Is there love in my life?? Episode -1

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Heya, hello peeps how are you all so first let’s get into the episode
Recap :

Scene @Roy mansion

“Is my princess ready for her interview?” His dad asked

“Yaa,dad I am ready and really excited to unbox some new things in my life”Anika said with dreamy eyes

“But why puting so much efforts you know you can join me in business”

“Dad, you know I want to stand on my own feet”

“But…” His dad said concerned

“Dad….”Anika said

“Fine…no one can win in argument from you” he said with a sigh

“Vese, best of luck for your interview and already you have an advantage Oberois are my friends”

“Dad you know I am not going to reveal my identity there…

“Ya…ya..” his dad said with not interested tone

“Bye sweetie”

“Bye daddy”

Scene @oberoi’s office

“Fired!!! For what purpose am I giving you salary”
With this voice whole office was shaken

“But sir…”

“You know i don’t like mistakes!!”Shivay said strictly

From back a hand came upon shivay’s shoulder that was none other than Om

“Shivay calm down new people are gonna come for interview today don’t shout on them okk”he said calmly

Just then a body builder guy came that was Rudra

“Hey Bros I am really craving for ice cream let’s go for it”

“No, I have some work” Shivay said not interested

“Are yaarr bhayia you both are only my Brothers can’t you fulfil a wish of your one and only small brother”Rudra made a puppy face

“Fine….” Om and Shivay said together

They went to a nearby ice cream parlor as it was just one the other side of there office om and rudra go to bring ice cream and Shivay was busy in his phone was standing on road

“Oh shit!! I’ll be late now” anika said seeing the time in her watch

Shivay was standing and Anika coming from front

Because they both clash into each other anika’s phone breaks

“FTW can’t you see n walk” Shivay yelled

“Oh Mr because of you my phone got broken and you are shouting on me shameless” Anika said angrily

“Shut up!!!” Shivay said looking into her eyes

Just then Shivay got a call he started talking on phone

Anika gets irked and snatch the phone from Shivay’s hand and throws it on the floor because of which phone gets break

“Wtf you idiot stupid middle class girl what did you do” Shivay seems to be really angry

Anika walks front Shivay caught lock her in his arms

“You don’t know whom are you giving thid attitude” Shivay looked into her dark brown orbs

“I really don’t wanna know who the Damm are you” Anika said with no fear in her eyes

“Say sorry to me otherwise you don’t know what I can i do” Shivay said

Just then Anika frees herself in one jerk  she was holding Shivay now

“And, you don’t know what I can do”Anika said

Anika walks front
Shivay looks on
Om and rudra came rushing otherwise ice cream will mealt??

They see Shivay standing still, with lots of anger in his eyes

“Bhaiya what Happened ??” Rudra asked

“Nothing” shivay said looking straight in the direction where Anika gone

Scene @oberoi office
“Can you plzz tell oberoi sir’s cabin” Anika asks one of the employee there

“You have came for the interview right?” employee asks

“Yaa…” She replied

Employee shows her the direction

She sits outside the cabin waiting Shivay to come

A maid spills juice on her

Maid – oh sorry…

‘”It’s okk!! I’ll wash it where is the washroom” she asks

When Anika went to washroom, Shivay enters his cabin

To be continued……

So yaa that’s it for today….and thank you Soo much for your positive comments on the promo keep commenting and liking my work believe me each and every like and comment encourages me to do more and more so don’t forget to like,  share and comment
Loads of love❤

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    It is nice

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  3. Hi dear,
    Hru. Good start will be waiting for next episode. TC

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    Wow…Amazing..Their First meet is awesome..Will be waiting for the next..

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