One Year – Swasan Fan Fiction Part 3

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Hii guys! Thanks all for showering your Love and gave your precious time.

Here is the next part.

Next Day
Swasan Room.

The sun rose. The rays of the light hurriedly ran just to disturb pur sleeping handsome hunk.
How innocently he lay on the couch and smiling.
But his innocence was lost when the rays disturbed him and he woke up angrily.
His eyes rolled towards the bed to see swara but she was not there.

Sanskaar( angrily ): Huh!!! Where is she?? Did Uttara disturbed her. Wait wait yesterday I asked her that she is free, has she gone away??.. oh No . I need to hurry up.

He stood up hurriedly, took his clothes and towel and ran towards washroom.

After few mins.

When he came out. He found his breakfast along with orange juice and his files. An unknown  smile came on his face. Nobody was there in the room but he knew very well who was there for all this?

Sanskaar( to himself): She is a caring wife. I mean she is literally a kind hearted person u know now days even family members have time for one another but she is different. I am glad that  she understands me.

He ate his breakfast and came downstairs.

All were there for the ramsams  and all.
Dp was talking to his PA.
Ap  was preparing for Swara\\\’s first kitchen.
While Laksh and Uttara were teasing Swara and swara has became a ripen red tomato now.

Laksh( notoriously): Bhabhi, what happened yesterday night?? Pls tell me . I wanna hear bhai\\\’s wild avtaar.

Uttara ( continuing): Did you got love bites??

Swara: No Uttara and Laksh. We just had talk.

Uttlak: haiiinnn ??? Really.

Swara: Haa so what?? Your brother is not like other guys.

Just then sanskaar comes there. He was happy to see that Swara was there only. Laksh goes to him.

Laksh: Kya bhaiya. Only talks on wedding night. Huh!!

Uttara: Haa bhaiya. You are not in treating and after all you are married now.

Sanskaar: Areee.. what if I am married. We don\\\’t know each other very much. And by the way women are not toys to be played off.

Swara was overwhelmed by hearing his words and respect towards women.

Ap patts  Swara. Swara feels her touch and stands up quickly. She was about to wear her veil but Ap stopped  her.

Ap: Areee beta what are you doing??

Swara: Actually it\\\’s our culture naa… so..

Ap: Ahh !! Swara beta this is out of fashion now. I am shocked that you still follow that old  culture.

Swara: Maa, you are very much open minded!

Ap : Yo! I am cool mom naa after all.

Swara: No doubt you are cool mom.

Both giggled.

Ap: So , Swara it\\\’s 10 am now. Papaji and sanskaar will leave for office and will return by 1 : 30. As you know that I am cool mom I am asking your opinion that what will you make for First Rasoi , Fast food or pure Marwari Food.

Swara: ummm !!! I donno. But I am very much excited for this.

Ap: Will you be needing any kinda help?

Swara: No maa I can Manage.

Just then Dp  calls Ap.  She leaves with smile. And Sanskaar comes near her as if he was waiting for Ap  to leave.

Sanskaar: So Swara, what\\\’s in the menu today.

Swara: Well, it would be something unique.

Sanskaar: ooo. Take care that the food would be good enough to eat.

Swara: Means??

Sanskaar: Don\\\’t burn it off!

Swara: huhh!!  Are you challenging Swara ?

Sanskaar: Kinda!

Swara: So ok Mr Maheshwari get ready to loose and my gift.

Sanskaar: What gift you want.

Swara: Choco Panipuri.

Sanskaar: And what if you will loose? What I will get?

Swara: What do you want?

Sanskaar: A late night walk with my new friend.

Swara: Oooo… so done

Sanskaar: Dandannadone

Swara: Gadha.

Sanskaar: Gadhi.

And Sanskaar leaves.

12 Pm.

Sanskaar \\\’ s cabin.

His Pov.

Yrr…. What if I loose. No no . I will not. I will win . But I am thinking what will she prepare for lunch.
I hope it would be good. I know  maa will not say anything if it will not be up to mark but papa.. And in morning what Laksh and Uttara saying to Swara Love bites??? Are they both out of their brains or what..
I will definitely take their class for not behaving nicely with Swara.

1: 00 pm

Dining hall.

All were waiting for the food.Soon Swara came with food.

Ap: So beta. What did you make in sweets.

Swara opens the jar.

It was Chocolate Churma.

Ap: What is it??

Swara: Choco Churma.

Sanskaar( to himself): Ash!!This girl is made for chocolates.

Ap: Yo! Now serve it to every one.

She serves it to everyone.All tasted it. Praised it . Swara had a War wining smile on her face.

Ap: Now Main course.

Swara: it is something exotic!!

Ap: Are tell Me Babu.

Swara: Its Cheese Bati  and Saucy daal.

Sanskaar: Haaiin??

Ap: Areee Sanskaar just keep faith on her.

She serves it also. Now everyone were shocked to eat such a combo of marwari food with fast food.

Ap: That\\\’s my bahu.

Uttara: wow bhabhi!!! You are just awesome cook.

Laksh: Bhabhi has magic in her hand.

Dp: This is what called culture with modernity. Come here my daughter take your reward.

Swara nods and goes to him.
He blesses him and gives her a Beautiful pendant with small small diamonds.

Swara: Papa, This is so Beautiful.

Sanskaar sees her. She feels a glare and turns  around.

( Now swasan talk in sign language)

Sanskaar: Nice food.

Swara: Huh!! From next time dont challenge me.

Sanskaar: Nice necklace by the way.

Swara: But I will not give it to you.

Sanskaar: Why would I take it?

Swara: ohh sorry!!

Sanskaar: Mad girl.

Swara: My gift.

Sanskaar: What gift??

Swara: Hwww !! Cheater. Katti. Go I will not talk to you Gaddha.

He smiles.

To be continued

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