Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 19)

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Tadaaaaaaaaaa…… surprise…
Back again with latest update

Let’s begin….


Ragini was sitting infront of the mirror..

She then looks at her wedding lehenga Which is placed in bed and it was sent by Maheshwari’s…

Ragini was still not ready…

Dadi comes there: laado?

Rag comes out of her lost world: ji dadi

Dadi: what are you thinking??

Rag: dadi mein sahi tho kar rahi hoon na

Dadi smiles and held her shoulders who was sitting infront of mirror: whatever you will take the decision..teri yeh dadi hamesha teri saath khadi hogi

Rag smiles bit…

Dadi: now what is bothering you?

Rag: i have a fear in heart… i don’t know it’s about wedding or snatching Swara’s Happiness

Dadi: hmm may be this is your reason for worry but i find something different

Rag looks at her

Dadi:i don’t want to teach you now how to take a decision because you know it very well

Someone calls dadi so she goes

Then sharmishta comes

Sharmishta: meri Ragu bohoth pyaari lag rahi hai

Ragini smiles weakly

Sharmishta: what happened..i told you na beta.. Take wise decision…

Ragini: ma…woh

Sharmishta: swara.. hai na

Ragini bends her head

Sharmishta smiles: from morning she is working and arranging

Ragini was shocked

Sharmishta: shocked right even me too

Swara from behind: meri behen ki Shaadi hai

Ragini: swara tum..

Swara:oh hoo Ragoo…now don’t create stress lines in your forehead…

Sharmishta smiles and goes as dadi calls her

Swara: let me make you complete ready!
She locks the door

Ragini hugs Swara:tum bohoth acchi ho swara jaane anjaane meine tumhare saath both galath kiya hai

Swara had tears:galath tho tumhre saath hone wala hai Ragini..

She injects Ragini who was hugging her

Ragini: Swara…
She moves back

Ragni held her back

Swara had tears: i am sorry Ragini…. If it was before i would have let you marry laksh but now i love him madly and i don’t want to loose him… At any cost…my love for laksh was more than you Ragini… If possible please forgive me

Ragini’s eyes were filled with tears:wh…y…

Swara: even sanskar wants this… He only encouraged me to do this he supported me…but tumhe marna hoga… You have to die if i have to get laksh then you have to die…

Ragini was getting blurr vision and she falls.. She couldn’t move but she could listen

Swara in call: ha sanskar… Everything is done….

Fb ends…

Ragini just remembered what happened…
Both RagSan were standing opposite direction by both side of the car.. Like car as barrier…

Both were looking at eachother….

There was a sound of waves.. Because they were near by a beach…

Ragini determined: if you want me to trust you then free me…i don’t want to be tired with this forced relationship… You even completed the rituals without my conscious…. Still i am ready to trust you just you have to do one thing give me my independence..i want to go away from here…

Sanskar smiles shaking his head and bites his lower lip: hmm…kisi mahaan aadmi ne kaha hai ki jhoot ke paav nai hote…and mujhe lagta hai abhi ke liye trust gaya thel lene…

Ragini was shocked

Sanskar: didn’t you understand o2…?i can’t free you… Don’t think mein yeh sab apne liye kar raha hoon..mujhe mm mein kisi ke kuch dabana

Ragini looks at him

San smiles: if you want i can press tour legs massage you head but wahan kisika gala dabana hai mujhe…

Sanskar: don’t worry i will not do anything to your devar but devrani i can’t guarantee.. Haan

Ragini: whatever and you think i will come with you.. Never… And get one thing straight in your mind i hate you

Sanskar: i love you too

Ragini gets disgusted..
She turns to go

Sanskar: how romantic!

She just ignores him

Within a minute she was been lifted by Sanskar

Few girl’s sees them who just then came out of beach they looks at them
(Guest appearance?)

Ragini:put me down

Sanskar:u know there’s a ritual..groom should take his bride in his arms after grahpravesh till his room…and i m doing from here only

Diksha?: wow yaar.. He is a dream man of every girl..????

Both looks at them.. And the girl’s smiles dreamily at them

Saher: both are made for eachother…??

Anisha: she looks so good in his arms??

Farii:its said that couple are made in heaven.. Before i didn’t believe but today after seeing them i truly believe it…i wish i also get someone like him??

Suma:arey…wait lagta hai bhabhi gussa hai…?

Uthra: they are so cute!!!??

Myrah comes running pushing them all

Myrah:please tell me ki aapka koi bhaai hai??

Ragini was feeling frustrated

Rag: Sanskaaaaar…. Put me down

Diksha: don’t be shy no problem

Anisha:i agree

Ragini struggles to get down

Voice:bhaiyya bhabhi selfie please

Sanskar: oh ya sure!

All girls:sami so fast….

Ragini: sanskar put me down…

Sanskar then makes her stand

Ragini was about to go

Sanskar: bacchi ko selfie lena hai…ek..

(Dekh sami meine Tumse badla leli “bacchi”?)

All comes together and have’s a selfie and boss them bye…

Ragini kept glaring sanskar and she was about to go

Sanskar: you are so romantic Ragini..u again want to be in my arms

Ragini stops….
And in fraction of seconds she was in his arms

Ragini: yeh kya zabardasti hai sanskar

Sanskar: you are my wife… It’s my right!

Then they drives to mm



Kavitha and kavya makes the arrangements for grahpravesh as per sanskar’s wish and they decided they will arrange in front of the door once they reach.. Because they didn’t wanted to create a fight with laksh or any Maheshwari’s

Swalak were seated for some ritual
And there was no smile on any Maheshwari’s

At that time they listen band bhaaja’s

All gets confused…

Band bhaaja people comes at the Maheshwari

Adarsh: we didn’t call you… Who are you

They weren’t answering anything nor they stopping

Laksh gets irritated: of any of us didn’t call you then why you people came here…

Karan and Nikhil were also confused

Laksh:i m asking you something who sent you here

Voice: aawaz neeche…!

To be continued……

So how was the part???

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