came here and now tell me how is she!?


Before answering, dadi, ishani, sia gave him a bone -crushing hug.

Kabir and aryan were standing and smiling looking at them along with sejal.

After breaking the hig, vansh looked tensed and again asked them.

Vansh:- will anyone tell me what is happening? How is she? Anyone answer me dammit!


All were looking at each other.


Vansh looked at them and said in low yet dangerous VR tone.

Vansh:- last time! What happened? Anyone answer me!


Kabir:- (hesitating) it’s all ok.


Vansh:- I am asking about ridhima? How is she…(realising). Did she… No.. No…! No. ? Speak up, what happened?


Aryan:- actually.


Vansh:- what actually? Angre be honest, what happened?


Angre:- bhai… Actually… (Looked at everyone, glaring him) . Bhai doctor said i

to keep her in observation next 2hours .if she will not wake up it can be difficult and critical for her and panic attacks

..sorry severe panic attacks and was unconscious!

Only this happened!


Vansh was shocked beyond imagination!

Vansh:- only this happened !what do you mean by this? Is a set of toy or you lost a game ,why you cant take care of her in my absence?


Kabir lost his calm, in loud yet low, calm yet dangerous tone…

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